Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University = 北海道大學工學部紀要

Vol.13 Supplement2    (1973-03 issued)

Moisture Permeation of Clothing : A Factor Governing Thermal Equilibrium and Comfort PDF
Nishi, Y;Gagge, A.P 5-13
The Anodic Oxide Film on Iron in Neutral Solution PDF
Sato, N;Kudo, K;Noda, T 15-27
The use of a model in the analysis of the relation berween skin temperature and the rate of sweating PDF
Ibamoto, K 29-32
Humid Operative Temperature : A Biophysical Index of Thermal Sensation and Discomfort PDF
Nishi, Y;Gragge, A.P 33-36
The Washing Effect of Fluid Motion on the Segregation of the Transitional Solidification Layers in Steel Ingots PDF
Takahashi, Tadayoshi;Hagiwara, Iwao;Ichikawa, Kiyoshi 37-39
Transfer of Elements between Molten Slag and a Falling Droplet of Carbon-saturated Iron PDF
Ishii, Kuniyoshi;Kishimoto, Sumiyuki;Yoshii, Chikao 41-46
Estimation of Incipient Ice Cover Formation Date of Reservoirs in Hokkaido by Use of a Time Series of Daily Accumulated Air Temperature PDF
Yamaoka, Isao 47-55
A Successive Integration Method for the Analysis of the Thermal Environment of Building PDF
Aratani, N;Sasaki, N;Enai, M 57-68
A Practical Method for Calculating Room Temperature, Heating Load and Cooling Load of Multiroom PDF
Ochifuji, Kiyoshi 69-78
A Method of Computer Simulation Through Modified Signal Flow Graphs and Operator Concepts and its Application to Synthesis of Heating-Equipment Capacities PDF
Matsuura, Shigeru 79-88
Summary 1972 PDF
The Movements of Actual Reinforced Concrete Buildings caused by the Atmospheric Temperature PDF
Ohno, Kazuo;Obata, Mamoru 107-114
On the Design Provisions for Thermal Stresses PDF
Ohno, Kazuo;Obata, Mamoru 115-122
On the Damage to the Hakodate College by the Tokachioki Earthquake, 1968 PDF
Ohno, Kazuo;Shibata, Takuji 123-140
An Experimental Study on the Failure of Columns PDF
Ohno, Kazuo;Shibata, Takuji;Hattori, Takashige 141-150
A Consideration on the Damages to Columns of Reinforced Concrete by the Tokachioki Earthquake, 1968 PDF
Ohno, Kazuo;Shibata, Takuji 151-154