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articleMani, Hiroki; Miyagishima, Saori; Kozuka, Naoki; Inoue, Takahiro; Hasegawa, Naoya; Asaka, TadayoshiDevelopment of the Relationships Among Dynamic Balance Control, Inter-limb Coordination, and Torso Coordination During Gait in Children Aged 3-10 Years-Frontiers in human neuroscience-28-Oct-2021
articleHasegawa, Naoya; Tanaka, Shintaro; Mani, Hiroki; Inoue, Takahiro; Wang, Yun; Watanabe, Kazuhiko; Asaka, TadayoshiAdaptation of the Compensatory Stepping Response Following Predictable and Unpredictable Perturbation Training-Frontiers in human neuroscience-15-Jul-2021
articleTaneda, Kenji; Mani, Hiroki; Kato, Norio; Komizunai, Shunsuke; Ishikawa, Keita; Maruya, Takashi; Hasegawa, Naoya; Takamatsu, Yasuyuki; Asaka, TadayoshiEffects of simulated peripheral visual field loss on the static postural control in young healthy adults-Gait & Posture-May-2021
article (author version)萬谷, 麗奈; コリー, 紀代; 小水内, 俊介; 近野, 敦; 金井, 理; 浅賀, 忠義; 中村, 美鈴; 井上, 創造; 萬井, 太規; 二宮, 伸治気管内吸引手技の2D/3D動画視聴による学習効果評価指標の開発Development of Optic Educational Criteria using Two- and Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics of Tracheal Suctioning for Experts and Novices医工学治療-Mar-2021
articleHasegawa, Naoya; Takeda, Kenta; Mancini, Martina; King, Laurie A.; Horak, Fay B.; Asaka, TadayoshiDifferential effects of visual versus auditory biofeedback training for voluntary postural sway-PLoS ONE-28-Dec-2020
article (author version)Colley, Noriyo; Mani, Hiroki; Ninomiya, Shinji; Komizunai, Shunsuke; Murata, Eri; Oshita, Hiroka; Taneda, Kenji; Shima, Yusuke; Asaka, TadayoshiEffective Catheter Manoeuvre for the Removal of Phlegm by Suctioning : A Biomechanical Analysis of Experts and Novices-Journal of medical and biological engineering-24-Apr-2020
articleWang, Yun; Watanabe, Kazuhiko; Asaka, TadayoshiEffect of dance on multi-muscle synergies in older adults: a cross-sectional study-BMC geriatrics-3-Dec-2019
article (author version)竹内, 由佳; コリー, 紀代; 二宮, 伸治; 小水内, 俊介; 金井, 理; 浅賀, 忠義; 中村, 美鈴; 井上, 創造; 村田, 恵理; 萬井, 太規; 近野, 敦気管内吸引手技中の視線計測による看護師と看護学生の習熟度の比較Comparison of visual proficiency of endotracheal suctioning between novices and experts医工学治療-Nov-2019
article長内, 真理乃; コリー, 紀代; 小水内, 俊介; 二宮, 伸治; 金井, 理; 浅賀, 忠義; 中村, 美鈴; 井上, 創造; 村田, 恵理; 萬井, 太規; 近野, 敦気管内吸引技術における動作分析を用いた習熟度評価の検討 : 前屈姿勢,手背移動,停留,NASA-TLXを指標としてProficiency evaluation of tracheal suctioning using motion capture system and the NASA-TLX日本小児呼吸器学会雑誌 = Japanese journal of pediatric pulmonology-2019
articleコリー, 紀代; 清水, 弘美; 高橋, 望; 小水内, 俊介; 近野, 敦; 金井, 理; 二宮, 伸治; 大塚, 健; 浅賀, 忠義熟練看護師の視線計測による気管内吸引オントロジーの構築と今後の可能性Future Possibilities for Endotracheal Suctioning Ontologies Based on the Ocular Movement of Skilled Nurses医学教育-25-Apr-2018
article (author version)コリー, 紀代; 清水, 弘美; 萬井, 太規; 浅賀, 忠義気管内吸引反復施行時の習熟度別動作変動性Motion variability comparison of two proficiency groups performing repetitive endotracheal suctioning.医工学治療-Mar-2018
article (author version)Hasegawa, Naoya; Takeda, Kenta; Sakuma, Moe; Mani, Hiroki; Maejima, Hiroshi; Asaka, TadayoshiLearning effects of dynamic postural control by auditory biofeedback versus visual biofeedback training-Gait & Posture-Oct-2017
articleTakeda, Kenta; Mani, Hiroki; Hasegawa, Naoya; Sato, Yuki; Tanaka, Shintaro; Maejima, Hiroshi; Asaka, TadayoshiAdaptation effects in static postural control by providing simultaneous visual feedback of center of pressure and center of gravity-Journal of physiological anthropology-19-Jul-2017
article (author version)Takahashi, Kazurna; Maejima, Hiroshi; Ikuta, Gaku; Mani, Hiroki; Asaka, TadayoshiExercise combined with low-level GABA(A) receptor inhibition up-regulates the expression of neurotrophins in the motor cortex-Neuroscience letters-1-Jan-2017
article (author version)Mani, Hiroki; Hsiao, Shih-fen; Konishi, Tomoya; Izumi, Tatsuya; Tsuda, Akiyo; Hasegawa, Naoya; Takeda, Kenta; Colley, Noriyo; Asaka, TadayoshiAdaptation of postural control while standing on a narrow unfixed base of support-International journal of rehabilitation research-Mar-2016
article (author version)Colley, Noriyo; Asaka, Tadayoshi; Sakai, Shinya; Nagata, Yasuko; Shimizu, Hiromi; Honda, Chiseki; Sasaki, Tomoyuki; Nishioka, TakeshiDIFFERENCES IN VISUAL ATTENTION BETWEEN NOVICE AND EXPERT NURSES PERFORMING ENDOTRACHEAL SUCTIONING (ES) : A SIMULATION STUDY-医工学治療Therapeutics & engineering : T&EJul-2015
articleWang, Yun; Watanabe, Kazuhiko; Asaka, TadayoshiMuscle synergies in preparation to a step made with obstacle in elderly individuals-Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation-4-Feb-2015
articleMani, Hiroki; Izumi, Tatsuya; Konishi, Tomoya; Samukawa, Mina; Yamamoto, Keizo; Watanabe, Kazuhiko; Asaka, TadayoshiCharacteristics of Postural Muscle Activation Patterns Induced by Unexpected Surface Perturbations in Elite Ski Jumpers-Journal of Physical Therapy Science-Jun-2014
bulletin (article)井上, 馨; 渡辺, 明日香; 浅賀, 忠義; 齊藤, 展士; 笠原, 敏史; 坪, 亜希子; 久留利, 浩代前方および後方への模擬転倒時に出現する防御動作とその性差Frequency and genter difference of fall arrest strategy in forward and backward falls北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-2002
article浅賀, 忠義; 平岡, 泰治高齢者・障害者同居住宅における平面構成の特性について : 北海道内の新築事例からCharacteristics of House Designs for the Elderly and Disabled : A Case Study of New Houses in Hokkaido理学療法科学-May-2002
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