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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleUosaki, Kohei; Koinuma, MichioAtomic imaging of an InSe single-crystal surface with atomic force microscope-Journal of Applied Physics-1-Aug-1993
article (author version)Han, Ying; Uosaki, KoheiEffects of concentration and temperature on the formation process of decanethiol self-assembled monolayer on Au(111) followed by electrochemical reductive desorption-Electrochimica Acta-1-Sep-2008
articleTakahashi, Makoto; Uosaki, Kohei; Kita, Hideaki; Suzuki, YoshikazuEffects of heat treatment on the composition and semiconductivity of electrochemically deposited CdTe films-Journal of Applied Physics-1-Dec-1985
article (author version)Sumi, Takayoshi; Wano, Hiromi; Uosaki, KoheiElectrochemical oxidative adsorption and reductive desorption of a self-assembled monolayer of decanethiol on the Au(111) surface in KOH+ethanol solution-Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry-17-Jul-2003
article (author version)Takakusagi, Satoru; Kitamura, Ken; Uosaki, KoheiElectrodeposition of Ag and Pd on a reconstructed Au(111) electrode surface studied by in situ scanning tunneling microscopy-Electrochimica Acta-1-Sep-2009
article (author version)Song, Wenbo; Okamura, Masayuki; Kondo, Toshihiro; Uosaki, KoheiElectron and ion transport through multilayers of Au nanoclusters covered by self-assembled monolayers-Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry-15-Sep-2003
article (author version)Naohara, Hideo; Ye, Shen; Uosaki, KoheiEpitaxial growth of a palladium layer on an Au(100) electrode-Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry-8-Sep-1999
articleCarlsson, Per; Holmström, Bertil; Uosaki, Kohei; Kita, HideakiFiber optical laser spot microscope: A new concept for photoelectrochemical characterization of semiconductor electrodes-Applied Physics Letters-12-Sep-1988
article (author version)Wang, Ben; Ito, Mikio; Gao, Min; Noguchi, Hidenori; Uosaki, Kohei; Taketsugu, TetsuyaIdentifying Substrate-Dependent Chemical Bonding Nature at Molecule/Metal Interfaces Using Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy and Theoretical Calculations-Journal of physical chemistry c-14-Jul-2022
article (author version)Takakusagi, Satoru; Kitamura, Ken; Uosaki, KoheiIn situ Real-time Monitoring of Electrochemical Ag Deposition on a Reconstructed Au(111) Surface Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy-Journal of Physical Chemistry C-6-Feb-2008
article (author version)Kondo, Toshihiro; Morita, Jun; Okamura, Masayuki; Saito, Toshiya; Uosaki, KoheiIn situ structural study on underpotential deposition of Ag on Au(111) electrode using surface X-ray scattering technique-Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry-6-Sep-2002
article (author version)Okamura, Masayuki; Ebina, Kojiro; Akimoto, Seiji; Yamazaki, Iwao; Uosaki, KoheiLuminescent properties of CdS nanoclusters dispersed in solution—Effects of size and surface termination-Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A Chemistry-20-Mar-2006
article (author version)Takakusagi, Satoru; Miyasaka, Toyomitsu; Uosaki, KoheiPhotoanodic formation of an organic monolayer on a hydrogen-terminated Si(111) surface via Si–C covalent bond using a Grignard reagent and its application for one-step monolayer-patterning-Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry-15-Jan-2007
articleUosaki, KoheiThe Photoelectrochemical Production of Hydrogen---Oct-1976
article (author version)Masuda, Takuya; Irie, Masahiro; Uosaki, KoheiPhotoswitching of electron transfer property of diarylethene-viologen linked molecular layer constructed on a hydrogen-terminated Si(111) Surface-Thin Solid Films-30-Nov-2009
article (author version)Nihonyanagia, Satoshi; Yea, Shen; Uosaki, Kohei; Dreesen, Laurrent; Humbert, Christphe; Thiry, Paul; Peremans, AndrePotential-dependent structure of the interfacial water on the gold electrode-Surface Science-1-Dec-2004
article (author version)Wang, Ben; Gao, Min; Uosaki, Kohei; Taketsugu, TetsuyaA quantum chemical study of substituent effects on CN bonds in aryl isocyanide molecules adsorbed on the Pt surface-Physical chemistry chemical physics-7-Jun-2020
articleTakahashi, Makoto; Uosaki, Kohei; Kita, Hideaki; Yamaguchi, ShojiResistivity, carrier concentration, and carrier mobility of electrochemically deposited CdTe films-Journal of Applied Physics-15-Sep-1986
article (author version)Awatani, Tadashi; Yagi, Ichizo; Noguchi, Hidenori; Uosaki, KoheiSecond harmonic generation study on electrochemical deposition of palladium on a polycrystalline gold electrode-Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry-3-May-2002
article (author version)Kondo, Toshihiro; Takakusagi, Satoru; Uosaki, KoheiStability of underpotentially deposited Ag layers on a Au(111) surface studied by surface X-ray scattering-Electrochemistry Communications-Apr-2009
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