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articleYoshida, Yutaka; Ohnishi, Ko; Matsuo, Yasutaka; Watanabe, SeiichiDesign of a patterned nanostructure array using a nanosecond pulsed laser-AIP Advances2018年 4月
articleZhang, Lihua; Jeem, Melbert; Okamoto, Kazumasa; Watanabe, SeiichiPhotochemistry and the role of light during the submerged photosynthesis of zinc oxide nanorods-Scientific Reports2018年 1月 9日
article (author version)Yu, Ruixuan; Shibayama, Tamaki; Ishioka, Junya; Meng, Xuan; Lei, Yanhua; Watanabe, SeiichiPlasmonic surface nanostructuring of Au-dots@SiO2 via laser-irradiation induced dewetting-Nanotechnology2017年 6月 9日
article (author version)Saito, Genki; Kunisada, Yuji; Nomura, Takahiro; Sakaguchi, Norihito; Akiyama, TomohiroTwin formation in hematite during dehydration of goethite-Physics and chemistry of minerals2016年11月
article (author version)Saito, Genki; Niu, Jing; Yi, Xuemei; Kunisada, Yuji; Sakaguchi, Norihito; Akiyama, TomohiroSalt-assisted combustion synthesis of Ca-alpha-SiAlON:Eu2+ phosphors-Journal of alloys and compounds2016年10月 5日
article (author version)Sakaguchi, Norihito; Yamaki, Fuuta; Saito, Genki; Kunisada, YujiEstimating the dopant distribution in Ca-doped alpha-SiAlON: statistical HAADF-STEM analysis and large-scale atomic modeling-Microscopy2016年10月
article (author version)Sakaguchi, Norihito; Tanda, Luka; Kunisada, YujiImproving the measurement of dielectric function by TEM-EELS: avoiding the retardation effect-Microscopy2016年10月
article (author version)Zhu, Chunyu; Akiyama, TomohiroCotton derived porous carbon via an MgO template method for high performance lithium ion battery anodes-Green chemistry2016年 4月 7日
article (author version)Zhang, Lihua; Kurokawa, KazuyaEffect of SiC Addition on Oxidation Behavior of ZrB2 at 1273 K and 1473 K-Oxidation of metals2016年 4月
article (author version)Zhu, Chunyu; Han, Cheng-gong; Saito, Genki; Akiyama, TomohiroMnO nanocrystals incorporated in a N-containing carbon matrix for Li ion battery anodes-RSC advances2016年 3月16日
article (author version)bin Julaihi, Muhammad Rafiq Mirza; Yatsu, Shigeo; Jeem, Melbert; Watanabe, SeiichiSynthesis of stainless steel nanoballs via submerged glow-discharge plasma and its photocatalytic performance in methylene blue decomposition-Journal of experimental nanoscience2015年 8月14日
articleKunisada, Y.; Kasai, H.Hindered rotational physisorption states of H-2 on Ag(111) surfaces-Physical chemistry chemical physics2015年 8月 7日
articleSaito, Genki; Nakasugi, Yuki; Akiyama, TomohiroGeneration of solution plasma over a large electrode surface area-Journal of applied physics2015年 7月14日
articleJeem, Melbert; bin Julaihi, Muhammad Rafiq Mirza; Ishioka, Junya; Yatsu, Shigeo; Okamoto, Kazumasa; Shibayama, Tamaki; Iwasaki, Tomio; Kato, Takahiko; Watanabe, SeiichiA pathway of nanocrystallite fabrication by photo-assisted growth in pure water-Scientific Reports2015年 6月16日
article (author version)Zhu, Chunyu; Saito, Genki; Akiyama, TomohiroA facile solution combustion synthesis of nanosized amorphous iron oxide incorporated in a carbon matrix for use as a high-performance lithium ion battery anode material-Journal of Alloys and Compounds2015年 6月 5日
article (author version)Zhu, Chunyu; Han, Cheng-gong; Akiyama, TomohiroControlled synthesis of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode materials with superior electrochemical performance through urea-based solution combustion synthesis-RSC advances2015年 5月29日
article (author version)Saito, Genki; Sakaguchi, NorihitoSolution plasma synthesis of Si nanoparticles-Nanotechnology2015年 5月20日
articleNomura, Takahiro; Zhu, Chunyu; Sheng, Nan; Saito, Genki; Akiyama, TomohiroMicroencapsulation of Metal-based Phase Change Material for High-temperature Thermal Energy Storage-Scientific Reports2015年 3月13日
articleMeng, Xuan; Shibayama, Tamaki; Yu, Ruixuan; Ishioka, Junya; Watanabe, SeiichiAnisotropic surroundings effects on photo absorption of partially embedded Au nanospheroids in silica glass substrate-AIP Advances2015年 2月
articleYoshida, Yutaka; Oosawa, Kazuya; Watanabe, Seiichi; Kaiju, Hideo; Kondo, Kenji; Ishibashi, Akira; Yoshimi, KyosukeNanopatterns induced by pulsed laser irradiation on the surface of an Fe-Al alloy and their magnetic properties-Applied Physics Letters2013年 5月 7日
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 46
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