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articleYoshida, Sumito; Shime, Hiroaki; Funami, Kenji; Takaki, Hiromi; Matsumoto, Misako; Kasahara, Masanori; Seya, TsukasaThe Anti-Oxidant Ergothioneine Augments the Immunomodulatory Function of TLR Agonists by Direct Action on Macrophages-PLoS ONE-23-Jan-2017
articleMatsumoto, Misako; Tatematsu, Megumi; Nishikawa, Fumiko; Azuma, Masahiro; Ishii, Noriko; Morii-Sakai, Akiko; Shime, Hiroaki; Seya, TsukasaDefined TLR3-specific adjuvant that induces NK and CTL activation without significant cytokine production in vivo-Nature Communications-Feb-2015
articleKasamatsu, Jun; Deng, Mengyao; Azuma, Masahiro; Funami, Kenji; Shime, Hiroaki; Oshiumi, Hiroyuki; Matsumoto, Misako; Kasahara, Masanori; Seya, TsukasaDouble-stranded RNA analog and type I interferon regulate expression of Trem paired receptors in murine myeloid cells-BMC immunology-3-May-2016
article (author version)Shime, Hiroaki; Matsumoto, Misako; Seya, TsukasaDouble-stranded RNA promotes CTL-independent tumor cytolysis mediated by CD11b+Ly6G+ intratumor myeloid cells through the TICAM-1 signaling pathwayCD11b+Ly6G+ cells induced by dsRNACell Death and Differentiation-Mar-2017
article (author version)Takemura, Ryo; Takaki, Hiromi; Okada, Seiji; Shime, Hiroaki; Akazawa, Takashi; Oshiumi, Hiroyuki; Matsumoto, Misako; Teshima, Takanori; Seya, TsukasaPolyI:C-Induced, TLR3/RIP3-Dependent Necroptosis Backs Up Immune Effector-Mediated Tumor Elimination In VivoTICAM-1-RIP3 necroptosis in tumorCancer immunology research-Aug-2015
article (author version)Seya, Tsukasa; Shime, Hiroaki; Matsumoto, MisakoTAMable tumor-associated macrophages in response to innate RNA sensing-OncoImmunology-Sep-2012
articleOno, Junya; Shime, Hiroaki; Takaki, Hiromi; Takashima, Ken; Funami, Kenji; Yoshida, Sumito; Takeda, Yohei; Matsumoto, Misako; Kasahara, Masanori; Seya, TsukasaThe TLR3/TICAM-1 signal constitutively controls spontaneous polyposis through suppression of c-Myc in ApcMin/+ mice-Journal of biomedical science-17-Oct-2017
article (author version)Seya, Tsukasa; Shime, Hiroaki; Takaki, Hiromi; Azuma, Masahiro; Oshiumi, Hiroyuki; Matsumoto, MisakoTLR3/TICAM-1 signaling in tumor cell RIP3-dependent necroptosis-OncoImmunology-Sep-2012
articleShime, Hiroaki; Maruyama, Akira; Yoshida, Sumito; Takeda, Yohei; Matsumoto, Misako; Seya, TsukasaToll-like receptor 2 ligand and interferon-γ suppress anti-tumor T cell responses by enhancing the immunosuppressive activity of monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells-Oncoimmunology-2018
articleYoshida, Sumito; Shime, Hiroaki; Takeda, Yohei; Nam, Jin-Min; Takashima, Ken; Matsumoto, Misako; Shirato, Hiroki; Kasahara, Masanori; Seya, TsukasaToll-like receptor 3 signal augments radiation-induced tumor growth retardation in a murine model-Cancer science-Apr-2018
article (author version)Shime, Hiroaki; Matsumoto, Misako; Oshiumi, Hiroyuki; Tanaka, Shinya; Nakane, Akio; Iwakura, Yoichiro; Tahara, Hideaki; Inoue, Norimitsu; Seya, TsukasaToll-like receptor 3 signaling converts tumor-supporting myeloid cells to tumoricidal effectors-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America-7-Feb-2012
articleTakeda, Yohei; Yoshida, Sumito; Takashima, Ken; Ishii-Mugikura, Noriko; Shime, Hiroaki; Seya, Tsukasa; Matsumoto, MisakoVaccine immunotherapy with ARNAX induces tumor-specific memory T cells and durable anti-tumor immunity in mouse models-Cancer science-Jul-2018
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