Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 6, Zoology

Vol. XVI, No. 1    (1966-12 issued)

The Tetranychoid Mites of Okinawa Island (Acarina: Prostigmata) (With 52 Text-figures) PDF
EHARA, Shôzô 1-22
On Three Marine Collembola in Hokkaido (With 3 Text-figures) PDF
UCHIDA, Hajime;TAMURA, Hiroshi 23-30
Drosophila Survey of Hokkaido, XXII. : Drosophilid Flies Collected in Breweries (With 3 Text-figures and 4 Tables) PDF
KANEKO, Akasi;KAWAKAMI, Mitsugu;TAKADA, Haruo 31-37
A Human Female with a D/G Chromosome Translocation (With 2 Text-figures) PDF
AYA, Takao 38-40
Notes on the Chromosomes of Human Abortuses in Early Pregnancy (With 2 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
SHIMBA, Hachiro 41-46
On a Familial Transmission of an Aberrant Autosome in Group 13-15 (With 10 Text-figures and 1 Table) PDF
IKEUCHI, Tatsuro 47-53
A Study of Chromosomes in Ten Sexually Abnormal Patients (With 2 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
IKEUCHI, Tatsuro;FUJIMOTO, Seiichiro 54-59
On the Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenases in Rat Livers, with Special Regard to Sex Difference (With 1 Text-figure) PDF
HORI, Samuel H.;KAMADA, Tsutomu;MATSUI, Sei-ichi 60-66
Motor Control of the Ciliary Activity in the Frog's Palate (With 4 Text-figures and 4 Tables) PDF
SUZUKI, Noriyo 67-76
The Fertilizing Capacity of Frog Sperm in the Homologous and Heterologous Egg-jellies and Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) (With 5 Text-figures and 5 Tables) PDF
KATAGIRI, Chiaki 77-84
Electron Microscopic Studies on the Anterior Pituitary in Larvae of Xenopus laevis (With 2 Plates and 1 Table) PDF
WATANABE, Yûichi G. 85-89
The Role of Sand Particles in the Ovipository Circumstance of Tubifex (With 5 Text-figures and 4 Tables) PDF
HIRAO, Yuki-hisa 90-97
The Effect of Thyroxine on the Metamorphosis in Hypophysectomized and in Thyroidectomized Frog Tadpoles (Rana ornativentris) (With 4 Text-figures and 1 Table) PDF
HANAOKA, Yoichi 98-105
Uptake of 131I by the Thyroid Gland during Metamorphosis in Xenopus laevis (With 2 Text-figures) PDF
HANAOKA, Yoichi 106-112
Diurnal Variation in Chromatophorotropic Potency of the Neurosecretory System of the Freshwater Prawn, Palaemon paucidens (With 1 Text-figure) PDF
AOTO, Tomoji 113-120