Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 6, Zoology

Vol. XVI, No. 3    (1968-09 issued)

Screening Data of the Chromosomes in Congenital Disorders and Maldevelopment, from a Survey in a Japanese Population (1964 to 1967) PDF
MAKINO, Sajiro 315-323
Effects of Caffeine on Twitch Contraction Elicited in Frog's Skeletal Muscle Fibres Immersed in Osmotically Anomalous Media (With 7 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
YAMAGUCHI, Toshio 324-338
The Acidophilic Granules (AG) in the Thyrotrophs and their Relation to Thyroid Hyperplasia among Laboratory-reared Xenopus (With 1 Text-figure, 2 Plates and 2 Tables) PDF
WATANABE, Yûichi G. 339-345
Observations on Developing Pineal Organ in the African Clawed Toad, Xenopus laevis D. (With 2 Plates) PDF
WAKAHARA, Masami 346-352
Migratory Cells Traversing the Mesoglea in Hydra (With 2 Plates) PDF
NODA, Kôichi 353-358
The two Leptomedusae, Aequorea coerulescens and Aequorea vitrina (With 6 Text-figures) PDF
UCHIDA, Tohru 359-368
Descriptions and Records of Marine Harpacticoid Copepods from Hokkaido I (With 8 Text-figures) PDF
ITÔ, Tatsunori 369-381
Additional Notes on the Ecological Distribution of Ants in Sapporo and the Vicinity (With 4 Text-figures and 3 Tables) PDF
YAMAUCHI, Katsusuke 382-395
Taxonomic Studies on the Genus Lasius in Hokkaido, with Ethological and Ecological Notes (Formicidae, Hymenoptera). : I. The Subgenus Dendrolasius or Jet Black Ants (With 8 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
YAMAUCHI, Katsusuke;HAYASHIDA, Kazuo 396-412
Bionomics and Sociology of the Summer Matrifilial Phase in the Social Halictine Bee, Lasioglossum duplex (With 35 Text-figures and 25 Tables) PDF
SAKAGAMI, Shôichi F.;HAYASHIDA, Kazuo 413-513
Some Accounts on Teratogenic and Embryocidal Effects of Colchicine on Mouse Embryos (With 6 Text-figures, 1 Plate and 4 Tables) PDF
SHOJI, Ryujiro 514-524
Some Aspects on Effects of Drosophila Tissue Extracts on the Puffing Pattern of Incubated Drosophila Salivary Glands (With 2 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
TOKUMITSU, Takashi 525-530
Drosophila Survey of Hokkaido, XXIV. : On Drosophila Collections of Six Localities in the Southwestern Part of Hokkaido (With 1 Text-figure and 1 Table) PDF
KANEKO, Akasi;TOKUMITSU, Takashi;SHIMA, Toshio 531-536
Drosophila Survey of Hokkaido, XXV. : Some Observations on Summer Diurnal Activity of Drosophilid Flies in Two Localities of Southwestern Hokkaido (With 2 Text-figures and 1 Table) PDF
KANEKO, Akasi 537-541
Spontaneous Chromosome Breakages Observed in a Phenotypically Normal Woman and Her Two Abortuses (With 6 Text-figures and 3 Tables) PDF
IKEUCHI, Tatsuro;SHIMBA, Hachiro 542-547
A Study of Acid Phosphatase Heterogeneity in the Rat Liver by means of a Modified Disc Electrophoretic Method (A Preliminary Note) (With 1 Text-figure and 1 Table) PDF
YAMAMOTO, Kohtaro 548-552