Eurasian journal of forest research

Vol.7-2    (2004-10 issued)


Conifer Biodiversity in Mongolia and Adjacent Regions of Russia Using Morphological, Karyological and Genetical Features PDF
MILYUTIN, Leonid I.;MURATOVA, Elena N.;LARIONOVA, Albina Ya 59-66
Time Trend in Aboveground Biomass, Net Primary Production, and Carbon Storage of Natural Larix gmelinii Stands in Eastern Siberia PDF
SHIBUYA, Masato;SAITO, Hideyuki;SAWAMOTO, Takuji;HATANO, Ryusuke;YAJIMA, Takashi;TAKAHASHI, Kunihide;CHA, Joo Young;ISAEV, Alexander P.;MAXIMOV, Trofim C. 67-74
Hydrological Processes and Vegetation Succession in a Naturally Forested Area of Southern China PDF
ZHOU, Guoyi;MORRIS, Jim;ZHOU, Chuanyan;YAN, Junhua;HUANG, Zhongliang 75-86
Reproductive Characteristics of Precocious Male Parr in Salmonids:Morphology, Physiology, and Behavior PDF
KOSEKI, Yusuke 87-108

Dynamics and Management of Forests with Multiple Constraints in Spain PDF
RESCO DE DIOS, Víctor 109-116