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「わたし」と向かい合う異文化間教育の実践 : 映像教材『雪渡り』からの教職志望学生の学び

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タイトル: 「わたし」と向かい合う異文化間教育の実践 : 映像教材『雪渡り』からの教職志望学生の学び
その他のタイトル: Intercultural Education to Examine and Transform Oneself : What Pre-Service Teachers Learned from“ Snow Crossing”?
著者: 齋藤, 眞宏 著作を一覧する
キーワード: 異文化間教育
Intercultural education
pre-service teacher education
clinical competency
media materials
発行日: 2013年12月25日
出版者: 北海道大学大学院教育学研究院
誌名: 北海道大学大学院教育学研究院紀要
巻: 119
開始ページ: 155
終了ページ: 166
抄録: 異文化間教育はエンパワーメントのための教育であり,社会の構造改革まで視野に入れた全面的なものである。本稿では2009 ~ 2011 年度に筆者の「異文化間教育」を受講した計20 名の教職希望の学生たちが映像教材『雪渡り』からの学びに注目した。講義では狐という「異文化」との仮想現実的な「遭遇」を題材に,学生たちは実生活における異文化に対する態度とその社会的背景を考察した。結果として学生たちは自らの偏見や思い込みが生成されてきた社会的背景に対しては無自覚であったが,①学生たちが感情的葛藤を抱き,予定調和的な異文化間理解観が揺り動かされた②異文化間理解をパラフレーズした,の2 点の成果をあげることができた。一方で他者との出会いから浮かび上がった自分の感情や感覚に対して批判的な思考は加えられず,また自分自身の思い込みや偏見,そしてそれらが構築されてきた社会的背景についても無自覚であった。
Intercultural education is essential for all pre-service teachers. It extensively covers reforms of school cultures and social structures. However, some learners regard it as studies about those who have no connection with them and consequently show little or no interest in it. While some learners respond positively to intercultural education, they often have prejudices and one-sided assumptions about "alien" cultures. This study focuses on the reactions of 20 pre-service teachers to "Snow Crossing" material as they examined, deconstructed, and reconstructed themselves.They were asked to watch an animated video called "Snow Crossing," featuring people's prejudices, after which they were asked to write a short essay, followed by discussion of how they felt about the story and about their own prejudices. Since the essay was an important medium of learning and development, the pre-service teachers were asked to write their feelings, ideas, and desires at the end of the lesson. Some of them included their thoughts and feelings in their final essays. By analyzing their essays, this study concludes that these pre-service teachers attained some "good" perceptions about intercultural understanding, but neither of them progressed to the expected stage of understanding, nor did they reflectively examine their socio-cultural and political backgrounds.
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