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Pretreatment of coral aragonite for Mg and Sr analysis: Implications for coral thermometers

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タイトル: Pretreatment of coral aragonite for Mg and Sr analysis: Implications for coral thermometers
著者: Watanabe, Tsuyoshi 著作を一覧する
Minagawa, Masao 著作を一覧する
Oba, Tadamichi 著作を一覧する
Winter, Amos 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2001年 8月 1日
出版者: The Geochemical Society of Japan
誌名: Geochemical journal
巻: 35
号: 4
開始ページ: 265
終了ページ: 269
抄録: Trace elements (e.g., Sr, Mg, and U) in coral skeletons are widely used as a potential robust paleothermometers. However, there is little consensus among workers on the chemical pretreatment of skeletal samples, which contain small amounts of organic material and inorganic detritus enriched in many metals compared to the skeleton. We tested the analytical effects of chemical treatment on coral aragonite by comparing several chemical treatments for Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca ratios as well as oxygen and carbon isotopic ratios. Our results suggested that the Sr/Ca ratio and stable isotopic ratios are resistant to chemical treatments. However, organic matter or crystal surfaces in corals could absorb more than 40% of magnesium although 60% of magnesium in coral aragonite substitutes for calcium. Our results suggest that it is expedient to remove impurities by the method outlined here, especially before determining Mg/Ca ratios in corals for paleoenvironmental reconstruction.
資料タイプ: article
出現コレクション:雑誌発表論文等 (Peer-reviewed Journal Articles, etc)

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