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Equivariant Chern classes of singular algebraic varieties with group actions

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タイトル: Equivariant Chern classes of singular algebraic varieties with group actions
著者: OHMOTO, TORU 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2006年 1月
出版者: Cambridge University Press
誌名: Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
巻: 140
号: 1
開始ページ: 115
終了ページ: 134
出版社 DOI: 10.1017/S0305004105008820
抄録: We define equivariant Chern–Schwartz–MacPherson classes of a possibly singular algebraic G-variety over the base field C, or more generally over a field of characteristic 0. In fact, we construct a natural transformation CG* from the G-equivariant constructible function functor FG to the G-equivariant homology functor HG* or AG* (in the sense of Totaro–Edidin–Graham). This CG* may be regarded as MacPherson’s transformation for (certain) quotient stacks. The Verdier–Riemann–Roch formula takes a key role throughout.
Rights: Copyright © 2006 Cambridge Philosophical Society
資料タイプ: article (author version)
出現コレクション:雑誌発表論文等 (Peer-reviewed Journal Articles, etc)

提供者: 大本 亨(おおもと とおる)


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