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article (author version)Shimamoto, Kazushi; Tadanaga, Kiyoharu; Tatsumisago, MasahiroAll-solid-state electrochemical capacitors using MnO2/carbon nanotube composite electrode-Electrochimica acta-30-Oct-2013
articleMATSUDA, Atsunori; KOBAYASHI, Kumpei; KOGURE, Toshihiro; SAKAI, Mototsugu; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; MINAMI, Tsutomu; TATSUMISAGO, MasahiroEffects of Electric Field on the Formation of Titania Nanocrystals on SiO2-TiO2 Gel Coatings during Hot Water Treatment電場が温水処理に伴うSiO2-TiO2系ゲルコーティング膜のチタニア微結晶生成に及ぼす影響Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌Apr-2005
articleTAKAHASHI, Kenji; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; MATSUDA, Atsunori; HAYASHI, Akitoshi; TATSUMISAGO, MasahiroEffects of Phenyltriethoxysilane Concentration in Starting Solutions on Thermal Properties of Polyphenylsilsesquioxane Particles Prepared by a Two-Step Acid-Base Catalyzed Sol-Gel Process-Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌1-Feb-2007
articleTATSUMISAGO, Masahiro; TAKANO, Ryohei; NOSE, Masashi; NAGAO, Kenji; KATO, Atsutaka; SAKUDA, Atsushi; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; HAYASHI, AkitoshiElectrical and mechanical properties of glass and glass-ceramic electrolytes in the system Li3BO3–Li2SO4-Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌1-Jun-2017
articleMATSUDA, Atsunori; SAKAI, Mototsugu; KOGURE, Toshihiro; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; TATSUMISAGO, MasahiroExternal-Field Hot-Water Treatments of Sol-Gel Derived SiO2-TiO2 Coatings for Surface Nanostructure Control : A Review外部場温水処理によるゲルーゾルSiO2-TiO2系コーティング膜の表面ナノ構造制御 : 総説Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌Jan-2006
articleKubo, Daiju; Tadanaga, Kiyoharu; Hayashi, Akitoshi; Tatsumisago, MasahiroFabrication of Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxide Thin Membrane for All-Solid-State Alkaline Fuel Cell Using Glass Paper as a Support-Frontiers in Materials-30-Apr-2020
articleKubo, Daiju; Tadanaga, Kiyoharu; Hayashi, Akitoshi; Tatsumisago, MasahiroHydroxide ion Conduction Mechanism in Mg-Al CO32- Layered Double Hydroxide-Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology-May-2021
article (author version)Miura, Akira; Rosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Sakuda, Atsushi; Tadanaga, Kiyoharu; Phuc, Nguyen H. H.; Matsuda, Atsunori; Machida, Nobuya; Hayashi, Akitoshi; Tatsumisago, MasahiroLiquid-phase syntheses of sulfide electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium battery-Nature Reviews Chemistry-19-Feb-2019
articleTADANAGA, Kiyoharu; SUEKI, Toshitsugu; MATSUDA, Atsunori; MINAMI, Tsutomu; TATSUMISAGO, MasahiroMicropatterning of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Thick Films from Vinyltriethoxysilaneビニルトリエトキシシランから作製した無機-有機ハイブリッド厚膜の微細パターニングJournal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌Jan-2006
articleMATSUDA, Atsunori; KANZAKI, Takao; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; TATSUMISAGO, Masahiro; MINAMI, TsutomuPhosphosilicate Gels as a Solid State Proton Conductor at Medium Temperature and Low Humidity中温低湿度におけるプロトン伝導性固体としてのホスホシリケートゲルJournal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌1-Feb-2002
article (author version)Hirata, Naoya; Tadanaga, Kiyoharu; Tatsumisago, MasahiroPhotocatalytic O-2 evolution from water over Zn-Cr layered double hydroxides intercalated with inorganic anions-Materials research bulletin-Feb-2015
articleKITAURA, Hirokazu; TAKAHASHI, Kenji; HAYASHI, Akitoshi; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; TATSUMISAGO, MasahiroPreparation of needle-like α-Fe2O3 particles and influences of their morphology on the electrochemical behavior in all-solid-state lithium batteries-Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌1-Apr-2010
articleHAYASHI, Akitoshi; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; TATSUMISAGO, Masahiro; MINAMI, Tsutomu; MIURA, YoshinariStructural Change Accompanying Crystallization in the Lithium Ion Conductive Li2S-SiS2-Li3PO4 Oxysulfide Glasses.リチウムイオン伝導性Li2S-SiS2-Li3PO4系オキシスルフィドガラスの結晶化に伴う構造変化Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌1-Jun-1999
articleSASAKI, Teruyuki; MATSUDA, Atsunori; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; TATSUMISAGO, MasahiroStructural Changes in RSiO3/2-TiO2 Hybrid Films with UV Irradiation and Their Photocatalytic Micropatterning紫外線照射によるRSiO3/2-TiO2系ハイブリッド膜の構造変化と光触媒作用によるマイクロパターニングJournal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌Aug-2005
articleTAKAHASHI, Kenji; TADANAGA, Kiyoharu; HAYASHI, Akitoshi; TATSUMISAGO, MasahiroSubstituent effects on the glass transition phenomena of polyorganosilsesquioxane particles prepared by two-step acid–base catalyzed sol–gel process-Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌1-Mar-2011
article (author version)Tadanaga, Kiyoharu; Morita, Koji; Mori, Keisuke; Tatsumisago, MasahiroSynthesis of monodispersed silica nanoparticles with high concentration by the Stober process-Journal of sol-gel science and technology-Nov-2013
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