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article (author version)Sato, Yuki; Yamada, Naohito; Kitano, Sho; Kowalski, Damian; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiHigh-corrosion-resistance mechanism of graphitized platelet-type carbon nanofibers in the OER in a concentrated alkaline electrolyte-Journal of Materials Chemsitry A-21-Apr-2022
article (author version)Inoue, Tomohiro; Koyama, Akira; Kowalski, Damian; Zhu, Chunyu; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiFluorine-Free Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces Prepared Using Hierarchically Porous Aluminum-Physica status solidi a-applications and materials science-Jul-2020
article (author version)Sato, Yuki; Kowalski, Damian; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiLong-term durability of platelet-type carbon nanofibers for OER and ORR in highly alkaline media-Applied catalysis A-general-5-May-2020
articleSato, Yuki; Kobayashi, Hikaru; Kowalski, Damian; Koyama, Akira; Zhu, Chunyu; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Suto, Mikito; Habazaki, HirokiUltra-rapid formation of crystalline anatase TiO2 films highly doped with substrate species by a cathodic deposition method-Electrochemistry Communications-Nov-2019
article (author version)Fadillah, Laras; Takase, Kentaro; Kobayashi, Hikaru; Turczyniak-Surdacka, Sylwia; Strawski, Marcin; Kowalski, Damian; Zhu, Chunyu; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiThe role of tungsten species in the transition of anodic nanopores to nanotubes formed on iron alloyed with tungsten-Electrochimica acta-20-Jun-2019
article (author version)Shahzad, Khurram; Kowalski, Damian; Zhu, Chunyu; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiEx Situ Evidence for the Role of a Fluoride-Rich Layer Switching the Growth of Nanopores to Nanotubes: A Missing Piece of the Anodizing Puzzle-ChemElectroChem-Feb-2018
article (author version)Nakayama, Katsutoshi; Hiraga, Takuya; Zhu, Chunyu; Tsuji, Etsushi; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiFacile preparation of self-healing superhydrophobic CeO2 surface by electrochemical processes-Applied surface science-30-Nov-2017
article (author version)Tsuji, Etsushi; Motohashi, Teruki; Noda, Hiroyuki; Kowalski, Damian; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Tanida, Hajime; Niikura, Junji; Koyama, Yukinori; Mori, Masahiro; Arai, Hajime; Ioroi, Tsutomu; Fujiwara, Naoko; Uchimoto, Yoshiharu; Ogumi, Zempachi; Habazaki, HirokiBrownmillerite-type Ca2FeCoO5 as a Practicable Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalyst-ChemSusChem-21-Jul-2017
article (author version)Shahzad, Khurram; Tsuji, Etsushi; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Nagata, Shinji; Habazaki, HirokiFormation and field-assisted dissolution of anodic films on iron in fluoride-containing organic electrolyte-Electrochimica acta-1-Jan-2015
article (author version)Habazaki, Hiroki; Kataoka, Fumitaka; Tsuji, Etsushi; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Nagata, Shinji; Skeldon, Peter; Thompson, George E.Efficient growth of anodic films on magnesium in organic electrolytes containing fluoride and water-Electrochemistry Communications-Sep-2014
articleHabazaki, Hiroki; Kimura, Taiki; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Tsuji, Etsushi; Yano, TakayoshiHighly Enhanced Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel by Sol-Gel Layer-by-Layer Aluminosilicate Thin Coatings-Journal of the electrochemical society-2014
article (author version)Sah, Santosh Prasad; Tsuji, Etsushi; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiCathodic pulse breakdown of anodic films on aluminium in alkaline silicate electrolyte : Understanding the role of cathodic half-cycle in AC plasma electrolytic oxidation-Corrosion Science-Feb-2012
articleYe, Ke; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Tsuji, Etsushi; Nagata, Shinji; Habazaki, HirokiImproved Thermal Stability of Efficient Proton-Conducting Anodic ZrO2-WO3 Nanofilms by Incorporation of Silicon Species-Journal of The Electrochemical Society-5-Oct-2011
article (author version)Koyama, Shun; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Nagata, Shinji; Habazaki, HirokiFormation and dielectric properties of anodic oxide films on Zr–Al alloys-Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry-Oct-2011
article (author version)Yang, Shu; Habazaki, Hiroki; Fujii, Takashi; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Skeldon, Peter; Thompson, George E.Control of morphology and surface wettability of anodic niobium oxide microcones formed in hot phosphate-glycerol electrolytes-Electrochimica Acta-1-Sep-2011
article (author version)Habazaki, Hiroki; Koyama, Shun; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Sakaguchi, Norihito; Nagata, ShinjiEnhanced Capacitance of Composite Anodic ZrO2Films Comprising High Permittivity Oxide Nanocrystals and Highly Resistive Amorphous Oxide Matrix-ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces-27-Jul-2011
article (author version)Fujii, Takashi; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiSuperhydrophobic hierarchical surfaces fabricated by anodizing of oblique angle deposited Al–Nb alloy columnar films-Applied Surface Science-15-Jul-2011
article (author version)Sah, Santosh Prasad; Tatsuno, Yasuhiro; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Habazaki, HirokiDielectric breakdown and healing of anodic oxide films on aluminium under single pulse anodizing-Corrosion Science-May-2011
article (author version)Fujii, Takashi; Aoki, Yoshitaka; Fushimi, Koji; Makino, Takeshi; Ono, Shoji; Habazaki, HirokiControlled morphology of aluminum alloy nanopillar films : from nanohorns to nanoplates-Nanotechnology-1-Oct-2010
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