Eurasian journal of forest research

Vol.10-1    (2007-03 issued)


Analysing and Modelling Forest Stand Dynamics for Practical Application -An European Review and Perspective- PDF
PRETZSCH, Hans 1-17
The Structure and Biodiversity after Fire Disturbance in Larix gmelinii(Rupr.) PDF
Zyryanova, Olga A;Yaborov, Victor T;Tchikhacheva, Tatiyana L;Koike, Takayoshi;Kobayashi, Makoto;Matsuura, Yojiro;Satoh, Fuyuki;Zyryanov, Vyacheslav l 19-29
A Trial for Reforestation After Forest Fires with Sakhalin Spruce in the Northern Most Japan PDF
KAYAMA, Masazumi;CHOI, Dongsu;SASA, Kaichiro;SATOH, Fuyuki;NOMURA, Mutsumi;KOIKE, Takayoshi 31-39
Biomass and Nutrients of Planted and Naturally Occurring Pinus koraiensis in Korea PDF
SON, Yowhan;NOH, Nam Jin;KIM, Rae Hyun;KOO, Jin Woo;Yl, Myong Jong 41-50
Regeneration after Forest Fires in mixed Conifer Broad-leaved Forests of the Amur Region in Far Eastern Russia : the Relationship between Species Specific Traits Against Fire and Recent Fire Regimes PDF
Kobayashi, Makoto;Nemilostiv, Yury P;Zyryanova, Olga A;Kajimoto, Takuya;Matsuura, Yojiro;Yoshida, Toshiya;Satoh, Fuyuki;Sasa, Kaichiro;Koike, Takayoshi 51-58
Forests and Wildlife Managementi in Germany : A mini-review PDF
SCHALLER, Markus J 59-70


Greenhouse Gas Budget in a Larch Forest with Low Atmospheric N Deposition in Hokkaido,Northern Japan PDF
HATANO, Ryusuke;NAKAHARA, Osamu;KAWAHARA, Shunsuke;KITAMURA, Sayaka;KOIDE, Takahiro 71-77
N_2O Flux in Alas Ecosystems Formed by Forest Disturbance Near Yakutsk, Eastern Siberia, Russia PDF
MORISHITA, Tomoaki;HATANO, Ryusuke;DESYATKIN, Roman V 79-84
Ecological Stability of Brown Raw-humus Taiga Soils in Relation to Anthropogenic Influences in Northern Part of Amur Region PDF
PROCOPCHUK, Valentina;BRYANIN, Semyon 85-88
Effect of Human Activity on Carbon Balance in Meadows in a Thermokarst Depression in Siberia PDF
DESYATKIN, Alexey R;TAKAKAI, Fumiaki;FEDOROV, Pavel P;DESYATKIN, Roman V 89-96
Invasion of Korean Pine (Pinus koraiensis) Seedlings into an Oak Forest in Korea : Biomass, Leaf Mass per Area, Chlorophyll and Nutrients PDF
YI Myong, Jong;SON, Yowhan;KIM, Ji Hong;KIM, Yong Suk;SHIN, Dong Min;JEONG, Mi Jeong;HAN, Sang Sup 97-104
Remote Sensing of Total and Surface Burn Ratios Following a Wildfire in East Siberia Using 30m-1 ㎞ Resolution Images PDF
KUSHIDA, Keiji;ISAEV, Alexander P;TAKAO, Gen;MAXIMOV, Trofim C;FUKUDA, Masami 105-114

Nitrogen Dynamics in Leaves of Deciduous Broad-leaved Tree Seedlings Grown in Summer Green Forests in Northern Japan PDF
KOIKE, Takayoshi;KITAOKA, Satosi;MASYAGINA, OXANA V;WATANABE, Yoko;JI, Donghun;MARUYAMA, Yutaka;SASA, Kaichiro 115-119
Timber Resources of the Am ur Region and tha Problem of their Effective Utilization PDF
NEMILOSTIV, Yury P;Reymer, Valery V 121-124
Process of Natural Regeneration of Daurian Larch in the Gornen Forest Area in the Upper Part of Part of Zei River, Amur,Far East Russia PDF
NAUMOVA N, U 125-127
Comparative Study on Oak-tree Forests in the Zei-Burein Plain, Far East Russia PDF
Planting in Parks and Gardens as a Way of Protecting Rare Forest Species in Amur State, Far East Russia PDF
The Structure and Distribution of Crane Roosting Sites in Muraviovka Park for Sustainable Land Use PDF
NOSATCHENKO, Galina V;SMIRENSKI, Sergei M 139-143