Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 6, Zoology

Vol. 18 No. 3    (1972-10 issued)

Mating Behavior in the Freshwater Prawn, Palaemon paucidens. : A Study of the Sex Pheromone and its Effect on Males (With 5 Figures and 2 Tables) PDF
KAMIGUCHI, Yujiroh 347-355
A Histological Study of the “Sternal Gland” in the Female Freshwater Prawn, Palaemon paucidens, a Possible Site of Origin of the Sex Pheromone (With 4 Text-figures, 2 Tables and 2 Plates) PDF
KAMIGUCHI, Yujiroh 356-365
Effects of External Osmotic Pressure on the Membrane Potential of Opalina (With 4 Text-figures) PDF
NAKATANI, Isamu 366-370
An Analysis of Visual Responses in the Optic Tract and Tectum of the Crucian Carp (With 12 Text-figures) PDF
NIIDA, Akiyoshi;SATO, Yoshiaki 371-386
Contractile Activities of the Acontial Filaments of Metridium senile var. fimbriatum Verrill (With 10 Text-figures and 1 Table) PDF
WADA, Tuneyo 387-399
The Morphology of Cyphonautes Larva of Membranipora serrilamella Osburn from Hokkaido (With 3 Text-figures) PDF
MAWATARI, Shunsuke F.;ITÔ, Tatsunori 400-405
On the Fifth Copepodid Stage of a Harpacticoid Copepod of the Genus Cletopsyllus from Sagami Bay (With 3 Text-figures) PDF
ITÔ, Tatsunori 406-410
Distribution and Bionomics of a Transpalaearctic Eusocial Halictine Bee, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) calceatum, in Northern Japan, with Reference to Its Solitary Life Cycle at High Altitude (With 9 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
SAKAGAMI, Shôichi F.;MUNAKATA, Meiyô 411-439
Life Cycle and Nest Architecture of Polistes Wasps in the Okushiri Island, Northern Japan (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) (With 9 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
YAMANE, Sôichi 440-459