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Nitrogen-doped metal-free carbon catalysts for aerobic oxidation of xanthene

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タイトル: Nitrogen-doped metal-free carbon catalysts for aerobic oxidation of xanthene
著者: Fujita, Shin-Ichiro 著作を一覧する
Yamada, Katsuaki 著作を一覧する
Katagiri, Ayaka 著作を一覧する
Watanabe, Hiroyuki 著作を一覧する
Yoshida, Hiroshi 著作を一覧する
Arai, Masahiko 著作を一覧する
キーワード: Carbon
Nitrogen doping
発行日: 2014年11月
出版者: Elsevier
誌名: Applied catalysis A: general
巻: 488
開始ページ: 171
終了ページ: 175
出版社 DOI: 10.1016/j.apcata.2014.09.049
抄録: N-doped carbons were prepared from a commercial activated carbon (AC) by heat treatments in pure NH3, an NH3-air mixture, and NO and these were used for a model reaction of aerobic oxidation of xanthene to xanthone (XO). The catalytic activity of AC for the title reaction was greatly enhanced by N-doping and the enhancement in the activity depended on the N source gasses used. The effectiveness of the three gases for both N-doping and enhancing the activity was in an order of NH3-air > NH3 > NO. The temperature of N-doping also affected the catalyst activity but not so significantly. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) indicated the presence of pyridine-type and pyrrole-fpyridone-type N species. The catalytic activity of N-doped carbon was correlated with the ratio of the amount of pyridine-type N against that of ether-type O species. The structures of the active sites were discussed on the basis of the XPS and reaction results. Metal-free N-doped AC was less active than a commercial Rut AC catalyst but more active than a commercial Pd/AC one. The activity of N-carbon slightly decreased after the first recycling but it remained almost the same during the following two-time recycling.
資料タイプ: article (author version)
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提供者: 藤田 進一郎


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