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articleKonno, Kohtarou; Matsuda, Keiko; Nakamoto, Chihiro; Uchigashima, Motokazu; Miyazaki, Taisuke; Yamasaki, Miwako; Sakimura, Kenji; Yuzaki, Michisuke; Watanabe, MasahikoEnriched Expression of GluD1 in Higher Brain Regions and Its Involvement in Parallel Fiber-Interneuron Synapse Formation in the Cerebellum-Journal of Neuroscience-28-May-2014
articleMiyazaki, Taisuke; Yamasaki, Miwako; Hashimoto, Kouichi; Yamazaki, Maya; Abe, Manabu; Usui, Hiroshi; Kano, Masanobu; Sakimura, Kenji; Watanabe, MasahikoCa(v)2.1 in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells Regulates Competitive Excitatory Synaptic Wiring, Cell Survival, and Cerebellar Biochemical Compartmentalization-JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE-25-Jan-2012
articleUchigashima, Motokazu; Yamazaki, Maya; Yamasaki, Miwako; Tanimura, Asami; Sakimura, Kenji; Kano, Masanobu; Watanabe, MasahikoMolecular and Morphological Configuration for 2-Arachidonoylglycerol-Mediated Retrograde Signaling at Mossy Cell-Granule Cell Synapses in the Dentate Gyrus-The Journal of Neuroscience-25-May-2011
articleYamasaki, Miwako; Miyazaki, Taisuke; Azechi, Hirotsugu; Abe, Manabu; Natsume, Rie; Hagiwara, Teruki; Aiba, Atsu; Mishina, Masayoshi; Sakimura, Kenji; Watanabe, MasahikoGlutamate Receptor δ2 Is Essential for Input Pathway-Dependent Regulation of Synaptic AMPAR Contents in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells-The Journal of Neuroscience-2-Mar-2011
articleMiyazaki, Taisuke; Yamasaki, Miwako; Takeuchi, Tomonori; Sakimura, Kenji; Mishina, Masayoshi; Watanabe, MasahikoAblation of glutamate receptor GluRδ2 in adult Purkinje cells causes multiple innervation of climbing fibers by inducing aberrant invasion to parallel fiber innervation territory.-The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience-10-Nov-2010
articleAkashi, Kaori; Kakizaki, Toshikazu; Kamiya, Haruyuki; Fukaya, Masahiro; Yamasaki, Miwako; Abe, Manabu; Natsume, Rie; Watanabe, Masahiko; Sakimura, KenjiNMDA Receptor GluN2B (GluRε2/NR2B) Subunit Is Crucial for Channel Function, Postsynaptic Macromolecular Organization, and Actin Cytoskeleton at Hippocampal CA3 Synapses-The Journal of Neuroscience-2-Sep-2009
article (author version)Fukaya, Masahiro; Tsujita, Mika; Yamazaki, Maya; Kushiya, Etsuko; Abe, Manabu; Akashi, Kaori; Natsume, Rie; Kano, Masanobu; Kamiya, Haruyuki; Watanabe, Masahiko; Sakimura, KenjiAbundant distribution of TARP γ-8 in synaptic and extrasynaptic surface of hippocampal neurons and its major role in AMPA receptor expression on spines and dendrites-European Journal of Neuroscience-Oct-2006
article (author version)Fukaya, Masahiro; Yamazaki, Maya; Sakimura, Kenji; Watanabe, MasahikoSpatial diversity in gene expression for VDCCγ subunit family in developing and adult mouse brains-Neuroscience Research-19-Sep-2005
articleAbe, Manabu; Fukaya, Masahiro; Yagi, Takeshi; Mishina, Masayoshi; Watanabe, Masahiko; Sakimura, KenjiNMDA receptor GluRepsilon/NR2 subunits are essential for postsynaptic localization and protein stability of GluRzeta1/NR1 subunit.-The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience-18-Aug-2004
articleIchikawa, Ryoichi; Miyazaki, Taisuke; Kano, Masanobu; Hashikawa, Tsutomu; Tatsumi, Haruyuki; Sakimura, Kenji; Mishina, Masayoshi; Inoue, Yoshiro; Watanabe, MasahikoDistal extension of climbing fiber territory and multiple innervation caused by aberrant wiring to adjacent spiny branchlets in cerebellar Purkinje cells lacking glutamate receptor GluRδ2-The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience-1-Oct-2002
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