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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Ogawa, Mineto; Hara, Takuya; Hasebe, Shun; Yamanouchi, Michihiko; Uemura, TetsuyaEffect of an ultrathin Fe interlayer on the growth of MnGa and spin-orbit-torque induced magnetization switching-Applied Physics Express (APEX)-14-Jun-2023
articleMorita, Daimu; Hara, Takuya; Yamanouchi, Michihiko; Uemura, TetsuyaDeterministic field-free switching of perpendicular magnetization by spin-orbit torques originating from in-plane magnetized Co2MnAl-AIP Advances-30-Jan-2023
article (author version)Hara, Takuya; Jono, Kohey; Yamanouchi, Michihiko; Uemura, TetsuyaSpin-Orbit Torque in Structures With Magnetization-Compensated MnGa/Co2MnSi Bilayer-IEEE transactions on magnetics-Aug-2022
article (author version)Chikaso, Yuki; Inoue, Masaki; Tanimoto, Tessei; Kikuchi, Keita; Yamanouchi, Michihiko; Uemura, Tetsuya; Inubushi, Kazuumi; Nakada, Katsuyuki; Shinya, Hikari; Shirai, MasafumiEffect of off-stoichiometric composition on half-metallic character of Co2Fe(Ga,Ge) investigated using saturation magnetization and giant magnetoresistance effect-Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics-9-Jun-2022
articleYamanouchi, Michihiko; Araki, Yasufumi; Sakai, Takaki; Uemura, Tetsuya; Ohta, Hiromichi; Ieda, Jun'ichiObservation of topological Hall torque exerted on a domain wall in the ferromagnetic oxide SrRuO3-Science advances-15-Apr-2022
articleJono, Kohey; Shimohashi, Fumiaki; Yamanouchi, Michihiko; Uemura, TetsuyaSpin-orbit torque induced magnetization switching for an ultrathin MnGa/Co2MnSi bilayer-AIP Advances-1-Feb-2021
articleRasly, Mohmoud; Lin, Zhichao; Uemura, TetsuyaSystematic investigations of transient response of nuclear spins in the presence of polarized electrons-Physical Review B-13-Nov-2017
articleInoue, Masaki; Hu, Bing; Moges, Kidist; Inubushi, Kazuumi; Nakada, Katsuyuki; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Uemura, TetsuyaInfluence of off-stoichiometry on magnetoresistance characteristics of Co2MnSi/Ag-based current-perpendicular-to-plane spin valves-Applied physics letters-21-Aug-2017
articleLin, Zhichao; Rasly, Mahmoud; Uemura, TetsuyaElectrical detection of nuclear spin-echo signals in an electron spin injection system-Applied physics letters-5-Jun-2017
articleHu, Bing; Moges, Kidist; Honda, Yusuke; Liu, Hong-xi; Uemura, Tetsuya; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Inoue, Jun-ichiro; Shirai, MasafumiTemperature dependence of spin-dependent tunneling conductance of magnetic tunnel junctions with half-metallic Co2MnSi electrodes-Physical Review B-23-Sep-2016
articleRasly, Mahmoud; Lin, Zhichao; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Uemura, TetsuyaAnalysis of the transient response of nuclear spins in GaAs with/without nuclear magnetic resonance-AIP Advances-May-2016
articleMoges, Kidist; Honda, Yusuke; Liu, Hong-xi; Uemura, Tetsuya; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Miura, Yoshio; Shirai, MasafumiEnhanced half-metallicity of off-stoichiometric quaternary Heusler alloy Co-2(Mn, Fe)Si investigated through saturation magnetization and tunneling magnetoresistance-Physical Review B-4-Apr-2016
article (author version)Lin, Zhichao; Kondo, Kenji; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Uemura, TetsuyaTransient analysis of oblique Hanle signals observed in GaAs-Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP)-Apr-2016
article (author version)Miyakawa, Takumi; Akiho, Takafumi; Ebina, Yuya; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Uemura, TetsuyaEfficient gate control of spin-valve signals and Hanle signals in GaAs channel with p-i-n junction-type back-gate structure-Applied Physics Express (APEX)-25-Jan-2016
articleUemura, Tetsuya; Akiho, Takafumi; Ebina, Yuya; Yamamoto, MasafumiCoherent manipulation of nuclear spins using spin injection from a half-metallic spin source-Physical review B-29-Apr-2015
articleEbina, Yuya; Akiho, Takafumi; Liu, Hong-xi; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Uemura, TetsuyaEffect of CoFe insertion in Co2MnSi/CoFe/n-GaAs junctions on spin injection properties-Applied Physics Letters-1-May-2014
articleLi, Gui-fang; Honda, Yusuke; Liu, Hong-xi; Matsuda, Ken-ichi; Arita, Masashi; Uemura, Tetsuya; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Miura, Yoshio; Shirai, Masafumi; Saito, Toshiaki; Shi, Fengyuan; Voyles, Paul M.Effect of nonstoichiometry on the half-metallic character of Co2MnSi investigated through saturation magnetization and tunneling magnetoresistance ratio-Physical Review B-30-Jan-2014
articleAkiho, Takafumi; Shan, Jinhai; Liu, Hong-xi; Matsuda, Ken-ichi; Yamamoto, Masafumi; Uemura, TetsuyaElectrical injection of spin-polarized electrons and electrical detection of dynamic nuclear polarization using a Heusler alloy spin source-Physical Review B-17-Jun-2013
articleLiu, Hong-xi; Honda, Yusuke; Taira, Tomoyuki; Matsuda, Ken-ichi; Arita, Masashi; Uemura, Tetsuya; Yamamoto, MasafumiGiant tunneling magnetoresistance in epitaxial Co2MnSi/MgO/Co2MnSi magnetic tunnel junctions by half-metallicity of Co2MnSi and coherent tunneling-Applied Physics Letters-24-Sep-2012
articleUemura, Tetsuya; Kondo, Kenji; Fujisawa, Jun; Matsuda, Ken-ichi; Yamamoto, MasafumiCritical effect of spin-dependent transport in a tunnel barrier on enhanced Hanle-type signals observed in three-terminal geometry-Applied Physics Letters-24-Sep-2012
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