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articleKikuchi, Tatsuya; Ishida, Ryoma; Natsui, Shungo; Kumagai, Takehiko; Ogino, Isao; Sakaguchi, Norihito; Ueda, Mikito; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Carbon Nanotube Synthesis via the Calciothermic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide with Iron Additives-ECS Solid State Letters-2015
articleTeshirogi, Yuya; Ohmi, Tatsuya; Kumagai, Takehiko; Iguchi, ManabuFormation Behaviors of Microchannels in Reactive-Sintered Ni-Al Alloys by Sacrificial-Core Method-実験力学Journal of JSEM15-Jul-2013
articleNatsui, Shungo; Takai, Hifumi; Kumagai, Takehiko; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Suzuki, Ryosuke OMultiphase Particle Simulation of Gas Bubble Passing Through Liquid/Liquid Interfaces-MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS-1-Nov-2014
articleNatsui, Shungo; Nashimoto, Ryota; Nakajima, Daiki; Kumagai, Takehiko; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Observation of Interface Deformation in Sodium Polytungstate Solution–Silicone Oil System due to Single Rising Bubble-ISIJ International-15-Feb-2017
article (author version)Natsui, Shungo; Nashimoto, Ryota; Takai, Hifumi; Kumagai, Takehiko; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Temperature Dependence of Behavior of Interface Between Molten Sn and LiCl-KCl Eutectic Melt Due to Rising Gas Bubble-Metallurgical and materials transactions B-process metallurgy and materials processing science-Jun-2016
article中村, 修; 熊谷, 剛彦; 髙谷, 幸司液中浮上時の気泡挙動の数値解析Numerical Simulation of Bubble Rising in Liquid鉄と鋼-1-Feb-2015
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学気液間物質移動におよぼす液流れの影響Effects of Liquid Flow on Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer鉄と鋼-1-Apr-2001
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学; 中谷, 忠稔気泡噴流中の気液間物質移動と気液界面積の評価Evaluation of Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer and Interfacial Area in Bubbling Jet鉄と鋼-1-Jul-2003
article深澤, 慧; 熊谷, 剛彦; 大参, 達也; 岩井, 一彦; 井口, 学急縮小部を有する微小流路内気液二相流の気泡速度に及ぼす流路高さの影響Effect of small rectangular channel height on bubble moving velocity in gas-liquid two-phase flow through sudden contraction混相流JAPANESE JOURNAL OF MULTIPHASE FLOW15-Jun-2013
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学強い乱流中の単一静止気泡からの物質移動Mass Transfer from a Single Stationary Bubble in Highly Turbulent Flow鉄と鋼-1-Nov-2002
article姫野, 武洋; 熊谷, 剛彦減圧環境における上昇気泡の数値解析Numerical Analysis of Rising Bubble in Reduced-pressure Environment鉄と鋼-1-Feb-2015
column熊谷, 剛彦「精錬プロセスにおける混相現象」特集号の発刊に寄せてPreface to the Special Issue on Multiphase Flow Phenomena in Refining Processes鉄と鋼-1-Feb-2015
article松岡, 浩一; 川井, 仁; 熊谷, 剛彦; 千葉, 忠俊石炭炭化反応中のガス発生特性Characteristics of Gas Evolution during Coal Carbonization鉄と鋼-1-May-1996
article熊谷, 剛彦鉄鋼2次精錬を想定した減圧容器内における気泡膨張挙動調査Observation of Single Rising Bubble in Reduced Pressure Vessel Simulating Steel Secondary Refining混相流JAPANESE JOURNAL OF MULTIPHASE FLOW15-Dec-2016
article吉田, 仁; 熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学部分的な濡れ性変化が微小重力下で形成する液体プラグ長さに及ぼす影響Effect of local wettability change on liquid plug length in microgravity実験力学Journal of JSEM25-Jun-2004
article田川, 俊夫; 安西, 洋平; 熊谷, 剛彦密閉容器内における粘性流体中を上昇する単一気泡に関する数値流体解析Numerical Analyses of Single Rising Bubble in a Viscous Fluid in an Enclosure鉄と鋼-1-Feb-2015
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学; 植村, 知正; 米原, 紀吉乱流に誘起された気液界面上の波動が物質移動におよぼす影響Mass Transfer Influenced by Wave Motions Appearing on Gas-Liquid Interface Exposed to Turbulent Flow鉄と鋼-1-Apr-2002
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学扁平矩形流路における気液二相流の流動様式におよぼす壁面撥水性の影響Wettability Effect on Flow Pattern in Horizontal Air-Water Two-Phase Flow in Rectangular Small Channels実験力学Journal of JSEM25-Mar-2007
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