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articleSun, Fei; Xu, Meilan; Park, Cheolwoo; Dwiyanti, Maria Stefanie; Nagano, Atsushi J.; Zhu, Jianghui; Watanabe, Satoshi; Kong, Fanjiang; Liu, Baohui; Yamada, Tetsuya; Abe, JunCharacterization and quantitative trait locus mapping of late-flowering from a Thai soybean cultivar introduced into a photoperiod-insensitive genetic background-PLoS ONE-5-Dec-2019
articlePark, Cheolwoo; Dwiyanti, Maria Stefanie; Nagano, Atsushi J.; Liu, Baohui; Yamada, Tetsuya; Abe, JunIdentification of quantitative trait loci for increased α-tocopherol biosynthesis in wild soybean using a high-density genetic map-BMC plant biology-21-Nov-2019
articleTakeshima, Ryoma; Nan, Haiyang; Harigai, Kohei; Dong, Lidong; Zhu, Jianghui; Lu, Sijia; Xu, Meilan; Yamagishi, Noriko; Yoshikawa, Nobuyuki; Liu, Baohui; Yamada, Tetsuya; Kong, Fanjiang; Abe, JunFunctional divergence between soybean FLOWERING LOCUS T orthologues FT2a and FT5a in post-flowering stem growth-Journal of Experimental Botany-1-Aug-2019
article (author version)Abe, Junya; Wang, Yongzhi; Yamada, Tetsuya; Sato, Masako; Ono, Takuya; Atsumi, Go; Abe, Jun; Hajimorad, M. R.; Nakahara, Kenji SutoRecessive resistance governed by a major quantitative trait locus restricts clover yellow vein virus in mechanically but not graft-inoculated cultivated soybeans-Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions-Aug-2019
articleZhu, Jianghui; Takeshima, Ryoma; Harigai, Kohei; Xu, Meilan; Kong, Fanjiang; Liu, Baohui; Kanazawa, Akira; Yamada, Tetsuya; Abe, JunLoss of Function of the E1-Like-b Gene Associates With Early Flowering Under Long-Day Conditions in Soybean-Frontiers in plant science-8-Jan-2019
articleLi, Xiaoming; Fang, Chao; Xu, Meilan; Zhang, Fengge; Lu, Sijia; Nan, Haiyang; Su, Tong; Li, Shichen; Zhao, Xiaohui; Kong, Lingping; Yuan, Xiaohui; Liu, Baohui; Abe, Jun; Cober, Elroy R.; Kong, FanjiangQuantitative Trait Locus Mapping of Soybean Maturity Gene E6-Crop science-27-Jul-2017
articleZhao, Chen; Takeshima, Ryoma; Zhu, Jianghui; Xu, Meilan; Sato, Masako; Watanabe, Satoshi; Kanazawa, Akira; Liu, Baohui; Kong, Fanjiang; Yamada, Tetsuya; Abe, JunA recessive allele for delayed flowering at the soybean maturity locus E9 is a leaky allele of FT2a, a FLOWERING LOCUS T ortholog-BMC plant biology-19-Jan-2016
articleJang, Seong-Jin; Sato, Masako; Sato, Kei; Jitsuyama, Yutaka; Fujino, Kaien; Mori, Haruhide; Takahashi, Ryoji; Benitez, Eduardo R.; Liu, Baohui; Yamada, Tetsuya; Abe, JunA Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism in an Endo-1,4-beta-Glucanase Gene Controls Seed Coat Permeability in Soybean-PLoS ONE-4-Jun-2015
article (author version)Yamada, Tetsuya; Mori, Yoshihiro; Yasue, Kazuho; Maruyama, Nobuyuki; Kitamura, Keisuke; Abe, JunKnockdown of the 7S globulin subunits shifts distribution of nitrogen sources to the residual protein fraction in transgenic soybean seeds-Plant cell reports-Dec-2014
articleXu, Meilan; Xu, Zeheng; Liu, Baohui; Kong, Fanjiang; Tsubokura, Yasutaka; Watanabe, Satoshi; Xia, Zhengjun; Harada, Kyuya; Kanazawa, Akira; Yamada, Testuya; Abe, JunGenetic variation in four maturity genes affects photoperiod insensitivity and PHYA-regulated post-flowering responses of soybean-BMC Plant Biology-25-Jun-2013
article (author version)Kong, Fanjiang; Abe, Jun; Takahashi, Kosaku; Matsuura, Hideyuki; Yoshihara, Teruhiko; Nabeta, KensukeAllene oxide cyclase is essential for theobroxide-induced jasmonic acid biosynthesis in Pharbitis nil-Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications-4-Nov-2005
article (author version)Hisano, H.; Kimoto, Y.; Hayakawa, H.; Takeichi, J.; Domae, T.; Hashimoto, R.; Abe, J.; Asano, S.; Kanazawa, A.; Shimamoto, Y.High frequency Agrobacterium-mediated transformation and plant regeneration via direct shoot formation from leaf explants in Beta vulgaris and Beta maritima-Plant Cell Reports-Jul-2004
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