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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleOshikiri, Tomoya; Sun, Quan; Yamada, Hiroki; Zu, Shuai; Sasaki, Keiji; Misawa, HiroakiExtrinsic Chirality by Interference between Two Plasmonic Modes on an Achiral Rectangular Nanostructure-ACS nano-26-Oct-2021
articleWada, Takudo; Fujiwara, Hideki; Sasaki, Keiji; Ishihara, HajimeProposed method for highly selective resonant optical manipulation using counter-propagating light waves-Nanophotonics-Sep-2020
articleFujiwara, Hideki; Sasaki, KeijiAmplified spontaneous emission from a surface-modified GaN film fabricated under pulsed intense UV laser irradiation-Applied Physics Letters-22-Oct-2018
articleFujiwara, Hideki; Kaiju, Hideo; Nishii, Junji; Sasaki, KeijiMagnetic response of random lasing modes in a ZnO nanoparticle film deposited on a NiFe thin film-Applied Physics Letters-24-Sep-2018
articleFujiwara, Hideki; Niyuki, Ryo; Sasaki, KeijiWhite light induced photo-thermal switching in a graphene-flake-mixed ZnO nanoparticle random laser-Journal of Physics Communications-13-Mar-2018
articleNiyuki, Ryo; Fujiwara, Hideki; Nakamura, Toshihiro; Ishikawa, Yoshie; Koshizaki, Naoto; Tsuji, Takeshi; Sasaki, KeijiDouble threshold behavior in a resonance-controlled ZnO random laser-Apl photonics-Mar-2017
articleFujiwara, Hideki; Suzuki, Takemasa; Niyuki, Ryo; Sasaki, KeijiZnO nanorod array random lasers fabricated by a laser-induced hydrothermal synthesis-New Journal of Physics-Oct-2016
articleNiyuki, Ryo; Fujiwara, Hideki; Ishikawa, Yoshie; Koshizaki, Naoto; Tsuji, Takeshi; Sasaki, KeijiToward single-mode random lasing within a submicrometre-sized spherical ZnO particle film-Journal of optics-Mar-2016
articleNakamura, Toshihiro; Fujiwara, Hideki; Niyuki, Ryo; Sasaki, Keiji; Ishikawa, Yoshie; Koshizaki, Naoto; Tsuji, Takeshi; Adachi, SadaoOrigins of lasing emission in a resonance-controlled ZnO random laser-New Journal of Physics-Sep-2014
articleNiyuki, Ryo; Takashima, Hideaki; Fujiwara, Hideki; Sasaki, KeijiUltraviolet random lasing from a diamond nanoparticle film-Applied physics letters-8-Jul-2014
articleTakashima, Hideaki; Kitajima, Kazutaka; Tanaka, Yoshito; Fujiwara, Hideki; Sasaki, KeijiEfficient optical coupling into a single plasmonic nanostructure using a fiber-coupled microspherical cavity-Physical Review A-5-Feb-2014
articleRen, Fang; Takashima, Hideaki; Tanaka, Yoshito; Fujiwara, Hideki; Sasaki, KeijiTwo-photon excited fluorescence from a pseudoisocyanine-attached gold-coated tip via a thin tapered fiber under a weak continuous wave excitation-Optics express-18-Nov-2013
articleFujiwara, Hideki; Niyuki, Ryo; Ishikawa, Yoshie; Koshizaki, Naoto; Tsuji, Takeshi; Sasaki, KeijiLow-threshold and quasi-single-mode random laser within a submicrometer-sized ZnO spherical particle film-Applied Physics Letters-11-Feb-2013
articleTanaka, Yoshito; Sanada, Akio; Sasaki, KeijiNanoscale interference patterns of gap-mode multipolar plasmonic fields-Scientific Reports-24-Oct-2012
article (author version)Chiba, Takashi; Fujiwara, Hideki; Hotta, Jun-ichi; Takeuchi, Shigeki; Sasaki, KeijiExperimental evaluation of diffusion constant in a thin polymer film by triplet lifetime analysis of single molecules-Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry-15-Jun-2012
articleTanaka, Yoshito; Sasaki, KeijiOptical trapping through the localized surface-plasmon resonance of engineered gold nanoblock pairs-Optics Express-29-Aug-2011
articleFujiwara, Hideki; Kawabe, Yoshio; Okamoto, Ryo; Takeuchi, Shigeki; Sasaki, KeijiQuantum lithography under imperfect conditions : effects of loss and dephasing on two-photon interference fringes-Journal of the Optical Society of America B : Optical Physics-1-Mar-2011
articleTakashima, Hideaki; Asai, Takeshi; Toubaru, Kiyota; Fujiwara, Masazumi; Sasaki, Keiji; Takeuchi, ShigekiFiber-microsphere system at cryogenic temperatures toward cavity QED using diamond NV centers-Optics Express-5-Jul-2010
articleOka, Hisaki; Fujiwara, Hideki; Takeuchi, Shigeki; Sasaki, KeijiNonlinear optical phase shift obtained from two-level atoms confined in a planar microcavity-Journal of Applied Physics-1-Mar-2010
articleKawase, Daisuke; Miyamoto, Yoko; Takeda, Mitsuo; Sasaki, Keiji; Takeuchi, ShigekiEffect of high-dimensional entanglement of Laguerre-Gaussian modes in parametric downconversion-Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics-1-Apr-2009
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