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article相良, 隼; 金, 勇; 飯田, 勝吉; 高井, 昌彰DoTを用いたプライバシー配慮型IoTデータ照会システムの検討A Consideration of Privacy Preserved IoT Data Inquiry System using DoT電子情報通信学会技術研究報告IEICE Technical Report13-Jun-2023
articleHarada, Toru; Hirabayashi, YoshiharuProduction spectra with a Sigma(-) hyperon in ( pi(-), K (+)) reactions on light to heavy nuclei-Physical Review C-19-May-2023
proceedings (author version)Mitsuhashi, Rikima; Jin, Yong; Iida, Katsuyoshi; Shinagawa, Takahiro; Takai, YoshiakiDetection of DGA-based Malware Communications from DoH Traffic Using Machine Learning Analysis-2023 IEEE 20th Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC)-17-Mar-2023
articleSuzuki, Kengo; Fukaya, Takeshi; Iwashita, TakeshiA novel ILU preconditioning method with a block structure suitable for SIMD vectorization-Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics-Feb-2023
proceedings (author version)Sunahara, Satoru; Jin, Yong; Iida, KatsuyoshiA proposal of DoH-based domain name resolution architecture including authoritative DNS servers-2022 32nd International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ITNAC)-5-Jan-2023
articleRui, Zhong; Enzhi, Zhang; Masaharu, MunetomoCooperative coevolutionary differential evolution with linkage measurement minimization for large-scale optimization problems in noisy environments-Complex & Intelligent Systems-17-Jan-2023
article砂原, 悟; 金, 勇; 飯田, 勝吉[ショートペーパー] IPヘッダ情報からのプライバシー漏洩を防ぐDoHに基づく新たな名前解決機構[Short Paper] A consideration of DoH-based name resolution architecture for Preventing Privady Leakage from IP Header電子情報通信学会技術研究報告IEICE Technical Report5-Dec-2022
article (author version)Mitsuhashi, Rikima; Jin, Yong; Iida, Katsuyoshi; Shinagawa, Takahiro; Takai, YoshiakiMalicious DNS Tunnel Tool Recognition using Persistent DoH Traffic Analysis-IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management-19-Oct-2022
article飯田, 勝吉Knowledge Defined Networkingの研究動向Literature survey about Knowledge-Defined Networking電子情報通信学会技術研究報告IEICE Technical Report8-Sep-2022
article砂原, 悟; 金, 勇; 飯田, 勝吉完全DoH化DNSアーキテクチャに関する一検討A consideration of DoH-exclusive DNS architecture電子情報通信学会技術研究報告IEICE Technical Report8-Sep-2022
proceedingsIchise, Hikaru; Jin, Yong; Iida, KatsuyoshiPolicy-based Detection and Blocking System for Abnormal Direct Outbound DNS Queries using RPZ---26-Jul-2022
article一瀬, 光; 金, 勇; 飯田, 勝吉SDNとDNS RPZを用いた名前解決記録に基づく異常通信の検知・遮断方法の一検討An Experimental Study on Name Resolution History Basis Abnormal Detection and Blocking Using SDN and DNS RPZ電子情報通信学会技術研究報告IEICE Technical Report16-Jun-2022
article三橋, 力麻; 金, 勇; 飯田, 勝吉; 品川, 高廣; 高井, 昌彰DGAベースのマルウェアが生成した不審なDoH通信の検知システムに関する一検討A proposal of detection system for malicious DoH communication generated by DGA-based malware電子情報通信学会技術研究報告IEICE Technical Report28-Feb-2022
articleHarada, Toru; Hirabayashi, YoshiharuExtended optimal Fermi averaging for near-recoilless production in the (K−, π−) reaction on nuclei-Physical Review C-2022
article三橋, 力麻; 金, 勇; 飯田, 勝吉; 品川, 高廣; 高井, 昌彰階層的な機械学習を用いたDoHトラフィック解析における悪意のあるDNSトンネルツールの識別Recognition of Malicious DNS Tunnel Tools by DoH Traffic Analysis Using Multi-stage Machine Learning Technology電子情報通信学会技術研究報告IEICE Technical Report9-Dec-2021
proceedings (author version)Mitsuhashi, Rikima; Satoh, Akihiro; Jin, Yong; Iida, Katsuyoshi; Shinagawa, Takahiro; Takai, YoshiakiIdentifying Malicious DNS Tunnel Tools from DoH Traffic Using Hierarchical Machine Learning Classification---27-Nov-2021
article一瀬, 光; 金, 勇; 飯田, 勝吉RPZを用いた不審なDNS外部クエリーの検知・遮断システムの一検討A Detection and blocking system for suspicious DNS outbound query using RPZ電子情報通信学会技術研究報告IEICE Technical Report1-Sep-2021
article (author version)Wan, Ke; Tanioka, Kensuke; Minami, Hiroyuki; Mizuta, Masahiro; Shimokawa, ToshioHybrid adaptive index model for binary response data-Japanese Journal of Statistics and Data Science-Jul-2021
articleINTHARAWIJITR, Krittin; IIDA, Katsuyoshi; KOGA, Hiroyuki; YAMAOKA, KatsunoriEmpirical Study of Low-Latency Network Model with Orchestrator in MEC-IEICE Transactions on Communications-1-Mar-2021
articleHarada, Toru; Hirabayashi, YoshiharuXi-nucleus potential for Xi(-) quasifree production in the Be-9(K-, K+) reaction-Physical Review C-3-Feb-2021
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