Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 6, Zoology

Vol. XV, No. 1    (1962-12 issued)

The Cytological Effect of Chemicals on Tumors, XIV. : Effect of Ayamycin on the MTK-Sarcoma III (With 16 Text-figures and 1 Table) PDF
KIKUCHI, Yasumoto 1-8
The Cytological Effect of Chemicals on Tumors, XIX. : Effect of 1-thia-3-azazulan-2-one on HeLa Cells and Two Animal Tumors (With 20 Text-figures and 3 Tables) PDF
KOBAYASHI, Jindo 9-17
A Preliminary Study on the Effect of Cigarette Smoke and Air Pollution upon Cells in Culture (With 14 Text-figures) PDF
MIZUTANI, Masahiro 18-26
The Cytological Effect of Chemicals on Tumors, XVIII : Effects of Anti-Tumor Agents on the Ameboid Motility of Tumor Cells in an Ascites Sarcoma of the Rat (With 22 Text-figures) PDF
KATO, Hatao 27-36
Some Phase Optic Observations on the Formation of a Cleavage Furrow in Beta-Irradiated Grasshopper Germ Cells (With 5 Tables) PDF
OISHI, Hidetsune 37-42
A Preliminary Note on the Chromosomes of the McCoy Synovial Cell Line Cultivated in vitro (With 7 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
AWA, Akio;SETO, Takeshi;POMERAT, C. M. 43-50
Preliminary Notes on Sensitivity of Immature Mouse Germ Cells to X-rays administered at Various Developmental Stages (With 4 Tables) PDF
OHZU, Eiji 51-56
Notes on Induced Polyovulation in Mature Golden Hamsters (With 12 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
SATO, Akiko 57-64
Studies on the Seasonal Variation of Population Structure in Drosophila, II. : The Effect of Altitude on Seasonal Activity of Drosophila, with a Note on the Monthly Numerical Variation of Species (With 8 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
WAKAHAMA, Ken-Ichi 65-73
Drosophila Survey of Hokkaido, XVIII. : Drosophilidae From Four Localities of Hokkaido (With 3 Text-figures and 1 Table) PDF
KANEKO, Akasi;SHIMA, Toshio 74-79
Ciliary Activity and Electrical Properties of Opalina (With 7 Text-figures) PDF
YAMAGUCHI, Tsuneo;OKUMURA, Hiroshi 80-92
Responses of an Abdominal Ganglion of the Crayfish to Electrical Stimulation with a Sinusoidal Frequency Change (With 7 Text-figures) PDF
WATANABE, Yoshio 93-102
Location of Synaptic Action in an Abdominal Ganglion of the Crayfish by Aid of Histological Methods (With 6 Text-figures) PDF
WATANABE, Yoshio 103-110
Repetitive Electrical and Mechanical Responses of an Isolated Single Muscle Fibre to Prolonged Electrical Currents (With 8 Text-figures) PDF
MIYAMOTO, Yoshimi 111-122
The Effects of Barium, Strontium and TEA Ions on the Production of Action Potentials in the Cheliped Muscle of the Crayfish (With 8 Text-figures) PDF
MURAYAMA, Koichi;YAMASHITA, Yuhei 123-136
Chemical Physiology of the Compound Eye, I. : On the Retinal PAS-Positive Substances (With 1 Text-figure and 4 Plates) PDF
SUZUKI, Kenji 137-147
Activation of Dog Salmon Egg by Heavy Metal Ions (With 1 Plate and 2 Tables) PDF
YAMAMOTO, Tadashi S. 148-156
Tetranychoid Mites of Conifers in Hokkaido (With 47 Text-figures) PDF
EHARA, Shôzô 157-175