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bulletin (article)山下, 次郎北海道のエキノコックス症と北大-北大百年史-25-Jul-1982
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 中俣, 充志ゾウシラミ Haematomyzus elephantis Piaget の形態に就てMorophological decription of the elephant louse, Haematomyzus elephantis Piaget, 1869 (Mallophaga:Haematomyzus)北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-31-Oct-1955
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 大野, 善右衛門; 高橋, 弘; 服部, 畦作礼文島の犬に初めて確認した蝟粒條虫寄生並びに同島に於ける包虫症 (エヒノコックス症)の感染経路考察On the occurrence of Echinococcus granulosus (Batsch, 1786) Rudolphi, 1805 in the dog in the Rebun Island, and the discussion about the course of infection of the echinococcosis.北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-31-Oct-1955
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 永田, 俊郎; 渡辺, 正雄北海道に於ける家畜家禽寄生虫病流行状況実態調査 Ⅳ. : 牛及び緬羊の肝蛭症についてEpidemiologic survey of parasites of domestic animals in Hokkaido Ⅳ. : A survey of Fascioliasis of cattle and sheep北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-31-Oct-1955
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 森, 樊須錦蛇の壁蝨に就てOn a tick of python reticularis Schneider北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-31-Oct-1955
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 西田, 弘カムルチーの筋肉内から発見された Isoparorchis trisimilitubis Southwell, 1913 に就てOn the occurrence of Isoparorchis trisimilitubis Southwell in the muscle of ophicephalus argus (Cantor)北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-31-Oct-1955
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 森, 樊須北海道に於ける家畜家禽寄生蟲病流行状況實態調査 Ⅲ. : 札幌市内畜犬の調査成績Epidemiologic survey of parasites of domestic animals in Hokkaido Ⅲ. : A survey of dogs in Sapporo City北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-20-Oct-1954
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 森, 樊須札幌市内住家性鼠の寄生蟲 特に蠕蟲類に就てA survey the parasites of house rats in sapporo City, especially on the heIminth parasites.北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-20-Oct-1954
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 大林, 正士犬体内に於て中間宿主体内的寄生を示した舌虫 Linguatula serrata Frölich, 1789に就てOn a tongue worm, Linguatula serrata Frölich, 1789, showing the same parasitism as in the intermediate host within a dog body北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-20-Oct-1954
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 中俣, 充志札幌市立動物園飼育動物の寄生蟲に就て : Ⅰ. 1951年より1953年に亘る3ヶ年間に發見された内部寄生蟲に就てThe parasites of vertebrates in the Sapporo Zoological Garden. : Ⅰ. The internal parasites found during three years from 1951 to 1953  北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-20-Oct-1954
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 森, 樊須; 小林, 辰雄北海道に於ける家畜家禽寄生虫病流行状況實態調査 Ⅱ. : 北見市管内馬に就ての調査成績Epidemiologic survey of parasites of domestic animals in Hokkaido Ⅱ. : A survey of the houses within the jurisdiction of Kitami City北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-20-Nov-1953
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 山下, 善平鸕鵜 (ウミウ) の胃に寄生する線虫に就てOn the occurrence of Contracaecum microcephalum (Rud.) Baylis in the proventriculus of cormorants, Pharacrocorax capillatus (Temm. et Schleg.)北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-20-Nov-1953
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 藤本, 胖; 大林, 正士錦蛇の腸内寄生虫3種に就てOn three species of parasites collected from the intestine of a reticulated python北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-20-Nov-1953
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 森, 樊須ヤマコウモリ Nyctalus maximus avitor Thomas の内部寄生虫に就てOn some species of the endoparasites of bats, Nyctalus maximus aviator Thomas北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-20-Nov-1953
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎鼠吸蟲 Plagiorchis muris の産卵に於ける日々の變動に就て : 1. 碎米又は燕麥で飼養した廿日鼠に於ける場合 Studies on the daily fluctuation of the egg production of the rat trematode, Plagiorchis muris (Tanabe) . : Ⅰ. On a case in the white mouse supplied with the crashed-rice or oat.北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-5-Mar-1953
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 中俣, 充志錦蛇の肺臓より得た舌蟲に就いてOn a tongue worm obtained from the lung of Python reticularis Schneider北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-5-Mar-1953
bulletin (article)山下, 次郎; 高橋, 茂雄北海道に於ける家畜家禽寄生蟲病流行状況實態調査 [1] :  札幌近郊に於ける調査成績Epidemiologic survey of parasites of domestic animals in Hokkaido Ⅰ. : A survey of the suburbs of Sapporo.北海道大學農學部邦文紀要-31-Jul-1952
article山下, 次郎Cysticercus fasciolaris の異常型3例に就てOn three cases of abnormalities found in the rat cestode, Cysticercus fasciolaris札幌博物学会会報Transactions of the Sapporo Natural History Society31-Jul-1949
article山下, 次郎エキノストーマ科分類目録Studies on the Echinostomatidae Part II. : A List of the Family Echinostomatidae, Trematode Parasites of Reptiles, Birds and Mammals, Arranged Systematically札幌博物学会会報Transactions of the Sapporo Natural History Society30-Dec-1937
articleTetsuo, Inukai; Jiro, YamashitaON AN OCCURRENCE OF ASCARIS IN THE INTESTINE OF A BEAR, URSUS ARCTOS YESOENSIS LYD.-札幌博物学会会報Transactions of the Sapporo Natural History Society20-Jun-1934
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