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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Yan, Yin-Nan; Kubo, Kazuya; Noro, Shin-ichiro; Akutagawa, Tomoyuki; Nakamura, TakayoshiCrystal structure and physical properties of a dithiolene complex crystal with adamantane supramolecular rotator-Bulletin of The Chemical Society of Japan-Mar-2014
article (author version)Sagara, Yoshimitsu; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Tamaoki, NobuyukiCrystal structure and thermoresponsive luminescence of a 9,10-bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene-based cyclophane-Molecular systems design and engineering-1-Jan-2020
article (author version)Yuyama, Ken-ichi; Islam, Md Jahidul; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Biju, VasudevanpillaiCrystallization of Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskites by Optical Trapping-Angewandte chemie-international edition-8-Oct-2018
article (author version)Uchikawa, Shota; Kawasaki, Ayumi; Hoshino, Norihisa; Takeda, Takashi; Noro, Shin-ichiro; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Sato, Nozomi; Kokubo, Ken; Sakurai, Hidehiro; Akutagawa, TomoyukiDielectric and Sorption Responses of Hydrogen-Bonding Network of Amorphous C-60(OH)(12) and C-60(OH)(36)-Journal of Physical Chemistry C-26-Sep-2019
article (author version)Noro, Shin-ichiro; Ohba, Tomonori; Fukuhara, Katsuo; Takahashi, Yukiko; Akutagawa, Tomoyuki; Nakamura, TakayoshiDiverse structures and adsorption properties of quasi-Werner-type copper(II) complexes with flexible and polar axial bonds-Dalton Transactions-14-Mar-2011
articleKato, Masaru; Ogura, Kazuya; Nakagawa, Shogo; Tokuda, Shoichi; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Yagi, IchizoEnhancement of Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction Activity and Durability of Pt–Ni Rhombic Dodecahedral Nanoframes by Anchoring to Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Support-ACS Omega-31-Aug-2018
articleTadokoro, Makoto; Machida, Hironobu; Toyofuku, Ryuji; Murakami, Megumi; Kamebuchi, Hajime; Isoda, Kyosuke; Kobayashi, Fumiya; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Noro, Shin'ichiro; Nakamura, TakayoshiGas sorption of nano-porous supramolecules formed by multi-hydrogen bonded coordination capsules-Chemical communications-4-Mar-2021
article (author version)Sagara, Yoshimitsu; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Tamaoki, NobuyukiMechanical and thermal stimuli-induced release of toluene included in luminescent crystals as one-dimensional solvent channels-Journal of materials chemistry C-7-Aug-2020
article (author version)Yoshimitsu, Sagara; Kiyonori, Takahashi; Takayoshi, Nakamura; Tamaoki, NobuyukiMechanochromic Luminescence from Crystals Consisting of Intermolecular Hydrogen‐Bonded Sheets-Chemistry – An Asian Journal-17-Feb-2020
articleIslam, Md Jahidul; Yuyama, Ken-ichi; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Konishi, Katsuaki; Biju, VasudevanpillaiMixed-halide perovskite synthesis by chemical reaction and crystal nucleation under an optical potential-NPG Asia materials-28-Jun-2019
article (author version)Liu, Zun-qi; Kubo, Kazuya; Lin, Li; Hoshino, Norihisa; Noro, Shin-ichiro; Akutagawa, Tomoyuki; Nakamura, TakayoshiMolecular motion in pyridazinium/crown ether supramolecular cation salts of a nickel dithiolene complex-Dalton Transactions-28-Feb-2013
article (author version)Hasuo, Naohiro; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Hisaki, Ichiro; Kokado, Kenta; Nakamura, TakayoshiMolecular motion of halogenated ethylammonium/[18]crown-6 supramolecular ions in nickel dithiolate magnetic crystals-CrystEngComm-14-Apr-2021
article (author version)Sankaramangalam Balachandran, Bhagyalakshmi; Sushant, Ghimire; Kiyonari, Takahashi; Yuyama, Ken‐ichi; Takano, Yuta; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Biju, VasudevanpillaiNonradiative Energy Transfer through Distributed Bands in Piezochemically Synthesized Cesium and Formamidinium Lead Halide Perovskites-Chemistry – A European Journal-17-Feb-2020
articleOhshima, Yu; Kubo, Kazuya; Matsumoto, Takashi; Ye, Heng-Yun; Noro, Shin-ichiro; Akutagawa, Tomoyuki; Nakamura, TakayoshiOne-dimensional supramolecular columnar structure of trans-syn-trans-dicyclohexano[18]crown-6 and organic ammonium cations-CrystEngComm-7-Nov-2016
article (author version)Ghimire, Sushant; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Takano, Yuta; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Biju, VasudevanpillaiPhoton Recycling by Energy Transfer in Piezochemically Synthesized and Close-Packed Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskites-The Journal of Physical Chemistry C-14-Nov-2019
article (author version)Hisaki, Ichiro; Ji, Qin; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Tohnai, Norimitsu; Nakamura, TakayoshiPositional Effects of Annelated Pyrazine Rings on Structure and Stability of Hydrogen-Bonded Frameworks of Hexaazatrinaphthylene Derivatives-Crystal growth & design-6-May-2020
articleChen, Xin; Takahashi, Kiyonori; Kokado, Kenta; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Hisaki, IchiroA proton conductive hydrogen-bonded framework incorporating 18-crown-6-ether and dicarboxy-o-terphenyl moieties-Materials Advances-2021
article (author version)Jiajun, Qi; Yuna, Kim; Kiyonori, Takahashi; Aoki, Ken'ichi; Hisaki, Ichiro; Nakamura, Takayoshi; Tamaoki, NobuyukiA Series of Bisamide‐Substituted Diacetylenes Exhibiting a Terminal Alkyl Odd/Even Parity Effect on Mechanoactivated Photopolymerization-Chemistry – A European Journal-19-Feb-2021
article (author version)Noro, Shin-ichiro; Kubo, Kazuya; Nakamura, TakayoshiSynthesis and Crystal Structure of a One-dimensional Cu(II) Coordination Polymer Bridged by Inorganic CH3SO3- Anions Using Werner-type Cu(II) Complexes as Building Blocks-Chemistry Letters-Aug-2012
articleNoro, Shin-ichiro; Fukuhara, Katsuo; Kubo, Kazuya; Nakamura, TakayoshiSynthesis, Crystal Structure, and Adsorption Properties of Werner-type Cu(II) Complex [Cu(CF3SO3)2(4-methylpyridine)4]-Chemistry Letters-Oct-2012
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