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article (author version)Takahashi, Yusuke; Ha, Dongheun; Oshima, Nobuyuki; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Abe, Takashi; Suzuki, KojiroAerodecelerator Performance of Flare-Type Membrane Inflatable Vehicle in Suborbital Reentry-Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets-Sep-2017
article (author version)Takahashi, Yusuke; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Abe, Takashi; Suzuki, KojiroAerodynamic Heating Around Flare-Type Membrane Inflatable Vehicle in Suborbital Reentry Demonstration Flight-Journal of spacecraft and rockets-Nov-2015
article (author version)Takahashi, Yusuke; Yamada, KazuhikoAerodynamic heating of inflatable aeroshell in orbital reentry-Acta astronautica-Nov-2018
proceedings (author version)Matsunaga, Manabu; Takahashi, Yusuke; Oshima, Nobuyuki; Yamada, KazuhikoAerodynamic Heating Prediction of an Inflatable Reentry Vehicle in a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel---Jan-2017
proceedings (author version)Koike, Taiki; Takahashi, Yusuke; Oshima, Nobuyuki; Yamada, KazuhikoAerodynamic Heating Prediction of Flare-type Membrane Inflatable Reentry Vehicle from Low Earth Orbit---Jan-2018
articleTakahashi, Yusuke; Ohashi, Tatsushi; Oshima, Nobuyuki; Nagata, Yasunori; Yamada, KazuhikoAerodynamic instability of an inflatable aeroshell in suborbital re-entry-Physics of fluids-1-Jul-2020
article (author version)Takahashi, Yusuke; Yamada, KazuhikoAerodynamic-Heating Analysis of Sample-Return Capsule in Future Trojan-Asteroid Exploration-Journal of thermophysics and heat transfer-Jul-2018
article (author version)Tsuda, Yayoi; Nishida-Umehara, Chizuko; Ishijima, Junko; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Matsuda, YoichiComparison of the Z and W sex chromosomal architectures in elegant crested tinamou (Eudromia elegans) and ostrich (Struthio camelus) and the process of sex chromosome differentiation in palaeognathous birds.-Chromosoma-Apr-2007
article (author version)Takahashi, Yusuke; Matsunaga, Manabu; Oshima, Nobuyuki; Yamada, KazuhikoDrag Behavior of Inflatable Reentry Vehicle in Transonic Regime-Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets-Mar-2019
article (author version)Matsubara, Kazumi; Tarui, Hiroshi; Toriba, Michihisa; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Nishida-Umehara, Chizuko; Agata, Kiyokazu; Matsuda, YoichiEvidence for different origin of sex chromosomes in snakes, birds, and mammals and step-wise differentiation of snake sex chromosomes.-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences-28-Nov-2006
article (author version)Takahashi, Yusuke; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Abe, TakashiExamination of Radio Frequency Blackout for an Inflatable Vehicle During Atmospheric Reentry-Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets-Mar-2014
article (author version)Takahashi, Yusuke; Enoki, Naoya; Koike, Taiki; Tanaka, Mayuko; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Shimoda, TakayukiFlow Enthalpy of Nonequilibrium Plasma in 1 MW Arc-Heated Wind Tunnel-AIAA Journal-Jan-2021
article (author version)Matsuda, Yoichi; Nishida-Umehara, Chizuko; Tarui, Hiroshi; Kuroiwa, Asato; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Isobe, Taku; Ando, Junko; Fujiwara, Atushi; Hirao, Yukako; Nishimura, Osamu; Ishijima, Junko; Hayashi, Akiko; Saito, Toshiyuki; Murakami, Takahiro; Murakami, Yasunori; Kuratani, Shigeru; Agata, KiyokazuHighly conserved linkage homology between birds and turtles: Bird and turtle chromosomes are precise counterparts of each other-Chromosome Research-Aug-2005
articleTakahashi, Yusuke; Takasawa, Hideto; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Shimoda, TakayukiNonequilibrium shock layer in large-scale arc-heated wind tunnel-Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics-14-Mar-2022
article (author version)Yamada, Kazuhiko; Nishida-Umehara, Chizuko; Ishijima, Junko; Murakami, Takahiro; Shibusawa, Mami; Tsuchiya, Kimiyuki; Tsudzuki, Masaoki; Matsuda, YoichiA novel family of repetitive DNA sequences amplified site-specifically on the W chromosomes in Neognathous birds.-Chromosome Research-Sep-2006
article (author version)Takahashi, Yusuke; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Abe, TakashiPrediction Performance of Blackout and Plasma Attenuation in Atmospheric Reentry Demonstrator Mission-Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets-Nov-2014
articleXu, Hong; Imanishi, Syunsuke; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Hara, Hiroshi; Ishizuka, SatoshiStrain and age-related changes in the localization of intestinal CD161+ natural killer cells and CD8+ intraepithelial lymphocytes along the longitudinal crypt axis in inbred rats.-Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry-Mar-2005
articleTakahashi, Yusuke; Saito, Masahiro; Oshima, Nobuyuki; Yamada, KazuhikoTrajectory reconstruction for nanosatellite in very low Earth orbit using machine learning-Acta astronautica-May-2022
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