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article (author version)Matsunami, Shohei; Ogura, Yukiko; Amita, Hidetoshi; Izumi, Takeshi; Yoshioka, Mitsuhiro; Matsushima, ToshiyaBehavioural and pharmacological effects of fluvoxamine on decision-making in food patches and the inter-temporal choices of domestic chicks-Behavioural Brain Research2012年 8月 1日
articleMiura, Momoko; Matsushima, ToshiyaBiological motion facilitates filial imprinting-Animal Behaviour2016年 6月 1日
article (author version)Amita, Hidetoshi; Matsushima, ToshiyaCompetitor suppresses neuronal representation of food reward in the nucleus accumbens/medial striatum of domestic chicks-Behavioural Brain Research2014年 7月15日
article (author version)Ogura, Yukiko; Izumi, Takeshi; Yoshioka, Mitsuhiro; Matsushima, ToshiyaDissociation of the neural substrates of foraging effort and its social facilitation in the domestic chick-Behavioural Brain Research2015年11月 1日
articleOgura, Yukiko; Amita, Hidetoshi; Matsushima, ToshiyaEcological Validity of Impulsive Choice: Consequences of Profitability-Based Short-Sighted Evaluation in the Producer-Scrounger Resource Competition-Frontiers in applied mathematics and statistics2018年10月30日
article (author version)Mizuyama, Ryo; Uno, Leo; Matsushima, ToshiyaFood variance and temporal discounting in socially foraging chicks-Animal behaviour2016年10月
article (author version)Xin, Qiuhong; Ogura, Yukiko; Matsushima, ToshiyaFour eyes match better than two : Sharing of precise patch-use time among socially foraging domestic chicks-Behavioural processes2017年 7月
articleAmita, Hidetoshi; Matsushima, ToshiyaInstantaneous and Cumulative Influences of Competition on Impulsive Choices in Domestic Chicks-Frontiers in Neuroscience2011年 9月
article (author version)Matsushima, Toshiya; Izawa, Ei-Ichi; Aoki, Naoya; Yanagihara, ShinThe Mind Through Chick Eyes : Memory, Cognition and Anticipation-Zoological Science2003年
article (author version)Matsushima, Toshiya; Kawamori, Ai; Bem-Sojka, TiazaNeuro-economics in chicks: Foraging choices based on amount, delay and cost-Brain Research Bulletin2008年 6月15日
article (author version)Miura, Momoko; Matsushima, ToshiyaPreference for biological motion in domestic chicks: sex-dependent effect of early visual experience-Animal Cognition2012年 9月
article (author version)Xin, Qiuhong; Ogura, Yukiko; Uno, Leo; Matsushima, ToshiyaSelective contribution of the telencephalic arcopallium to the social facilitation of foraging efforts in the domestic chick-European journal of neuroscience2017年 2月 5日
articleMatsushima, Toshiya; Ogura, YukikoSocial Facilitation Revisited: Increase in Foraging Efforts and Synchronization of Running in Domestic Chicks-Frontiers in Neuroscience2011年
article (author version)Amita, Hidetoshi; Kawamori, Ai; Matsushima, ToshiyaSocial influences of competition on impulsive choices in domestic chicks-Biology Letters2010年 3月12日
articleWen, Chentao; Ogura, Yukiko; Matsushima, ToshiyaStriatal and Tegmental Neurons Code Critical Signals for Temporal-Difference Learning of State Value in Domestic Chicks-Frontiers in Neuroscience2016年11月 8日
article (author version)Kawamori, Ai; Matsushima, ToshiyaSubjective value of risky foods for individual domestic chicks: a hierarchical Bayesian model-Animal Cognition2010年 5月
article (author version)Kawamori, Ai; Matsushima, ToshiyaSympatric divergence of risk sensitivity and diet menus in three species of tit-Animal Behaviour2012年10月
article (author version)松島, 俊也; 青木, 直哉ヒヨコの経済学 : 採餌効率に基づく選択Chick Economics : Choice Based on Foraging Efficiency認知科学2005年 9月
bookchapter松島, 俊也動物にとって理ことわりとは何か-経済的意思決定をめぐって--2009年 8月
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