Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 6, Zoology

Vol. XI, No. 3    (1953-12 issued)

Arbeitsteilung der Arbeiterinnen in einem Zwergvolk, bestehend aus gleichaltrigen Volksgenossen : Beiträge zur Biologie des Bienenvolkes, Apis mellifera L., II (Mit 17 Textabbildungen) PDF
SAKAGAMI, Shôichi F. 343-400
A Comparative Study of Spermatheca in Some Local Populations in Epilachna pustulosa and E. vigintioctomaculata : (Systematic Studies of Coccinellidae, II) (With 5 Text-figures) PDF
EHARA, Shôzô 401-409
Water-Mites from Gifu Prefecture (With 35 Text-figures) PDF
IMAMURA, Taiji 411-471
Cytological Studies of Tumors, XI. : Observations of the Multipolar Division in Tumor Cells of Ascites Tumor of Rats by Phase Microscopy (With 2 Text-figures and 1 Plate) PDF
NAKAHARA, Hiroshi 473-479
Effect of Environmental Salt Concentration on Fertilizability of Herring Gametes (With 3 Text-figures) PDF
YANAGIMACHI, Ryuzo 481-486
Manner of Sperm Entry in Herring Egg, with Special Reference to the Role of Calcium Ions in Fertilization (With 2 Text-figures) PDF
YANAGIMACHI, Ryuzo;KANOH, Yasuhiko 487-494
Mitotic Features of Monocytes Occurring in the Peritoneal Fluid of Rats (With 13 Text-figures) PDF
KANÔ, Kyoko 495-501
Anomalous Divisions of the Grasshopper Germ-cells Induced by the Treatment with α- or β-Peltatin : (Studies on Abnormal Nuclear Divisions, 8) (With 2 Plates) PDF
MOMMA, Eizi 502-508
Cytological Studies of Tumors, XII. : Cell Division in the Ascites Hepatoma of Rats Studied by Phase Microscopy (With 2 Plates) PDF
TANAKA, Tatsuya 509-514
Some New Water-Mites from Japan (With 4 Text-figures) PDF
UCHIDA, Tohru;IMAMURA, Taiji 515-524