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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article原口, 靖史; 澁谷, 凌太; 夏井, 俊悟; 菊地, 竜也; 鈴木, 亮輔TiO2溶融塩電解還元時のガス発生反応Gas Generation Reactions during TiO2 Reduction Using Molten Salt日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials1-Nov-2019
articleShoji, Sunao; Ogawa, Tetsuya; Matsubara, Shogo; Tamiaki, HitoshiBioinspired supramolecular nanosheets of zinc chlorophyll assemblies-Scientific reports-2-Oct-2019
articleLan, Trinh Thi; Kanitpong, Kunnawee; Tomiyama, Kazuya; Kawamura, Akira; Nakatsuji, TakashiEffectiveness of retro-reflective tape at the rear of heavy trucks to increase visibility and reduce rear-end collisions-IATSS research-Oct-2019
articleIshikawa, Toshiya; Akera, HiroshiAntiparallel spin Hall current in a bilayer with skew scattering-Physical Review B-20-Sep-2019
articleHosoya, Naoki; Ozawa, Shota; Kajiwara, ItsuroFrequency response function measurements of rotational degrees of freedom using a non-contact moment excitation based on nanosecond laser ablation-Journal of sound and vibration-15-Sep-2019
articleYamashita, Taketoki; Lee, Jaechul; Habe, Tetsuro; Asano, YasuhiroProximity effect in a ferromagnetic semiconductor with spin-orbit interactions-Physical Review B-3-Sep-2019
articleLin, Pao-Chun; Takeuchi, Toru; Matsui, RyotaOptimal design of multiple damped-outrigger system incorporating buckling-restrained braces-Engineering structures-1-Sep-2019
articleKando, Daichi; Tomioka, Satoshi; Miyamoto, Naoki; Ueda, RyosukePhase Extraction from Single Interferogram Including Closed-Fringe Using Deep Learning-Applied sciences-1-Sep-2019
articleKizuka, Ryosuke; Ishii, Kazuei; Sato, Masahiro; Fujiyama, AtsushiCharacteristics of wood pellets mixed with torrefied rice straw as a biomass fuel-International journal of energy and environmental engineering-Sep-2019
articleYanase, Takashi; Miura, Takuya; Shiratori, Tatsuya; Weng, Mengting; Nagahama, Taro; Shimada, ToshihiroSynthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Fe1-xMnxO Nanoparticles as Catalysts: How Does the Catalytic Activity of Graphitization Affect the Yields and Morphology?-C-journal of carbon research-Sep-2019
articleShrestha, Avishek; Jotisankasa, Apiniti; Chaiprakaikeow, Susit; Pramusandi, Sony; Soralump, Suttisak; Nishimura, SatoshiDetermining Shrinkage Cracks Based on the Small-Strain Shear Modulus-Suction Relationship-Geosciences-Sep-2019
article夏井, 俊悟; 梨元, 涼太; 問谷, 一偉; 澤田, 旺成; 菊地, 竜也; 鈴木, 亮輔高温融体界面と分散相挙動の数値解析 : Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics 法の製錬プロセス解析への応用Numerical Analysis of Interfacial Morphology and Dispersion Behavior of High-Temperature Melts : Application of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics to Metallurgical Processing AnalysisJournal of MMIJ-31-Aug-2019
articleTsubouchi, Naoto; Naganuma, Ryo; Mochizuki, Yuuki; Hayashizaki, Hideyuki; Shishido, Takahiro; Sharma, AtulProduction of High-Strength Coke from Low-Quality Coals Chemically Modified with Thermoplastic Components-ISIJ international-15-Aug-2019
articleTsubouchi, Naoto; Naganuma, Ryo; Mochizuki, Yuuki; Hayashizaki, Hideyuki; Shishido, TakahiroInfluence of Heating Conditions on the Strength of Coke Produced from Slightly-Caking Coal Containing Chemically-Loaded Thermoplastic Components-ISIJ international-15-Aug-2019
articleNayanthara, Pahala Ge Nishadi; Dassanayake, Anjula Buddhika Nayomi; Nakashima, Kazunori; Kawasaki, SatoruMicrobial Induced Carbonate Precipitation Using a Native Inland Bacterium for Beach Sand Stabilization in Nearshore Areas-Applied sciences-6-Aug-2019
articleTakikawa, Yoshinori; Nunokawa, Takahiro; Sasaki, Yuji; Iwata, Makoto; Orihara, HiroshiThree-dimensional observation of Brownian particles under steady shear flow by stereo microscopy-Physical Review E-2-Aug-2019
article正岡, 和貴; 山田, 忠幸; 堀内, 寿晃; 糸井, 貴臣; 三浦, 誠司Mg-Al-Zn-Gd 4元系合金鋳造まま材におけるLPSO相の生成挙動Formation of LPSO Phases in As-Cast Mg-Al-Zn-Gd Quaternary Alloys日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials1-Aug-2019
articleAbe, Keisuke; Kurniawan, Ade; Sanada, Masafumi; Nomura, Takahiro; Akiyama, TomohiroCombustion Synthesis Ironmaking: Investigation on Required Carbon Amount in Raw Material from the Viewpoint of Adiabatic Flame Temperature Calculation-Indonesian journal of chemistry-Aug-2019
articleChung, Wan-Yu; Lai, Yi-Chin; Yonezawa, Tetsu; Liao, Ying-ChihSintering Copper Nanoparticles with Photonic Additive for Printed Conductive Patterns by Intense Pulsed Light-Nanomaterials-Aug-2019
articleGoto, Y.; Yanase, T.; Shimada, T.; Shirai, M.; Nagahama, T.Tunnel magnetoresistance effect in a magnetic tunnel junction with a B2-Fe3Sn electrode-AIP Advances-Aug-2019
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