Eurasian journal of forest research

Vol.15-1    (2012-08 issued)

ILTER special feature: Article

Critical Loads of Lead and Cadmium for Different Type of Forest and Aquatic Ecosystems at the Petrohan LTER Site, Bulgaria PDF
Ignatova, Nadka;Fikova, Radka;Damyanova, Sonya;Bratanova-Doncheva, Svetla 1-8
Forest Fires Effects on Carbon Stocks and Soil Chemistry in Central Yakutia, Eastern Siberia PDF
Lopez, C. M. Larry;Hatano, Ryusuke;Guggenberger, Georg;Ohta, Takeshi;Gerasimov, Eremei;Fedorov, Alexander N. 9-17
Functional Consequences of Differences in Canopy Phenology for the Carbon Budgets of Two Cool-Temperate Forest Types : Simulations Using the NCAR/LSM Model and Validation Using Tower Flux and Biometric Data PDF
Saitoh, Taku M.;Nagai, Shin;Yoshino, Jun;Muraoka, Hiroyuki;Saigusa, Nobuko;Tamagawa, Ichiro 19-30
Understanding High Altitude Reforestation in Mt. Apo, Philippines PDF
Anticamara, Jonathan A.;Pasion, Bonifacio O.;Gonzales, Regielene S.;Duya, Mariano Roy M.;Ong, Perry S. 31-43

Regular articles: Article

Larval Morphology and Feeding Behavior in Notodontidae (Lepidoptera) in Relation to Leaf Toughness of Host Plants PDF
Yoshida, Kunikichi;Murakami, Masashi 45-52

Regular articles: Research material

The Effects of Water and Soil Types on the Seed Germination and Seedling Survival of Populus euphratica in Arid Region in China PDF
Hao, Peng;Zhang, Nan;Liu, Qian-wen;Li, Jing-wen 53-61