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article (author version)Thiebot, Jean-Baptiste; Nishizawa, Bungo; Sato, Fumio; Tomita, Naoki; Watanuki, YutakaAlbatross chicks reveal interactions of adults with artisanal longline fisheries within a short range-Journal of ornithology-Oct-2018
article (author version)Nishizawa, Bungo; Sugawara, Takanori; Young, Lindsay C.; Vanderwerf, Eric A.; Yoda, Ken; Watanuki, YutakaAlbatross-borne loggers show feeding on deep-sea squids: implications for the study of squid distributions-Marine ecology progress series-29-Mar-2018
articleSakamoto, Kentaro Q.; Sato, Katsufumi; Ishizuka, Mayumi; Watanuki, Yutaka; Takahashi, Akinori; Daunt, Francis; Wanless, SarahCan Ethograms Be Automatically Generated Using Body Acceleration Data from Free-Ranging Birds?-PLoS One-30-Apr-2009
articleWatanuki, Yutaka; Ito, Motohiro; Deguchi, Tomohiro; Minobe, ShoshiroClimate-forced seasonal mismatch between the hatching of rhinoceros auklets and the availability of anchovy-Marine Ecology Progress Series-30-Oct-2009
article (author version)Kazama, Kentaro; Niizuma, Yasuaki; Watanuki, YutakaConsistent individual variations in aggressiveness and a behavioral syndrome across breeding contexts in different environments in the Black-tailed Gull-Journal of Ethology-May-2012
articleIshii, Chihiro; Ikenaka, Yoshinori; Nakayama, Shouta M. M.; Mizukawa, Hazuki; Yohannes, Yared Beyene; Watanuki, Yutaka; Fukuwaka, Masaaki; Ishizuka, MayumiContamination status and accumulation characteristics of heavy metals and arsenic in five seabird species from the central Bering Sea-Journal of veterinary medical science-Apr-2017
bulletin (article)Ishii, Chihiro; Ikenaka, Yoshinori; Nakayama, Shouta M. M.; Suzuki, Yuya; Watanuki, Yutaka; Watanabe, Yuji; Yohannes, Yared Beyene; Mizukawa, Hazuki; Ishizuka, MayumiContamination status and accumulation characteristics of metals and a metalloid in birds on Teuri Island, Hokkaido, Japan-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Aug-2014
proceedingsNiizuma, Yasuaki; Toge, Kanako; Manabe, Yuko; Sawada, Mayumi; Kanbe, Kyoko; Yamamura, Orio; Watanuki, YutakaDiet and Foraging Habitat of Leach's Storm-Petrels Breeding on Daikoku Island, Japan-Origin and Evolution of Natural Diversity : Proceedings of the International Symposium, The Origin and Evolution of Natural Diversity, held from 1-5 October 2007 in Sapporo, Japan-2008
article (author version)Nakano, Tsubasa; Matsuno, Kohei; Nishizawa, Bungo; Iwahara, Yuka; Mitani, Yoko; Yamamoto, Jun; Sakurai, Yasunori; Watanuki, YutakaDiets and body condition of polar cod (Boreogadus saida) in the northern Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea-Polar biology-Jun-2016
articleSasaki, Hiroko; Matsuno, Kohei; Fujiwara, Amane; Onuka, Misaki; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Ueno, Hiromichi; Watanuki, Yutaka; Kikuchi, TakashiDistribution of Arctic and Pacific copepods and their habitat in the northern Bering and Chukchi seas-Biogeosciences-12-Aug-2016
article (author version)Kazama, Kentaro; Niizuma, Yasuaki; Sakamoto, Kentaro Q.; Watanuki, YutakaFactors affecting individual variation in nest-defense intensity in colonially breeding Black-tailed Gulls (Larus crassirostris)-Canadian Journal of Zoology-Oct-2011
articleThayer, Julie A.; Bertram, Douglas F.; Hatch, Scott A.; Hipfner, Mark J.; Slater, Leslie; Sydeman, William J.; Watanuki, YutakaForage fish of the Pacific Rim as revealed by diet of a piscivorous seabird: synchrony and relationships with sea surface temperature-Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences-Aug-2008
article (author version)Kazama, Kentaro; Watanuki, YutakaIndividual differences in nest defense in the colonial breeding Black-tailed Gulls-Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology-Aug-2010
article (author version)Watanuki, Yutaka; Yamamoto, Takashi; Yamashita, Ai; Ishii, Chihiro; Ikenaka, Yoshinori; Nakayama, Shouta M. M.; Ishizuka, Mayumi; Suzuki, Yuya; Niizuma, Yasuaki; Meathrel, C. E.; Phillips, R. A.Mercury concentrations in primary feathers reflect pollutant exposure in discrete non-breeding grounds used by Short-tailed Shearwaters-Journal of ornithology-Jul-2015
article (author version)Yamashita, Rei; Takada, Hideshige; Fukuwaka, Masa-aki; Watanuki, YutakaPhysical and chemical effects of ingested plastic debris on short-tailed shearwaters, Puffinus tenuirostris, in the North Pacific Ocean-Marine Pollution Bulletin-Dec-2011
article (author version)Toge, Kanako; Yamashita, Rei; Kazama, Kentaro; Fukuwaka, Masaaki; Yamamura, Orio; Watanuki, YutakaThe relationship between pink salmon biomass and the body condition of short-tailed shearwaters in the Bering Sea : can fish compete with seabirds?-Proceedings of the Royal Society B : Biological Sciences-7-Sep-2011
proceedingsKazama, Kentaro; Tomita, Naoki; Ito, Motohiro; Niizuma, Yasuaki; Takagi, Masaoki; Watanuki, YutakaResponses in Breeding Behaviour of the Black-tailed Gull (Larus crassirostris) to Different Marine Environments-Origin and Evolution of Natural Diversity : Proceedings of the International Symposium, The Origin and Evolution of Natural Diversity, held from 1-5 October 2007 in Sapporo, Japan-2008
articleIto, Motohiro; Minami, Hiroshi; Tanaka, Yuzan; Watanuki, YutakaSeasonal and inter-annual oceanographic changes induce diet switching in a piscivorous seabird-Marine Ecology Progress Series-30-Oct-2009
articleNishizawa, Bungo; Matsuno, Kohei; Labunski, Elizabeth A.; Kuletz, Kathy J.; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Watanuki, YutakaSeasonal distribution of short-tailed shearwaters and their prey in the Bering and Chukchi seas-Biogeosciences-13-Jan-2017
articleYoung, Rebecca C.; Kitaysky, Alexander S.; Barger, Chris P.; Dorresteijn, Ine; Ito, Motohiro; Watanuki, YutakaTelomere length is a strong predictor of foraging behavior in a long-lived seabird-Ecosphere-Mar-2015
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