Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 6, Zoology

Vol. XI, No. 1    (1952-12 issued)

Sexual phases in the prawn, Pandalus kessleri Czerniavski, with special reference to the reversal of sex. (With 3 Text-figures and 1 Plate) PDF
AOTO, Tomoji 1-20
Comparative Anatomy of the Genitalia and the Internal Reproductive Organs of Ladybeetles belonging to Epilachna : (Systematic Studies of Coccinellidae, I) (With 7 Text-figures) PDF
EHARA, Shôzô 21-33
Anatomical and Histological Studies of Abnormal Genital Organs in Newborn Puppies of the Shepherd Breed (With 2 Text-figures and 1 Plate) PDF
TAKENOUCHI, Yasushi 34-40
Cytological Studies on Cancer, VI. : Spontaneous Tumors occurring in Inbred Mice, with Notes on the Establishment of Two New Strains of Transplantable Tumor (With 6 Text-figures and 2 Plates) PDF
YOSIDA, Tosihide H. 41-50
Mitotic Abnormalities Induced by Nitrogen Mustard in Grasshopper Spermatocytes : (Studies on Abnormal Nuclear Divisions, 5) (With 12 Text-figures) PDF
KAWAMURA, Kenya 51-56
Ethological studies on the Japanese species of Pemphredon (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae), with notes on their parasites, Ellampus spp. (Hym., Chrysididae) (With 5 Text-figures) PDF
TSUNEKI, Katsuji 57-75
Temperature as a Factor Influencing upon the Fission of the Orange-Striped Sea-Anemone, Diadumene Luciae (With 2 Text-figures) PDF
MIYAWAKI, Mitsuharu 77-80
Studies of Fertilization in the Dog-Salmon, Oncorhynchus keta : 1. The Morphology of the Normal Fertilization (With 10 Text-figures and 2 Plates) PDF
YAMAMOTO, Kiichiro 81-93
Ueber Wasseraufnahme und Aktivierung der Lachseier : III. Die Permeabilitat der Eioberflache PDF
KANOH, Yasuhiko 95-100
The Osmotic Behavior of the Blastula of the Sea Urchin (With 2 Text-figures) PDF
SHINOZAKI, Jutaro 101-106
The Permeability of Sea Urchin Egg to Water PDF
SHINOZAKI, Jutaro 107-109
The Genus Rhopalum Kirby (1829) of Japan, Korea, Saghalien and the Kuriles, with a Suggested Reclassification of the Subgenera and Descriptions of Four New Species (Hym. Sphecidae, Crabroninae) (With 79 Text-figures) PDF
TSUNEKI, Katsuji 110-125
Nemertini from the Coasts of Kyusyu (With 18 Text-figures) PDF
IWATA, Fumio 126-148
Some Water Mites from Kyushu (With 11 Text-figures) PDF
IMAMURA, Taiji 149-167