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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Oshikiri, Tomoya; Ueno, Kosei; Misawa, HiroakiAmmonia photosynthesis via an association pathway using a plasmonic photoanode and a zirconium cathode-Green chemistry-21-Aug-2019
articleOshikiri, Tomoya; Jo, Haruki; Shi, Xu; Misawa, HiroakiBoosting Hydrogen Evolution at Visible Light Wavelengths by Using a Photocathode with Modal Strong Coupling between Plasmons and a Fabry-Perot Nanocavity-Chemistry-A European journal-2022
articleSun, Quan; Ueno, Kosei; Yu, Han; Kubo, Atsushi; Matsuo, Yasutaka; Misawa, HiroakiDirect imaging of the near field and dynamics of surface plasmon resonance on gold nanostructures using photoemission electron microscopy-Light : science & applications-Dec-2013
article (author version)Gaizauskas, Eugenijus; Vanagas, Egidijus; Jarutis, Vygandas; Juodkazis, Saulius; Mizeikis, Vygantas; Misawa, HiroakiDiscrete damage traces from filamentation of Gauss-Bessel pulses-Optics Letters-2006
articleYan, Qiuchen; Cao, En; Hu, Xiaoyong; Du, Zhuochen; Ao, Yutian; Chu, Saisai; Sun, Quan; Shi, Xu; Chan, C. T.; Gong, Qihuang; Misawa, HiroakiEdge states in plasmonic meta-arrays-Nanophotonics-7-Jul-2022
article (author version)Chen, Kai; Dao, Thang Duy; Ngo, Thien Duc; Ngo, Hai Dang; Tamanai, Akemi; Ishii, Satoshi; Li, Xiangping; Misawa, Hiroaki; Nagao, TadaakiEnhanced photocurrent generation from indium–tin-oxide/Fe2TiO5 hybrid nanocone arrays-Nano Energy-Oct-2020
articleOshikiri, Tomoya; Sun, Quan; Yamada, Hiroki; Zu, Shuai; Sasaki, Keiji; Misawa, HiroakiExtrinsic Chirality by Interference between Two Plasmonic Modes on an Achiral Rectangular Nanostructure-ACS nano-26-Oct-2021
articleMizeikis, Vygantas; Juodkazis, Saulius; Tarozaite, Rima; Juodkazyte, Jurga; Juodkazis, Kestutis; Misawa, HiroakiFabrication and properties of metalo-dielectric photonic crystal structures for infrared spectral region-Optics Express-22-Jun-2007
articleWang, Yaguang; Shi, Xu; Oshikiri, Tomoya; Misawa, HiroakiImproved water splitting efficiency of Au-NP-loaded Ga2O3 thin films in the visible region under strong coupling conditions-Nanoscale advances-7-Jan-2023
article (author version)Juodkazis, Saulius; Nishimura, Koichi; Misawa, HiroakiIn-bulk and surface structuring of sapphire by femtosecond pulses-Applied Surface Science-30-May-2007
articleShi, Xu; Li, Xiaowei; Toda, Takahiro; Oshikiri, Tomoya; Ueno, Kosei; Suzuki, Kentaro; Murakoshi, Kei; Misawa, HiroakiInterfacial Structure-Modulated Plasmon-Induced Water Oxidation on Strontium Titanate-ACS applied energy materials-22-Jun-2020
articleEfimov, Oleg; Juodkazis, Saulius; Misawa, HiroakiIntrinsic single- and multiple-pulse laser-induced damage in silicate glasses in the femtosecond-to-nanosecond region-PHYSICAL REVIEW A-2004
article (author version)Murazawa, Naoki; Juodkazis, Saulius; Misawa, Hiroaki; Wakatsuki, HiroshiLaser trapping of deformable objects-Optics Express-1-Oct-2007
articleJuodkazis, S.; Nishimura, K.; Tanaka, S.; Misawa, H.; Gamaly, E. G.; Luther-Davies, B.; Hallo, L.; Nicolai, P.; Tikhonchuk, V. T.Laser-Induced Microexplosion Confined in the Bulk of a Sapphire Crystal: Evidence of Multimegabar Pressures-Physical Review Letters-28-Apr-2006
articleYan, Qiuchen; Cao, En; Sun, Quan; Ao, Yutian; Hu, Xiaoyong; Shi, Xu; Gong, Qihuang; Misawa, HiroakiNear-Field Imaging and Time-Domain Dynamics of Photonic Topological Edge States in Plasmonic Nanochains-Nano letters-10-Nov-2021
articleWang, Li; Nishijima, Yoshiaki; Ueno, Kosei; Misawa, Hiroaki; Tamai, NaotoNear-IR vibrational dynamics of periodic gold single and pair nanocuboids-Applied Physics Letters-3-Aug-2009
articleBrasselet, Etienne; Murazawa, Naoki; Misawa, Hiroaki; Juodkazis, SauliusOptical Vortices from Liquid Crystal Droplets-Physical Review Letters-4-Sep-2009
articleSubramanyam, Palyam; Deepa, Melepurath; Raavi, Sai Santosh Kumar; Misawa, Hiroaki; Biju, Vasudevanpillai; Subrahmanyam, ChallapalliA photoanode with plasmonic nanoparticles of earth abundant bismuth for photoelectrochemical reactions-Nanoscale advances-1-Dec-2020
articleWang, Yaguang; Shi, Xu; Oshikiri, Tomoya; Zu, Shuai; Ueno, Kosei; Misawa, HiroakiPlasmon-induced electron injection into the large negative potential conduction band of Ga2O3 for coupling with water oxidation-Nanoscale-28-Nov-2020
articleZu, Shuai; Sun, Quan; Cao, En; Oshikiri, Tomoya; Misawa, HiroakiRevealing the Chiroptical Response of Plasmonic Nanostructures at the Nanofemto Scale-Nano letters-9-Jun-2021
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