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articleNomura, Daiki; Granskog, Mats A.; Assmy, Philipp; Simizu, Daisuke; Hashida, GenArctic and Antarctic sea ice acts as a sink for atmospheric CO2 during periods of snowmelt and surface flooding-Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans-4-Dec-2013
article (author version)Nomura, Daiki; Simizu, Daisuke; Chavanich, Suchana; Shinagawa, Hideo; Fukuchi, MitsuoAn artificial pool experiment in Antarctic sea ice : effects of sea ice melting on physical and biogeochemical components of pool water-Antarctic Science-13-Sep-2012
articleTison, J.-L.; Schwegmann, S.; Dieckmann, G.; Rintala, J.-M.; Meyer, H.; Moreau, S.; Vancoppenolle, M.; Nomura, D.; Engberg, S.; Blomster, L. J.; Hendricks, S.; Uhlig, C.; Luhtanen, A.-M.; de Jong, J.; Janssens, J.; Carnat, G.; Zhou, J.; Delille, B.Biogeochemical Impact of Snow Cover and Cyclonic Intrusions on the Winter Weddell Sea Ice Pack-Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans-8-Dec-2017
articleNomura, Daiki; Simizu, Daisuke; Shinagawa, Hideo; Oouchida, Chinatsu; Fukuchi, MitsuoBiogeochemical properties of water in surface ponds on Antarctic fast ice and their relationship with underlying sea-ice properties-Journal of Glaciology-2011
article (author version)Nomura, Daiki; Ooki, Atsushi; Simizu, Daisuke; Fukuchi, MitsuoBromoform concentrations in slush-layer water in Antarctic fast ice-Antarctic Science-22-Nov-2011
articleNomura, Daiki; Assmy, Philipp; Nehrke, Gernot; Granskog, Mats A.; Fischer, Michael; Dieckmann, Gerhard S.; Fransson, Agneta; Hu, Yubin; Schnetger, BernhardCharacterization of ikaite (CaCO3·6H2O) crystals in first-year Arctic sea ice north of Svalbard-Annals of Glaciology-2013
articleMeiners, K. M.; Vancoppenolle, M.; Carnat, G.; Castellani, G.; Delille, B.; Delille, D.; Dieckmann, G. S.; Flores, H.; Fripiat, F.; Grotti, M.; Lange, B. A.; Lannuzel, D.; Martin, A.; McMinn, A.; Nomura, D.; Peeken, I.; Rivaro, P.; Ryan, K. G.; Stefels, J.; Swadling, K. M.; Thomas, D. N.; Tison, J.-L.; van der Merwe, P.; van Leeuwe, M. A.; Weldrick, C.; Yang, E. J.Chlorophyll-a in Antarctic Landfast Sea Ice : A First Synthesis of Historical Ice Core Data-Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans-20-Dec-2018
articleNomura, Daiki; Granskog, Mats A.; Fransson, Agneta; Chierici, Melissa; Silyakova, Anna; Ohshima, Kay I.; Cohen, Lana; Delille, Bruno; Hudson, Stephen R.; Dieckmann, Gerhard S.CO2 flux over young and snow-covered Arctic pack ice in winter and spring-Biogeosciences-5-Jun-2018
articleNomura, Daiki; Koga, Seizi; Kasamatsu, Nobue; Shinagawa, Hideo; Simizu, Daisuke; Wada, Makoto; Fukuchi, MitsuoDirect measurements of DMS flux from Antarctic fast sea ice to the atmosphere by a chamber technique-Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans-7-Apr-2012
article (author version)Nomura, Daiki; Kasamatsu, Nobue; Tateyama, Kazu; Kudoh, Sakae; Fukuchi, MitsuoDMSP and DMS in coastal fast ice and under-ice water of Lützow-Holm Bay, eastern Antarctica-Continental Shelf Research-1-Sep-2011
articleKiuchi, Masaaki; Nomura, Daiki; Hirano, Daisuke; Tamura, Takeshi; Hashida, Gen; Ushio, Shuki; Simizu, Daisuke; Ono, Kazuya; Aoki, ShigeruThe Effect of Basal Melting of the Shirase Glacier Tongue on the CO2 System in Lutzow-Holm Bay, East Antarctica-Journal of geophysical research biogeosciences-7-Apr-2021
articleFransson, Agneta; Chierici, Melissa; Nomura, Daiki; Granskog, Mats A.; Kristiansen, Svein; Martma, Tõnu; Nehrke, GernotEffect of glacial drainage water on the CO2 system and ocean acidification state in an Arctic tidewater-glacier fjord during two contrasting years-Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans-2-Apr-2015
article (author version)Roukaerts, Arnout; Nomura, Daiki; Deman, Florian; Hattori, Hiroshi; Dehairs, Frank; Fripiat, FrançoisThe effect of melting treatments on the assessment of biomass and nutrients in sea ice (Saroma-ko lagoon, Hokkaido, Japan)-Polar Biology-Feb-2019
articleNomura, Daiki; Yoshikawa-Inoue, Hisayuki; Toyota, Takenobu; Shirasawa, KunioEffects of snow, snowmelting and refreezing processes on air-sea-ice CO2 flux-Journal of Glaciology-Jun-2010
articleGranskog, Mats A.; Nomura, Daiki; Müller, Susann; Krell, Andreas; Toyota, Takenobu; Hattori, HiroshiEvidence for significant protein-like dissolved organic matter accumulation in Sea of Okhotsk sea ice-Annals of Glaciology-2015
articleOoki, Atsushi; Nomura, Daiki; Nishino, Shigeto; Kikuchi, Takashi; Yokouchi, YokoA global-scale map of isoprene and volatile organic iodine in surface seawater of the Arctic, Northwest Pacific, Indian, and Southern Oceans-Journal of geophysical research oceans-Jun-2015
articleTamura, Takeshi; Ohshima, Kay I.; Lieser, Jan L.; Toyota, Takenobu; Tateyama, Kazutaka; Nomura, Daiki; Nakata, Kazuki; Fraser, Alexander D.; Jansen, Peter W.; Newbery, Kym B.; Massom, Robert A.; Ushio, ShukiHelicopter-borne observations with portable microwave radiometer in the Southern Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk-Annals of Glaciology-2015
article (author version)Nomura, Daiki; McMinn, Andrew; Hattori, Hiroshi; Aoki, Shigeru; Fukuchi, MitsuoIncorporation of nitrogen compounds into sea ice from atmospheric deposition-Marine Chemistry-20-Dec-2011
articleNomura, Daiki; Aoki, Shigeru; Simizu, Daisuke; Iida, TakahiroInfluence of Sea Ice Crack Formation on the Spatial Distribution of Nutrients and Microalgae in Flooded Antarctic Multiyear Ice-Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans-6-Feb-2018
articleKanna, Naoya; Sugiyama, Shin; Fukamachi, Yasushi; Nomura, Daiki; Nishioka, JunIron Supply by Subglacial Discharge Into a Fjord Near the Front of a Marine-Terminating Glacier in Northwestern Greenland-Global Biogeochemical Cycles-13-Sep-2020
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