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articleHashimoto, Takeshi; Terada, Akihiko; Tanaka, RyoVolcanic smoke reduction in visible and thermal infrared imagery-Earth, Planets and Space2018年12月
articleTanaka, Ryo; Hashimoto, Takeshi; Matsushima, Nobuo; Ishido, TsuneoContention between supply of hydrothermal fluid and conduit obstruction: inferences from numerical simulations-Earth, Planets and Space2018年12月
articleOgura, Yukiko; Amita, Hidetoshi; Matsushima, ToshiyaEcological Validity of Impulsive Choice: Consequences of Profitability-Based Short-Sighted Evaluation in the Producer-Scrounger Resource Competition-Frontiers in applied mathematics and statistics2018年10月30日
articleHayami, Satoru; Yatsushiro, Megumi; Yanagi, Yuki; Kusunose, HiroakiClassification of atomic-scale multipoles under crystallographic point groups and application to linear response tensors-Physical Review B2018年10月 8日
articleIio, Kento; Furuya, MasatoSurface deformation and source modeling of Ayaz-Akhtarma mud volcano, Azerbaijan, as detected by ALOS/ALOS-2 InSAR-Progress in Earth and Planetary Science2018年10月 4日
articleTanioka, Yuichiro; Gusman, Aditya RiadiNear-field tsunami inundation forecast method assimilating ocean bottom pressure data : A synthetic test for the 2011 Tohoku-oki tsunami-Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors2018年10月
articleHayami, Satoru; Motome, YukitoshiNeel- and Bloch-Type Magnetic Vortices in Rashba Metals-Physical Review Letters2018年 9月25日
article (author version)Okayasu, Rui; Ozawa, Narutaka; Tomatsu, ReijiHAAGERUP APPROXIMATION PROPERTY VIA BIMODULES-Mathematica Scandinavica2018年 9月22日
articleKobayashi, Tatsuo; Nomura, Takaaki; Okada, HiroshiPredictive neutrino mass textures with origin of flavor symmetries-Physical Review D2018年 9月19日
articleVasilevsky, V. S.; Kato, K.; Takibayev, N.Systematic investigation of the Hoyle-analog states in light nuclei-Physical Review C2018年 8月31日
articleTanaka, Yoshitaro; Yasugi, Tetsuo; Nagayama, Masaharu; Sato, Makoto; Ei, Shin-IchiroJAK/STAT guarantees robust neural stem cell differentiation by shutting off biological noise-Scientific reports2018年 8月20日
articleTsuda, Toshitaka; Realini, Eugenio; Shoji, Yoshinori; Saito, Akinori; Yabuki, Masanori; Furuya, MasatoPreface : Special issue "GNSS and SAR Technologies for Atmospheric Sensing"-Earth planets and space2018年 7月27日
articleKobayashi, Tatsuo; Tanaka, Kentaro; Tatsuishi, Takuya H.Neutrino mixing from finite modular groups-Physical Review D2018年 7月 6日
articleMori, Chihiro; Liu, Wan-chun; Wada, KazuhiroRecurrent development of song idiosyncrasy without auditory inputs in the canary, an open-ended vocal learner-Scientific reports2018年 6月 7日
articleKobayashi, Tatsuo; Nagamoto, Satoshi; Takada, Shintaro; Tamba, Shio; Tatsuishi, Takuya H.Modular symmetry and non-Abelian discrete flavor symmetries in string compactification-Physical Review D2018年 6月 5日
articleUSMAN, MUHAMMAD; FURUYA, MASATOInterannual modulation of seasonal glacial velocity variations in the Eastern Karakoram detected by ALOS-1/2 data-Journal of Glaciology2018年 6月
article (author version)Asakura, Masanori; Otsubo, NoriyukiCM Periods, CM Regulators, and Hypergeometric Functions, I-Canadian journal of mathematics = Journal canadien de mathématiques2018年 6月
articleNagahisa, T.; Horiuchi, WataruExamination of the C-22 radius determination with interaction cross sections-Physical Review C2018年 5月23日
articleHatakeyama, Shinya; Horiuchi, Wataru; Kohama, A.Nuclear surface diffuseness revealed in nucleon-nucleus diffraction-Physical Review C2018年 5月18日
articleBaba, Tomoyuki; Kimura, MasaakiCharacteristic alpha and He-6 decays of linear-chain structures in C-16-Physical Review C2018年 5月14日
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 1592
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