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article山崎, 敦子; 渡邊, 剛; 岨, 康輝高知県竜串湾に生息する造礁性サンゴ骨格を用いた温帯域の古環境復元Reconstructing palaeoenvironments of temperate regions based on high latitude corals at Tatsukushi Bay in Japan日本サンゴ礁学会誌Journal of the Japanese Coral Reef SocietyDec-2009
article渡邊, 剛; 島村, 道代; 山野, 博哉北限サンゴ礁から採取されたキクメイシ属サンゴ骨格中の酸素・炭素同位体比Oxygen and carbon isotopic compositions in Favia coral skeletons from the northernmost coral reef日本サンゴ礁学会誌Journal of the Japanese Coral Reef SocietyDec-2009
article川島, 龍憲; 渡邊, 剛; 白井, 厚太朗; 前川, 聡; 島村, 道代; 入野, 智久; 佐野, 有司酸素・炭素安定同位体比・Mn/Ca比を用いた石垣島轟川河口付近のハマサンゴの壊死研究Investigation on coral necrosis in massive Porites colony in the Mouth of Todoroki river, Ishigaki Island, Japan deduced from the δ^<l8>O, δ^<l3>C and Mn/Ca ratios地球化学-30-Mar-2009
article岨, 康輝; 渡邊, 剛; 鈴木, 徳行サンゴ骨格中の有機物分析による古環境分析の新展開Implication of organic matter in coral skeletons as proxy for paleoenvironmental reconstruction地球化学-25-Jun-2008
articleHyeong, Ki-Seong; Shimamura, Michiyo; Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Yamano, Hiroya; Sugihara, Kaoru; Kim, Jong-UkEvaluation of Jeju/Tsushima Hermatypic Corals as Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Recorders제주/쓰시마 조초성 산호의 수온 기록자로서의 가능성 평가Ocean and Polar Research-2008
article (author version)Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Juillet-Leclerc, Anne; Cuif, Jean-Pierre; Rollion-Bard, Claire; Dauphin, Yannicke; Reynaud, StéphanieRecent Advances in Coral Biomineralization with Implications for Paleo-Climatology: A Brief Overview-Elsevier oceanography series-2007
articleWATANABE, TSUYOSHI; REYNAUD, STÉPHANIE; CUIF, JEAN-PIERRE; DAUPHIN, YANNICKEVariation of geochemical signals in coral skeletons: Environmental changes or biological processes?-Paleontological Research-31-Dec-2006
article渡邊, 剛; 白井, 厚太朗; 島村, 道代サンゴのバイオミネラリゼーション (<特集>炭酸塩の地球化学)Coral biomineralization (<Special Section>Geochemistry of Sedimentary carbonates)地球化学-25-Aug-2006
article渡邊, 剛; Juillet-Leclerc, Anne; Cuif, Jean-Pierre; Meibom, Anders; Dauphin, Yannicke; Blamart, Dominique; 佐野, 有司サンゴ骨格の微小領域における化学組成の不均質性 : 石灰化プロセスの解明とサンゴ古水温計への応用 (<特集>サンゴ年輪と低緯度の海洋環境)Heterogeneity of chemical compositions in coral skeletons : Investigation of skeletal calcification and implications for coral thermometer (<Special Section>Coral annual bands and ocean environments in the low latitude)地球化学-27-Dec-2004
articleTakahata, Naoto; Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Shirai, Kotaro; Nishizawa, Manabu; Sano, YujiHelium isotopes of seawater in adjacent sea of Nansei Islands, Southwest Japan-Geochemical journal-1-Dec-2004
article (author version)Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Suzuki, Atsushi; Kawahata, Hodaka; Kan, Hironobu; Ogawa, ShinjiA 60-year isotopic record from a mid-Holocene fossil giant clam (Tridacna gigas) in the Ryukyu Islands: physiological and paleoclimatic implications-Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology-30-Sep-2004
article渡邊, 剛生物源炭酸塩の同位体比及び微量元素を用いた熱帯域海洋表層の高解像度古環境解析に関する研究 (2003年度日本地球化学会奨励賞受賞記念論文)High-Resolution Reconstruction of Palaeoclimates in tropical sea surface using Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Biogenic Carbonates (The Geochemical Society of Japan Award for Young Researchers)地球化学-25-Mar-2004
article (author version)Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Gagan, Michael K.; Corrége, Thierry; Scott-Gagan, Heather; Cowley, Joan; Hantoro, Wahyoe S.Oxygen isotope systematics in Diploastrea heliopora: new coral archive of tropical paleoclimate-Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta-1-Apr-2003
article渡邊, 剛サンゴ骨格に記録された小氷期における熱帯域の気候変動Climatic Changes During the Little Ice Age in the Tropical Area Recorded in Coral Skeletons日本海水学会誌-1-Apr-2002
article渡邊, 剛サンゴが語る最近の地球環境-国立科学博物館ニュース-20-Mar-2002
articleWatanabe, Tsuyoshi; Minagawa, Masao; Oba, Tadamichi; Winter, AmosPretreatment of coral aragonite for Mg and Sr analysis: Implications for coral thermometers-Geochemical journal-1-Aug-2001
article (author version)Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Winter, Amos; Oba, TadamichiSeasonal changes in sea surface temperature and salinity during the Little Ice Age in the Caribbean Sea deduced from Mg/Ca and 18O/16O ratios in corals-Marine Geology-15-Mar-2001
article (author version)Watanabe, T.; Oba, T.Daily reconstruction of water temperature from oxygen isotopic ratios of a modernTridacnashell using a freezing microtome sampling technique-Journal of Geophysical Research, Oceans-15-Sep-1999
article渡邊, 剛; 大場, 忠道冷凍マイクロトーム法による現生シャコガイ殻の酸素同位体比分析より推定される詳細な水温変化High resolution reconstruction of water temperature estimated from oxygen isotopic ratios of a modern Tridacna shell based on freezing microtome sampling technique地球化学-20-May-1998
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