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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleSaitoh, TakashiHigh variation of mitochondrial DNA diversity as compared to nuclear microsatellites in mammalian populations-Ecological research-13-Jan-2021
articleMakoto, Kobayashi; Koike, TakayoshiCharcoal ecology: Its function as a hub for plant succession and soil nutrient cycling in boreal forests-Ecological research-10-Dec-2020
articleFujita, Ryohei; Hayasaka, Takahiro; Jin, Shigeki; Hui, Shu-Ping; Hoshino, YoichiroComparison of anthocyanin distribution in berries of Haskap (Lonicera caerulea subsp. edulis (Turcz. ex. Herder) Hulten), Miyama-uguisukagura (Lonicera gracilipes Miq.), and their interspecific hybrid using imaging mass spectrometry-Plant science-Nov-2020
articleKauser-Ul-Alam, Md.; Toba, Yu; Hioki, Shoji; Hayakawa, Toru; Kumura, Haruto; Wakamatsu, Jun-ichiLactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris Produces Zinc Protoporphyrin IX Both Aerobically and Anaerobically and Improves the Bright Red Color of Fermented Meat Products-Foods-Nov-2020
articleFujita, Ryohei; Jin, Shigeki; Hayasaka, Takahiro; Matoba, Kotaro; Hoshino, YoichiroEvaluation of Fruit Anthocyanin Composition by LC/MS in Interspecific Hybrids Between Haskap (Lonicera caerulea subsp. edulis (Turcz. ex. Herder) Hulten) and Miyama-uguisukagura (Lonicera gracilipes Miq.)-Horticulture journal-24-Sep-2020
articleMuchanga, Rafael A.; Uchida, Yoshitaka; Hirata, Toshiyuki; Hatano, Ryusuke; Araki, HajimeDynamics of N Derived from N-15-labeled Rye in Soil-tomato System as Influenced by Cover Crop Residue Management-Horticulture journal-24-Sep-2020
articleRajapaksha, D. S. W.; Shimizu, NaotoValorization of spent black tea by recovery of antioxidant polyphenolic compounds: Subcritical solvent extraction and microencapsulation-Food science and nutrition-30-Jul-2020
articleMohammed, Ibrahim Shaba; Na, Risu; Kushima, Keisuke; Shimizu, NaotoInvestigating the Effect of Processing Parameters on the Products of Hydrothermal Carbonization of Corn Stover-Sustainability-23-Jun-2020
articleKatata, Genki; Matsuda, Kazuhide; Sorimachi, Atsuyuki; Kajino, Mizuo; Takagi, KentaroEffects of aerosol dynamics and gas-particle conversion on dry deposition of inorganic reactive nitrogen in a temperate forest-Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics-27-Apr-2020
articleShimizu, Naoto; Abea, Andres; Ushiyama, Tetsuya; Oner, EbruEffect of temperature on the hydrolysis of levan treated with compressed hot water fluids-Food science and nutrition-Apr-2020
articleNomura, Daiki; Wongpan, Pat; Toyota, Takenobu; Tanikawa, Tomonori; Kawaguchi, Yusuke; Ono, Takashi; Ishino, Tomomi; Tozawa, Manami; Tamura, Tetsuya P.; Yabe, Itsuka S.; Son, Eun Yae; Vivier, Frederic; Lourenco, Antonio; Lebrun, Marion; Nosaka, Yuichi; Hirawake, Toru; Ooki, Atsushi; Aoki, Shigeru; Else, Brent; Fripiat, Francois; Inoue, Jun; Vancoppenolle, MartinSaroma-ko Lagoon Observations for sea ice Physico-chemistry and Ecosystems 2019 (SLOPE2019)-Bulletin of Glaciological Research-31-Mar-2020
article加藤, 克『大正日日新聞』設立の背景 : 鳥居素川・勝本忠兵衛とキーパーソン八田三郎-札幌博物場研究会誌-26-Mar-2020
article (author version)Yamazaki, Haruka; Yoshida, ToshiyaVarious scarification treatments produce different regeneration potentials for trees and forbs through changing soil properties-Journal of Forest Research-3-Jan-2020
articleMakoto, Kobayashi; Kudo, GakuIntraspecific differentiation in the root system of Potentilla matsumuraealong a snow accumulation gradient in mid-altitude alpine environment-Arctic antarctic and alpine research-1-Jan-2020
articleTaghinezhad, Ebrahim; Szumny, Antoni; Kaveh, Mohammad; Sharabiani, Vali Rasooli; Kumar, Anil; Shimizu, NaotoParboiled Paddy Drying with Different Dryers: Thermodynamic and Quality Properties, Mathematical Modeling Using ANNs Assessment-Foods-Jan-2020
article (author version)野村, 大樹; 漢那, 直也; 大木, 淳之氷河と海氷の融解現象が北極海表層の物質循環過程に与える影響Effects of glacier and sea ice melting on the biogeochemical cycles of the surface water in the Arctic Ocean地球化学-25-Dec-2019
articleYamamoto, Jun; Adachi, Kohsuke; Bower, John R.; Matsui, Hajime; Nakaya, Mitsuhiro; Ohtani, Ryusei; Puneeta, Pandey; Suzuki, Satoshi; Tokioka, Shun; Vijai, Dharmamony; Yanagimoto, Takashi; Yoo, Hae-KyunClose-up observations on the spawning behavior of a captive Japanese flying squid (Todarodes pacificus)-Scientific reports-24-Dec-2019
article (author version)Wakabayashi, Hiroko; Saitoh, TakashiEstimation of multiple male mating frequency using paternity skew: An example from a grey‐sided vole (Myodes rufocanus) population-Molecular Ecology Resources-18-Nov-2019
articleKar, Suraj; Zhang, Na; Nakashima, Taiken; Villanueva-Morales, Antonio; Stewart, J. Ryan; Sacks, Erik J.; Terajima, Yoshifumi; Yamada, ToshihikoSaccharum x Miscanthus intergeneric hybrids (miscanes) exhibit greater chilling tolerance of C-4 photosynthesis and postchilling recovery than sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids)-Global change biology bioenergy-Nov-2019
article (author version)Jimbo, Mina; Mizuguchi, Daisuke; Shirakawa, Hokuto; Tsujii, Koki; Fujiwara, Amane; Miyashita, Kazushi; Mitani, YokoSeasonal variations in the call presence of bearded seals in relation to sea ice in the southern Chukchi Sea-Polar biology-7-Sep-2019
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