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bulletinUsoltsev, Vladimir A.; Koltunova, Alexandra I.; Kajimoto, Takuya; Osawa, Akira; Koike, TakayoshiGeographical Gradients of Annual Biomass Production from Larch Forests in Northern Eurasia-Eurasian Journal of Forest ResearchOct-2002
article (author version)Hoshika, Yasutomo; Watanabe, Makoto; Inada, Naoki; Koike, TakayoshiGrowth and Leaf Gas Exchange in Three Birch Species Exposed to Elevated Ozone and CO2 in Summer-Water, Air, & Soil PollutionSep-2012
bulletinQu, Laiye; Ji, Donghun; Shi, Fuchen; Sasa, Kaichiro; Koike, TakayoshiGrowth and Photosynthetic Performance of Seedlings of Two Larch Species Grown in Shaded Conditions-Eurasian Journal of Forest ResearchFeb-2005
article (author version)Choi, D. S.; Kayama, M.; Jin, H. O.; Lee, C. H.; Izuta, T.; Koike, T.Growth and photosynthetic responses of two pine species (Pinus koraiensis and P. rigida) in a polluted industrial region in Korea-Environmental PollutionFeb-2006
article (author version)Watanabe, Makoto; Watanabe, Yoko; Kitaoka, Satoshi; Utsugi, Hajime; Kita, Kazuhito; Koike, TakayoshiGrowth and photosynthetic traits of hybrid larch F1 (Larix gmelinii var. japonica x L. kaempferi) under elevated CO2 concentration with low nutrient availability-Tree PhysiologySep-2011
article (author version)Novriyanti, Eka; Watanabe, Makoto; Kitao, Mitsutoshi; Utsugi, Hajime; Uemura, Akira; Koike, TakayoshiHigh nitrogen and elevated [CO2] effects on the growth, defense and photosynthetic performance of two eucalypt species-Environmental PollutionNov-2012
article (author version)Mao, QiaoZhi; Watanabe, Makoto; Makoto, Kobayashi; Kita, Kazuhito; Koike, TakayoshiHigh nitrogen deposition may enhance growth of a new hybrid larch F-1 growing at two phosphorus levels-Landscape and ecological engineeringJan-2014
article (author version)Agathokleous, Evgenios; Watanabe, Makoto; Nakaji, Tatsuro; Wang, Xiaona; Satoh, Fuyuki; Koike, TakayoshiImpact of elevated CO2 on root traits of a sapling community of three birches and an oak : a free-air-CO2 enrichment (FACE) in northern Japan-Trees - Structure and FunctionApr-2016
bulletinQu, Laiye; Quoreshi, Ali M.; Iwase, Koji; Tamai, Yutaka; Funada, Ryo; Koike, TakayoshiIn vitro Ectomycorrhiza Formation on Two Larch Species of Seedlings with Six Different Fungal Species-Eurasian Journal of Forest ResearchMar-2003
article (author version)Kitao, M.; Hida, T.; Eguchi, N.; Tobita, H.; Utsugi, H.; Uemura, A.; Kitaoka, S.; Koike, T.Light compensation points in shade-grown seedlings of deciduous broadleaf tree species with different successional traits raised under elevated CO2-Plant BiologyJan-2016
bulletinMatsuda, Kyo; Shibuya, Masato; Koike, TakayoshiMaintenance and Rehabilitation of the Mixed Conifer-Broadleaf Forests in Hokkaido, Northern Japan-Eurasian Journal of Forest ResearchDec-2002
article (author version)Kitao, Mitsutoshi; Yazaki, Kenichi; Kitaoka, Satoshi; Fukatsu, Eitaro; Tobita, Hiroyuki; Komatsu, Masabumi; Maruyama, Yutaka; Koike, TakayoshiMesophyll conductance in leaves of Japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla var. japonica) seedlings grown under elevated CO2 concentration and low N availability-Physiologia plantarumDec-2015
bulletinQu, Laiye; Kayama, Masazumi; Akasaka, Munemitsu; Kitaoka, Satoshi; Sasa, Kaichiro; Koike, TakayoshiMicro-Environmental Analysis of the Natural Regeneration of Larch Forests in Northern Japan-Eurasian Journal of Forest ResearchFeb-2004
article (author version)Hoshika, Yasutomo; Watanabe, Makoto; Inada, Naoki; Koike, TakayoshiModeling of Stomatal Conductance for Estimating Ozone Uptake of Fagus crenata Under Experimentally Enhanced Free-air Ozone Exposure-Water, Air, & Soil PollutionSep-2012
article (author version)Hirano, Atsushi; Hongo, Ichiro; Koike, TakayoshiMorphological and physiological responses of Siebold's beech (Fagus crenata) seedlings grown under CO2 concentrations ranging from pre-industrial to expected future levels-Landscape and Ecological EngineeringJan-2012
article (author version)Hoshika, Yasutomo; Watanabe, Makoto; Inada, Naoki; Koike, TakayoshiOzone-induced stomatal sluggishness develops progressively in Siebold's beech (Fagus crenata)-Environmental PollutionJul-2012
article (author version)Mao, Q. Z.; Watanabe, M.; Imori, M.; Kim, Y. S.; Kita, K.; Koike, T.Photosynthesis and nitrogen allocation in needles in the sun and shade crowns of hybrid larch saplings: effect of nitrogen application-PhotosyntheticaSep-2012
bulletinKoike, Takayoshi; Matsuki, Sawako; Choi, Dongsu; Matsumoto, Takeshi; Watanabe, Yoko; Maruyama, YutakaPhotosynthesis, Leaf longevity and Defense Characteristics in Trees of Betulaceae Planted in Northern Japan-Eurasian Journal of Forest ResearchDec-2006
bulletinKoike, T.; Yazaki, K.; Funada, R.; Kitao, M.; Maruyama, Y.; Takahashi, K.; Maximov, T. C.; Ivanov, B. I.Photosynthetic Characteristics of Dahurian Larch, Scotch Pine and White Birch Seedlings Native to Eastern Siberia Raised Under Elevated CO2-Eurasian Journal of Forest ResearchOct-2000
bulletinWang, Wenjie; Wang, Huimei; Zu, Yuangang; Yu, Jinghua; Koike, TakayoshiPhotosynthetic Characteristics of Regenerated Plantlets of Camptotheca acuminata as a Diagnostic for Tissue Cultured Plantlets in Acclimatization in Field Growth-Eurasian Journal of Forest ResearchDec-2007
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