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article高橋, 久智美; 行方, 千賀; 菊地, 竜也; 松島, 永佳; 上田, 幹人1,10-Phenanthrolineを添加した1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride-AlCl3イオン液体中における光沢Alめっきの形成Formation of Gloss Al Electroplating in 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride-AlCl3 Ionic Liquid Containing 1,10-Phenanthroline表面技術Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan1-Apr-2017
article上田, 幹人; 薄田, 大吾; 近田, 昭一; 大塚, 俊明Al-Crめっきの前処理としてのTiAlのアノード溶解Anodic Dissolution of TiAl Surface as a Pretreatment for Al-Cr Electroplating表面技術Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of JapanMay-2003
articleKikuchi, Tatsuya; Ishida, Ryoma; Natsui, Shungo; Kumagai, Takehiko; Ogino, Isao; Sakaguchi, Norihito; Ueda, Mikito; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Carbon Nanotube Synthesis via the Calciothermic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide with Iron Additives-ECS Solid State Letters-2015
article (author version)Ueda, Mikito; Kigawa, Hirokuni; Ohtsuka, ToshiakiCo-deposition of Al-Cr-Ni alloys using constant potential and potential pulse techniques in AlCl3-NaCl-KCl molten salt-Electrochimica Acta-1-Feb-2007
article (author version)Hirai, Tomoki; Matsushima, Hisayoshi; Ueda, MikitoCommunication-Electrodeposition of Al-Sc Alloys from LiCl-KCl Molten Salt Containing AlCl3 and ScCl3-Journal of the electrochemical society-1-Aug-2021
article (author version)Ueda, Mikito; Inaba, Ryuichi; Ohtsuka, ToshiakiComposition and structure of Al-Sn alloys formed by constant potential electrolysis in an AlCl3-NaCl-KCl-SnCl2 molten salt-Electrochimica Acta-30-Jun-2013
article佐藤, 忠夫; 堀米, 毅; 上田, 幹人CVD法によりTiB2/TiN二層被覆したSKD61鋼の溶融Alにおける耐浸食性Improvement of Corrosion Resistivity for a Melted Aluminum Alloy of SKD 61 Steel by a TiB2/TiN Bilayered Coating Formed by Chemical Vapor Deposition表面技術Journal of the Surface Finishing Society of Japan1-Jun-2000
articleUeda, Mikito; Matsunaga, Hajime; Ohtsuka, Toshiaki; Yamashita, ToshiharuDiffusion of Tl Ions into Glass Treated by Molten Salt Ion Exchange and Hydrogen Reduction-MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS-1-Mar-2012
articleMatsushima, Hisayoshi; Takahashi, Hitomi; Suzuki, Tatsuki; Ueda, Mikito; Mogi, IwaoEffect of a high magnetic field on aluminum electrodeposition using an ionic liquid-Electrochemistry Communications-Jun-2020
article (author version)Kowalski, Damian; Ueda, Mikito; Ohtsuka, ToshiakiThe effect of ultrasonic irradiation during electropolymerization of polypyrrole on corrosion prevention of the coated steel-Corrosion Science-Jan-2008
articleUeda, Mikito; Mito, Yusuke; Ohtsuka, ToshiakiElectrodeposition of Sb-Te Alloy in AlCl3-NaCl-KCl Molten Salt-Materials Transactions-1-Aug-2008
article (author version)Ueda, Mikito; Honda, Kazuya; Ohtsuka, ToshiakiElectroreflning reaction of sodium in sodium-bis(trifluoremethylsulfonyl)imide and tetraethylammonium-bis(trifluoremethylsulfonyl)imide mixture ionic liquid-Electrochimica Acta-30-Jun-2013
article (author version)Kikuchi, T.; Akiyama, Y.; Ueda, M.; Sakairi, M.; Takahashi, H.Fabrication of a three-dimensional micro-manipulator by laser irradiation and electrochemical techniques and the effect of electrolytes on its performance-Electrochimica Acta-20-Mar-2007
articleEsaki, Rei; Yasuda, Yohei; Kotani, Norito; Matsushima, Hisayoshi; Ueda, MikitoHigh Speed Atomic Force Microscope Observation of Polyethylene Glycol Adsorption on Au(100)-Journal of the electrochemical society-18-Aug-2022
article (author version)Ogawa, Ryota; Matsushima, Hisayoshi; Ueda, MikitoHydrogen isotope separation with an alkaline membrane fuel cell-Electrochemistry Communications-Sep-2016
articleMiki, Akinori; Nishikawa, Kei; Ozawa, Takahiro; Matsushima, Hisayoshi; Ueda, MikitoIn Situ Measurement of Al3+ Concentration Profile during Al Anodization using Digital Holographic Interferometric Microscope-Journal of the electrochemical society-18-Mar-2020
articleKamesui, Go; Nishikawa, Kei; Matsushima, Hisayoshi; Ueda, MikitoIn Situ Observation of Cu2+ Concentration Profile During Cu Dissolution in Magnetic Field-Journal of the electrochemical society-1-Mar-2021
article (author version)Akiyama, Y.; Kikuchi, T.; Ueda, M.; Iida, M.; Sakairi, M.; Takahashi, H.Local Deposition of Polypyrrole on Aluminum by Anodizing, Laser Irradiation, and Electrolytic Polymerization and Its Application to the Fabrication of Micro-actuators-Electrochimica Acta-15-Jun-2006
article上田, 幹人; 林, 英樹; 大塚, 俊明NaPF6 含有炭酸プロピレン中における Na の電解精製反応Electrorefining Reaction of Sodium in Propylene Carbonate Containing NaPF6日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of MetalsSep-2009
articleMatsuzaki, Takahiro; Suzuki, Ryosuke O; Natsui, Shungo; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Ueda, MikitoSolubility of CaS in CaCl2–LiCl Eutectic Melt-MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS-1-Mar-2019
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