Eurasian journal of forest research

Vol.8-1    (2005-02 issued)

Biotic and Abiotic Factors Affecting the Structures of Ground Invertebrate Communities in Japanese Cedar Dominant Forests PDF
IKEDA, Hiroshi;HOMMA, Kosuke;KUBOTA, Kohei 1-13
Variation in Kayu Putih (Melaleuca leucadendron LINN) Oil Quality under Different Farming Systems in Java, Indonesia PDF
BUDIADI;ISHII, Hiroaki T.;SUNARTO, Sigit;KANAZAWA, Yoichi 15-20
Plant Biomass and Productivity of Larix gmelinii Forest Ecosystems in Northeast China:Intra- and Inter- species Comparison PDF
Wang, Wenjie;Zu, Yuangang;Wang, Huimei;Matsuura, Yojiro;Sasa, Kaichiro;Koike, Takayoshi 21-41
Growth and Photosynthetic Performance of Seedlings of Two Larch Species Grown in Shaded Conditions PDF
Qu, Laiye;Ji, Donghun;Shi, Fuchen;Sasa, Kaichiro;Koike, Takayoshi 43-51
Problems in the Maintenance and Sustainable Use of Forest Resources in Priamurye in the Russian Far East PDF
Zyryanova, Olga A.;Yaborov, Victor T.;Abaimov, Anatoly P.;Koike, Takayoshi;Sasa, Kaichiro;Terazawa, Minoru 53-64