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articleRichardson, Peter; Pihlaja, Stephen; Nagashima, Miori; Wada, Masako; Watanabe, Makoto; Kheovichai, BarameeBlasphemy and persecution : Positioning in an inter-religious discussion-Text & Talk-Jan-2020
articleWatanabe, Makoto; Yamaguchi, Masahiro; Matsumura, Hideyuki; Kohno, Yoshihisa; Koike, Takayoshi; Izuta, TakeshiA Case Study of Risk Assessment of Ozone Impact on Forest Tree Species in Japan-Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment-Dec-2011
articleKawaguchi, Korin; Hoshika, Yasutomo; Watanabe, Makoto; Koike, TakayoshiEcophysiological Responses of Northern Birch Forests to the Changing Atmospheric CO2and O3Concentrations-Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment-Sep-2012
article (author version)Wang, Xiaona; Agathokleous, Evgenios; Qu, Laiye; Fujita, Saki; Watanabe, Makoto; Tamai, Yutaka; Mao, Qiaozhi; Koyama, Akihiro; Koike, TakayoshiEffects of simulated nitrogen deposition on ectomycorrhizae community structure in hybrid larch and its parents grown in volcanic ash soil: The role of phosphorous-Science of The Total Environment-15-Mar-2018
articleNovriyanti, Eka; Mao, Qiaozhi; Agathokleous, Evgenios; Watanabe, Makoto; Hashidoko, Yasuyuki; Koike, TakayoshiElevated CO2 offsets the alteration of foliar chemicals (n-icosane, geranyl acetate, and elixene) induced by elevated O-3 in three taxa of O-3-tolerant eucalypts-Journal of forestry research-11-May-2020
article (author version)Nakamura, Sayaka; Hoshi, Hiroko; Wakabayashi, Kaito; Seki, Manami; Watanabe, Makoto; Watanabe, Momoka; Inaba, Hiroki; Ushijima, Natsumi; Akasaka, TsukasaExtracted tissue-specific atelocollagens have distinctive textural properties-Journal of Texture Studies-26-Aug-2022
article (author version)Wang, Xiaona; Fujita, Saki; Nakaji, Tatsuro; Watanabe, Makoto; Satoh, Fuyuki; Koike, TakayoshiFine root turnover of Japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla var. japonica) grown under elevated CO2 in northern Japan-Trees : structure and function-Apr-2016
article (author version)Watanabe, Makoto; Umemoto-Yamaguchi, Michiko; Koike, Takayoshi; Izuta, TakeshiGrowth and photosynthetic response of Fagus crenata seedlings to ozone and/or elevated carbon dioxide-Landscape and Ecological Engineering-Jul-2010
articleKoike, Takayoshi; Mao, Qiaozhi; Inada, Naoki; Kawaguchi, Korin; Hoshika, Yasutomo; Kita, Kazuhito; Watanabe, MakotoGrowth and Photosynthetic Responses of Cuttings of a Hybrid Larch (Larix gmelinii var. japonica x L. kaempferi) to Elevated Ozone and/or Carbon Dioxide-Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment-Jun-2012
articleDong-Gyu, Kam; Shi, Cong; Watanabe, Makoto; Kita, Kazuhito; Satoh, Fuyuki; Koike, TakayoshiGrowth of Japanese and hybrid larch seedlings grown under free-air O-3 fumigation-an initial assessment of the effects of adequate and excessive nitrogen-Journal of agricultural meteorology-Sep-2015
articleKitaoka, Satoshi; Laiye, Qu; Watanabe, Yoko; Watanabe, Makoto; Watanabe, Toshihiro; Koike, TakayoshiHeterophyllous Shoots of Japanese Larch Trees: The Seasonal and Yearly Variation in CO2 Assimilation Capacity of the Canopy Top with Changing Environment-Plants-basel-Oct-2020
article (author version)Agathokleous, Evgenios; Watanabe, Makoto; Nakaji, Tatsuro; Wang, Xiaona; Satoh, Fuyuki; Koike, TakayoshiImpact of elevated CO2 on root traits of a sapling community of three birches and an oak : a free-air-CO2 enrichment (FACE) in northern Japan-Trees : structure and function-Apr-2016
article (author version)Hoshika, Yasutomo; Haworth, Matthew; Watanabe, Makoto; Koike, TakayoshiInteractive effect of leaf age and ozone on mesophyll conductance in Siebold's beech-Physiologia Plantarum-Oct-2020
article (author version)Watanabe, Makoto; Matsuo, Naoki; Yamaguchi, Masahiro; Matsumura, Hideyuki; Kohno, Yoshihisa; Izuta, TakeshiRisk assessment of ozone impact on the carbon absorption of Japanese representative conifers-European Journal of Forest Research-2009
article (author version)Agathokleous, Evgenios; Watanabe, Makoto; Eguchi, Norikazu; Nakaji, Tatsuro; Satoh, Fuyuki; Koike, TakayoshiRoot Production of Fagus crenata Blume Saplings Grown in Two Soils and Exposed to Elevated CO2 Concentration : an 11-Year Free-Air-CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Experiment in Northern Japan-Water, air, and soil pollution-Jun-2016
bulletin (article)藤林, 沙織; 渡邊, 誠いじめの回復プロセスに関する一考察A Study on the recovery process of bullying臨床心理発達相談室紀要Bulletin of Counselling Room for Developmental and Clinical Needs27-Mar-2020
bulletin (article)寺田, 拓晃; 渡邊, 誠「メンヘラ」の歴史と使用に関する一考察A study on the history and use of the word “Menhera”臨床心理発達相談室紀要Bulletin of Counselling Room for Developmental and Clinical Needs25-Mar-2021
bulletin (article)小池, 孝良; 渡辺, 誠; 渡邊, 陽子; 船田, 良; 佐野, 雄三; 高木, 健太郎; 日浦, 勉; 笹, 賀一郎; 佐藤, 冬樹開放系CO2増加実験(FACE:Free Air CO2 Enrichment)による森林樹木への高濃度CO2の影響評価:札幌実験苗畑の例(2002-2013)Evaluation of responses of deciduous broad-leaved trees to elevated CO2 with a free air CO2 enrichment (FACE) system : an example of Sapporo Experimental Nursery (YY02-13)北方森林保全技術Technical report for boreal forest conservation of the Hokkaido University Forests23-Mar-2015
bulletin (article)仲野, 芳恵; 渡邊, 誠学級リーダーは学級をどのように体験したか : ある中学校の一学級を通しての考察How do Junior high school students experience classroom group : From the perspective of classroom leaders北海道大学大学院教育学研究院紀要Bulletin of Faculty of Education, Hokkaido University25-Jun-2022
bulletin (article)吉武, もにか; 渡邊, 誠葛藤を抱えた青年の親子関係変容プロセスと家族規範意識についてThe process of parent-child relationship transformation and family norms in conflicted adolescents北海道大学大学院教育学研究院紀要Bulletin of Faculty of Education, Hokkaido University25-Jun-2021
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