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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleFujita, Ryohei; Hayasaka, Takahiro; Jin, Shigeki; Hui, Shu-Ping; Hoshino, YoichiroComparison of anthocyanin distribution in berries of Haskap (Lonicera caerulea subsp. edulis (Turcz. ex. Herder) Hulten), Miyama-uguisukagura (Lonicera gracilipes Miq.), and their interspecific hybrid using imaging mass spectrometry-Plant science-Nov-2020
articleFujita, Ryohei; Jin, Shigeki; Hayasaka, Takahiro; Matoba, Kotaro; Hoshino, YoichiroEvaluation of Fruit Anthocyanin Composition by LC/MS in Interspecific Hybrids Between Haskap (Lonicera caerulea subsp. edulis (Turcz. ex. Herder) Hulten) and Miyama-uguisukagura (Lonicera gracilipes Miq.)-Horticulture journal-24-Sep-2020
article (author version)Rohollahi, Iman; Khoshkholghsima, Nayer; Nagano, Hironori; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Yamada, ToshihikoRespiratory burst oxidase-D Expression and Biochemical Responses in Festuca arundinacea under Drought Stress-Crop science-15-Jan-2018
articleAsakura, Issei; Hoshino, YoichiroDistribution, Ploidy Levels, and Fruit Characteristics of Three Actinidia Species Native to Hokkaido, Japan-The Horticulture Journal-9-Oct-2015
article (author version)Miyashita, Tomomi; Hoshino, YoichiroInterploid and intraploid hybridizations to produce polyploid Haskap (Lonicera caerulea var. emphyllocalyx) plants-Euphytica-Jan-2015
article (author version)Miyashita, Tomoya; Kunitake, Hisato; Yotsukura, Norishige; Hoshino, YoichiroAssessment of genetic relationships among cultivated and wild Rubus accessions using AFLP markers-Scientia Horticulturae-2015
articleSarwar, Abul Khayer Mohammad Golam; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Araki, HajimePollen morphology and its taxonomic significance in the genus Bomarea Mirb. (Alstroemeriaceae) - II. Subgenus Bomarea-Acta Botanica Brasilica-2015
articleSarwar, Abul Khayer Mohammad Golam; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Araki, HajimePollen morphology and its taxonomic significance in the genus Bomarea Mirb. (Alstroemeriaceae) - I. Subgenera Baccata, Sphaerine, and Wichuraea-Acta botanica brasilica-2015
article (author version)Hoshino, Yoichiro; Igarashi, Toshiya; Ohshima, Masumi; Shinoda, Koichi; Murata, Naho; Kanno, Akira; Nakano, MasaruCharacterization of CYCLOIDEA-like genes in controlling floral zygomorphy in the monocotyledon Alstroemeria-Scientia Horticulturae-16-Apr-2014
articleKashihara, Yukiko; Shinoda, Koichi; Araki, Hajime; Hoshino, YoichiroTowards intergeneric hybridization between Alstroemeria L. and Bomarea Mirb.-Floriculture and Ornamental Biotechnology-Dec-2012
article (author version)Hoshino, Yoichiro; Miyashita, Tomomi; Thomas, Thuruthiyil DennisIn vitro culture of endosperm and its application in plant breeding: Approaches to polyploidy breeding-Scientia Horticulturae-26-Aug-2011
article (author version)WANG, XUN; YAMADA, TETSUYA; KONG, FAN-JIANG; ABE, YUKI; HOSHINO, YOICHIRO; SATO, HIROKO; TAKAMIZO, TADASHI; KANAZAWA, AKIRA; YAMADA, TOSHIHIKOEstablishment of an efficient in vitro culture and particle bombardment-mediated transformation systems in Miscanthus sinensis Anderss., a potential bioenergy crop-Global Change Biology Bioenergy-Aug-2011
article (author version)Miyashita, Tomomi; Araki, Hajime; Hoshino, YoichiroPloidy distribution and DNA content variations of Lonicera caerulea (Caprifoliaceae) in Japan-Journal of Plant Research-2011
article (author version)Wang, Xun; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Yamada, ToshihikoRapid and efficient callus induction and plant regeneration from seeds of zoysiagrass (Zoysia japonica Steud.)-Grassland Science-Dec-2010
article (author version)Sarwar, Abul Khayer Mohammad Golam; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Araki, HajimePollen morphology and infrageneric classification of Alstroemeria L. (Alstroemeriaceae)-Grana-Dec-2010
article (author version)Miyashita, Tomomi; Hoshino, YoichiroInterspecific hybridization in Lonicera caerulea and Lonicera gracilipes: The occurrence of green/albino plants by reciprocal crossing-Scientia Horticulturae-26-Jul-2010
article (author version)Hirano, Tomonari; Hoshino, YoichiroSperm dimorphism in terms of nuclear shape and microtubule accumulation in Cyrtanthus mackenii-Sexual Plant Reproduction-Mar-2010
article (author version)Hirano, Tomonari; Hoshino, YoichiroDetection of changes in the nuclear phase and evaluation of male germ units by flow cytometry during in vitro pollen tube growth in Alstroemeria aurea-Journal of Plant Research-Mar-2009
article (author version)Hoshino, Yoichiro; Kashihara, Yukiko; Hirano, Tomonari; Murata, Naho; Shinoda, KoichiPlant regeneration from suspension cells induced from hypocotyls derived from interspecific cross Alstroemeria pelegrina × A. magenta and transformation with Agrobacterium tumefaciens-Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture-Jul-2008
bookchapterHoshino, YoichiroAdvances in Alstroemeria Biotechnology---May-2008
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