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articleSotome, Akihito; Kadoya, Ken; Suzuki, Yuki; Iwasaki, NorimasaSpinal Canal and Spinal Cord in Rat Continue to Grow Even after Sexual Maturation : Anatomical Study and Molecular Proposition-International Journal of Molecular Sciences-16-Dec-2022
articleKida, Hiroaki; Urita, Atsushi; Momma, Daisuke; Matsui, Yuki; Endo, Takeshi; Kawamura, Daisuke; Taneichi, Hiroshi; Iwasaki, NorimasaImplications of navigation system use for glenoid component placement in reverse shoulder arthroplasty-Scientific reports-7-Dec-2022
articleMotomiya, Makoto; Watanabe, Naoya; Ota, Mitsutoshi; Shimoda, Kohei; Kawamura, Daisuke; Iwasaki, NorimasaEfficacy of the microscopic parachute end-to-side technique for creating large-to-small venous anastomoses in free flaps in the extremities-JPRAS Open-Dec-2022
articleHishimura, Ryosuke; Kondo, Eiji; Suzuki, Yuki; Matsuoka, Masatake; Iwasaki, Koji; Onodera, Tomohiro; Momma, Daisuke; Yagi, Tomonori; Yasuda, Kazunori; Iwasaki, NorimasaOccurrence Rate of Cyclops Lesion After Anatomic Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction : Comparison Between Remnant Tissue Preservation and Resection Methods-Orthopaedic journal of sports medicine-1-Oct-2022
articleOta, Mitsutoshi; Matsui, Yuichiro; Kawamura, Daisuke; Urita, Atsushi; Endo, Takeshi; Iwasaki, NorimasaCorrelation between carpal rotational alignment and postoperative wrist range of motion following total wrist arthroplasty-BMC musculoskeletal disorders-30-Aug-2022
articleTsukuda, Yukinori; Matsui, Yuichiro; Endo, Kaori; Matsui, Yuki; Kawamura, Daisuke; Iwasaki, NorimasaInfluence of differences in bone morphology on the distribution patterns of subchondral bone density across the trapeziometacarpal joint-Scientific reports-20-Jul-2022
articleAlhasan, Hend; Terkawi, Mohamad Alaa; Matsumae, Gen; Ebata, Taku; Tian, Yuan; Shimizu, Tomohiro; Nishida, Yoshio; Yokota, Shunichi; Garcia-Martin, Fayna; Abd Elwakil, Mahmoud M.; Takahashi, Daisuke; Younis, Mahmoud A.; Harashima, Hideyoshi; Kadoya, Ken; Iwasaki, NorimasaInhibitory role of Annexin A1 in pathological bone resorption and therapeutic implications in periprosthetic osteolysis-Nature communications-7-Jul-2022
articleHosokawa, Yoshiaki; Onodera, Tomohiro; Homan, Kentaro; Yamaguchi, Jun; Kudo, Kohsuke; Kameda, Hiroyuki; Sugimori, Hiroyuki; Iwasaki, NorimasaEstablishment of a New Qualitative Evaluation Method for Articular Cartilage by Dynamic T2w MRI Using a Novel Contrast Medium as a Water Tracer-Cartilage-1-Jul-2022
article (author version)Kondo, Eiji; Yabuuchi, Koji; Joutoku, Zenta; Matsubara, Shinji; Iwasaki, Koji; Matsuoka, Masatake; Onodera, Tomohiro; Momma, Daisuke; Inoue, Masayuki; Yagi, Tomonori; Iwasaki, Norimasa; Yasuda, KazunoriEffect of the Inverted V-Shaped Osteotomy on Patellofemoral Joint and Tibial Morphometry as Compared With the Media Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy-American journal of sports medicine-1-Jul-2022
articleFukui, Takafumi; Tateno, Hironao; Nakamura, Takashi; Yamada, Yuma; Sato, Yusuke; Iwasaki, Norimasa; Harashima, Hideyoshi; Kadoya, KenRetrograde Axonal Transport of Liposomes from Peripheral Tissue to Spinal Cord and DRGs by Optimized Phospholipid and CTB Modification-International Journal of Molecular Sciences-15-Jun-2022
articleEndo, Tsutomu; Suda, Kota; Fukui, Takafumi; Matsumoto, Satoko; Komatsu, Miki; Ota, Masahiro; Ushiku, Chikara; Yamane, Junichi; Minami, Akio; Takahata, Masahiko; Iwasaki, NorimasaRare case of real-time observation of paralytic deterioration after cervical dislocation in the hyperacute phase-BMC musculoskeletal disorders-2-May-2022
articleHoman, Kentaro; Yamamoto, Keizo; Kadoya, Ken; Ishida, Naoki; Iwasaki, NorimasaComprehensive validation of a wearable foot sensor system for estimating spatiotemporal gait parameters by simultaneous three-dimensional optical motion analysis-BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation-17-Apr-2022
articleFukuda, Ryuichi; Matsuoka, Masatake; Kawamura, Daisuke; Endo, Takeshi; Kanno-Okada, Hiromi; Urita, Atsushi; Matsui, Yuichiro; Onodera, Tomohiro; Iwasaki, NorimasaIntra-articular osteoid osteoma at the elbow mimicking arthritis: a case report-Annals of joint-15-Apr-2022
articleShimizu, Hirokazu; Enda, Ken; Shimizu, Tomohiro; Ishida, Yusuke; Ishizu, Hotaka; Ise, Koki; Tanaka, Shinya; Iwasaki, NorimasaMachine Learning Algorithms : Prediction and Feature Selection for Clinical Refracture after Surgically Treated Fragility Fracture-Journal of clinical medicine-5-Apr-2022
articleFukuda, Ryuichi; Matsuoka, Masatake; Kawamura, Daisuke; Endo, Takeshi; Kanno-Okada, Hiromi; Urita, Atsushi; Matsui, Yuichiro; Onodera, Tomohiro; Iwasaki, NorimasaIntra-articular osteoid osteoma at the elbow mimicking arthritis : a case report-Annals of joint-Apr-2022
articleEndo, Takeshi; Matsui, Yuichiro; Kawamura, Daisuke; Urita, Atsushi; Momma, Daisuke; Ota, Mitsutoshi; Shibayama, Hiroki; Iwai, Takahito; Nishida, Mutsumi; Iwasaki, NorimasaDiagnostic Utility of Superb Microvascular Imaging and Power Doppler Ultrasonography for Visualizing Enriched Microvascular Flow in Patients With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-Frontiers in Neurology-31-Mar-2022
article (author version)Hishimura, Ryosuke; Kondo, Eiji; Matsuoka, Masatake; Iwasaki, Koji; Kawaguchi, Yasuyuki; Suzuki, Yuki; Onodera, Tomohiro; Momma, Daisuke; Iwasaki, NorimasaDouble-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using autologous hamstring tendon hybrid grafts in a patient with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome : A case report-Knee-Mar-2022
article (author version)Ishizu, Hotaka; Shimizu, Tomohiro; Kaibara, Takuma; Asano, Tsuyoshi; Terkawi, Mohamad Alaa; Takahashi, Daisuke; Iwasaki, NorimasaBilateral subchondral insufficiency fractures of the femoral head in a normally active adolescent patient : A case report-Journal of orthopaedic science-Mar-2022
articleMomma, Daisuke; Orias, Alejandro A. Espinoza; Irie, Tohru; Irie, Tomoyo; Kondo, Eiji; Iwasaki, Norimasa; Inoue, NozomuFour-dimensional computed tomography evaluation of shoulder joint motion in collegiate baseball pitchers-Scientific reports-25-Feb-2022
articleTerkawi, M. Alaa; Matsumae, Gen; Shimizu, Tomohiro; Takahashi, Daisuke; Kadoya, Ken; Iwasaki, NorimasaInterplay between Inflammation and Pathological Bone Resorption : Insights into Recent Mechanisms and Pathways in Related Diseases for Future Perspectives-International Journal of Molecular Sciences-4-Feb-2022
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