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article (author version)Toma, Yo; Clifton-Brown, John; Sugiyama, Shinji; Nakaboh, Makoto; Hatano, Ryusuke; Fernández, Fabián G.; Ryan Stewart, J.; Nishiwaki, Aya; Yamada, ToshihikoSoil carbon stocks and carbon sequestration rates in seminatural grassland in Aso region, Kumamoto, Southern Japan-Global Change Biology-Jun-2013
article (author version)TOMA, YO; FERNÁNDEZ, FABIÁN G.; SATO, SYOHEI; IZUMI, MIKI; HATANO, RYUSUKE; YAMADA, TOSHIHIKO; NISHIWAKI, AYA; BOLLERO, GERMÁN; STEWART, J. RYANCarbon budget and methane and nitrous oxide emissions over the growing season in a Miscanthus sinensis grassland in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan-Global Change Biology Bioenergy-Apr-2011
article (author version)Toma, Yo; Kimura, Sonoko D.; Yamada, Hiroyuki; Hirose, Yuu; Fujiwara, Kazuya; Kusa, Kanako; Hatano, RyusukeEffects of environmental factors on temporal variation in annual carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions from an unfertilized bare field on Gray Lowland soil in Mikasa, Hokkaido, Japan-Soil Science & Plant Nutrition-Aug-2010
article (author version)Shimizu, Mariko; Marutani, Satoru; Desyatkin, Alexey R.; Jin, Tao; Nakano, Kunihiko; Hata, Hiroshi; Hatano, RyusukeNitrous oxide emissions and nitrogen cycling in managed grassland in Southern Hokkaido, Japan-Soil Science & Plant Nutrition-Aug-2010
article (author version)Koide, Takahiro; Saito, Hideyuki; Shirota, Tetsuoh; Iwahana, Go; Lopez, C. M. Larry; Maximov, Trofim C.; Hasegawa, Shuichi; Hatano, RyusukeEffects of changes in the soil environment associated with heavy precipitation on soil greenhouse gas fluxes in a Siberian larch forest near Yakutsk-Soil Science & Plant Nutrition-Aug-2010
article (author version)Jin, Tao; Shimizu, Mariko; Marutani, Satoru; Desyatkin, Alexey R.; Iizuka, Natsumi; Hata, Hiroshi; Hatano, RyusukeEffect of chemical fertilizer and manure application on N2O emission from reed canary grassland in Hokkaido, Japan-Soil Science & Plant Nutrition-Feb-2010
article (author version)Jiang, Rui; Woli, Krishna P.; Kuramochi, Kanta; Hayakawa, Atsushi; Shimizu, Mariko; Hatano, RyusukeHydrological process controls on nitrogen export during storm events in an agricultural watershed-Soil Science & Plant Nutrition-Feb-2010
article (author version)Kusa, Kanako; Sawamoto, Takuji; Hu, Ronggui; Hatano, RyusukeComparison of N2O and CO2 concentrations and fluxes in the soil profile between a Gray Lowland soil and an Andosol-Soil Science & Plant Nutrition-Feb-2010
article (author version)Kimura, Sonoko D.; Toma, Yo; Mu, Zhijian; Yamada, Hiroyuki; Hatano, RyusukeEco-balance analysis of land use combinations to minimize environmental impacts and maximize farm income in northern Japan-Sustainability Science-Jan-2010
article (author version)Hayakawa, Atsushi; Woli, Krishna Prasad; Shimizu, Mariko; Nomaru, Koji; Kuramochi, Kanta; Hatano, RyusukeNitrogen budget and relationships with riverine nitrogen exports of a dairy cattle farming catchment in eastern Hokkaido, Japan-Soil Science & Plant Nutrition-Dec-2009
conference presentationHatano, RyusukeNecessity of research and education for tropical peatland management---6-Nov-2009
articleHara, Shintaro; Hashidoko, Yasuyuki; Desyatkin, Roman V.; Hatano, Ryusuke; Tahara, SatoshiHigh Rate of N2 Fixation by East Siberian Cryophilic Soil Bacteria as Determined by Measuring Acetylene Reduction in Nitrogen-Poor Medium Solidified with Gellan Gum-Applied and Environmental Microbiology-May-2009
articleYanai, Junta; Sawamoto, Takuji; Oe, Taku; Kusa, Kanako; Yamakawa, Keisuke; Sakamoto, Kazunori; Naganawa, Takahiko; Inubushi, Kazuyuki; Hatano, Ryusuke; Kosaki, TakashiSpatial variability of nitrous oxide emissions and their soil-related determining factors in an agricultural field.-Journal of Environmental Quality-2003
bulletin (article)南雲, 俊之; 笛木, 伸彦; 波多野, 隆介消石灰処理された家畜糞尿資材の水稲栽培における有効性Utility of Livestock Excreta Chemically Treated with Slaked Lime in regard to Paddy Rice Production北海道大学大学院農学研究科邦文紀要-23-Mar-2001
bulletin (article)阿部, 和厚; 小笠原, 正明; 西森, 敏之; 細川, 敏幸; 新田, 孝彦; 吉野, 悦雄; 白取, 祐司; 山口, 佳三; 小泉, 格; 高杉, 光雄; 小林, 甫; 波多野, 隆介; 坂井, 昭宏; 長谷川, 淳全学共通コアカリキュラムの具体的構築Construction of the Core Curriculum for General Education高等教育ジャーナルJournal of Higher Education and Lifelong Learning1999
bulletin (article)阿部, 和厚; 小笠原, 正明; 小泉, 格; 新田, 孝彦; 吉野, 悦雄; 高杉, 光雄; 波多野, 隆介; 山口, 佳三; 小林, 甫; 白取, 祐司; 西森, 敏之; 細川, 敏幸; 長谷川, 淳; 坂井, 昭弘全学部に共通するコア カリキュラム : 全学教育は校風をつくるCore Curriculum in General Education, which Characterizes the Tradition of the University高等教育ジャーナルJournal of Higher Education and Lifelong Learning1998
bulletin (article)波多野, 隆介; 今井, 弘樹; 岡島, 秀夫ハウス土壌における施肥成分の分布Distribution of Plant-Nutrient Ions in Soils Used for Vegetables in Plastic Greenhouses北海道大学農学部邦文紀要-11-Jul-1983
bulletin (article)波多野, 隆介; 今井, 弘樹; 岡島, 秀夫土地利用を異にする土壌の土壌溶液イオン組成に関する比較研究 : 第4報 火山性土における水分の移動と肥料塩の再分配についてComparative Studies on the Chemical Composition of Soil Solution in Land Used for Various Purposes : Part 4. The movement of the soil water and the redistribution of ions in volcanic ash soils北海道大学農学部邦文紀要-30-Mar-1982
bulletin (article)波多野, 隆介; 今井, 弘樹; 岡島, 秀夫土地利用を異にする土壌の土壌溶液イオン組成に関する比較研究 : 第3報 火山性土の畑圃場についてComparative Studies on the Chemical Composition of Soil Solution in Land Used for Various Purposes : Part 3. Soil solution separated from corn fields derived from volcanic ash soils in Tokachi district北海道大学農学部邦文紀要-30-Mar-1982
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