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articlePaszkiewicz, Oliwia; Wang, Kunlei; Rakoczy, Rafał; Kordas, Marian; Leniec, Grzegorz; Kowalska, Ewa; Markowska-Szczupak, AgataAntimicrobial properties of pristine and Pt-modified titania P25 in rotating magnetic field conditions-Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification-1-Aug-2022
articleWang, Kunlei; Endo-Kimura, Maya; Belchi, Raphaëlle; Zhang, Dong; Habert, Aurelie; Bouclé, Johann; Ohtani, Bunsho; Kowalska, Ewa; Herlin-Boime, NathalieCarbon/Graphene-Modified Titania with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity under UV and Vis Irradiation-Materials-Dec-2019
articleKhedr, Tamer M. M.; El-Sheikh, Said M. M.; Endo-Kimura, Maya; Wang, Kunlei; Ohtani, Bunsho; Kowalska, EwaDevelopment of Sulfur-Doped Graphitic Carbon Nitride for Hydrogen Evolution under Visible-Light Irradiation-Nanomaterials-1-Jan-2023
articleJanczarek, Marcin; Wei, Zhishun; Mogan, Tharishinny R.; Wang, Lei; Wang, Kunlei; Nitta, Akio; Ohtani, Bunsho; Kowalska, EwaDoes Symmetry Control Photocatalytic Activity of Titania-Based Photocatalysts?-Symmetry-Sep-2021
articleLi, Zhenhao; Wang, Kunlei; Zhang, Jinyue; Chang, Ying; Kowalska, Ewa; Wei, ZhishunEnhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Hierarchical Bi2WO6 Microballs by Modification with Noble Metals-Catalysts-Feb-2022
articleJanczarek, Marcin; Endo, Maya; Zhang, Dong; Wang, Kunlei; Kowalska, EwaEnhanced Photocatalytic and Antimicrobial Performance of Cuprous Oxide/Titania: The Effect of Titania Matrix-Materials-Nov-2018
articleWang, Kunlei; Paszkiewicz, Oliwia; Vincent, Mewin; Henkiel, Patrycja; Kowalski, Damian; Kowalska, Ewa; Markowska-Szczupak, AgataEvaluation of Antifungal Properties of Titania P25-Micromachines-Nov-2022
articleWang, Lei; Mogan, Tharishinny R.; Wang, Kunlei; Takashima, Mai; Ohtani, Bunsho; Kowalska, EwaFabrication and Characterization of Inverse-Opal Titania Films for Enhancement of Photocatalytic Activity-ChemEngineering-Jun-2022
articleWei, Zhishun; Endo-Kimura, Maya; Wang, Kunlei; Colbeau-Justin, Christophe; Kowalska, EwaInfluence of Semiconductor Morphology on Photocatalytic Activity of Plasmonic Photocatalysts: Titanate Nanowires and Octahedral Anatase Nanoparticles-Nanomaterials-Oct-2019
articleJanczarek, Marcin; Endo-Kimura, Maya; Wang, Kunlei; Wei, Zhishun; Akanda, Md Mahbub A.; Markowska-Szczupak, Agata; Ohtani, Bunsho; Kowalska, EwaIs Black Titania a Promising Photocatalyst?-Catalysts-Nov-2022
articleWang, Kunlei; Janczarek, Marcin; Wei, Zhishun; Raja-Mogan, Tharishinny; Endo-Kimura, Maya; Khedr, Tamer M.; Ohtani, Bunsho; Kowalska, EwaMorphology- and Crystalline Composition-Governed Activity of Titania-Based Photocatalysts : Overview and Perspective-Catalysts-Dec-2019
articleWei, Zhishun; Mogan, Tharishinny Raja; Wang, Kunlei; Janczarek, Marcin; Kowalska, EwaMorphology-Governed Performance of Multi-Dimensional Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation-Energies-Nov-2021
articleWei, Zhishun; Janczarek, Marcin; Wang, Kunlei; Zheng, Shuaizhi; Kowalska, EwaMorphology-Governed Performance of Plasmonic Photocatalysts-Catalysts-Sep-2020
articleWei, Zhishun; Janczarek, Marcin; Endo, Maya; Wang, Kunlei; Balčytis, Armandas; Nitta, Akio; Méndez-Medrano, Maria G.; Colbeau-Justin, Christophe; Juodkazis, Saulius; Ohtani, Bunsho; Kowalska, EwaNoble metal-modified faceted anatase titania photocatalysts: Octahedron versus decahedron-Applied Catalysis B: Environmental-5-Dec-2018
articleJanczarek, Marcin; Endo-Kimura, Maya; Wei, Zhishun; Bielan, Zuzanna; Mogan, Tharishinny R.; Khedr, Tamer M.; Wang, Kunlei; Markowska-Szczupak, Agata; Kowalska, EwaNovel Structures and Applications of Graphene-Based Semiconductor Photocatalysts : Faceted Particles, Photonic Crystals, Antimicrobial and Magnetic Properties-Applied Sciences-Mar-2021
article (author version)Wang, Kunlei; Bielan, Zuzanna; Endo-Kimura, Maya; Janczarek, Marcin; Zhang, Dong; Kowalski, Damian; Zielinska-Jurek, Anna; Markowska-Szczupak, Agata; Ohtani, Bunsho; Kowalska, EwaOn the mechanism of photocatalytic reactions on CuxO@TiO2 core-shell photocatalysts-Journal of Materials Chemistry A-28-Apr-2021
articleEndo-Kimura, Maya; Janczarek, Marcin; Bielan, Zuzanna; Zhang, Dong; Wang, Kunlei; Markowska-Szczupak, Agata; Kowalska, EwaPhotocatalytic and Antimicrobial Properties of Ag2O/TiO2 Heterojunction-ChemEngineering-Mar-2019
articleWu, Limeng; Yue, Xin; Chang, Ying; Wang, Kunlei; Zhang, Jinyue; Sun, Jiajie; Wei, Zhishun; Kowalska, EwaPhotocatalytic Degradation of Tetracycline under Visible Light Irradiation on BiVO4 Microballs Modified with Noble Metals-Catalysts-Nov-2022
articleMarkowska-Szczupak, Agata; Rokicka, Paulina; Wang, Kunlei; Endo, Maya; Morawski, Antoni; Kowalska, EwaPhotocatalytic Water Disinfection under Solar Irradiation by d-Glucose-Modified Titania-Catalysts-Aug-2018
article (author version)Yoshiiri, Kenta; Karabiyik, Baris; Wang, Kunlei; Wei, Zhishun; Colbeau-Justin, Christophe; Kowalska, EwaThe property-governed activity of silver-modified titania photocatalysts : The influence of titania matrix-Journal of chemical physics-28-Jun-2022
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