Eurasian journal of forest research

Vol.13-2    (2010-12 issued)

Prospects of Natural Hybridization of the Genus Picea A. Dietr. Representatives in Asiatic Russia PDF
Potemkin, Oleg N. 41-47
Induced Defense in Japanese White Birch Seedlings against Insect Herbivores PDF
Aoyama, Chiho;Novriyanti, Eka;Koike, Takayoshi 49-55

Research material

An Atlas of Collembola Species in the Sapporo Experimental Forest of Hokkaido University in Northern Japan PDF
Suetsugu, Naoki;Satoh, Fuyuki;Koike, Takayoshi 57-67


Growth Characteristics of Two Promising Tree Species for Afforestation, Birch and Larch in the Northeastern Part of Asia PDF
Mao, Qiaozhi;Watanabe, Makoto;Koike, Takayoshi 69-76
Plant Defense Characteristics and Hypotheses in Birch Species PDF
Novriyanti, Eka;Aoyama, Chiho;Watanabe, Makoto;Koike, Takayoshi 77-85