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article (author version)Toyonaga, Takuya; Hirata, Kenji; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Hatanaka, Kanako C.; Yuzawa, Sayaka; Manabe, Osamu; Kobayashi, Kentaro; Watanabe, Shiro; Shiga, Tohru; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Kuge, Yuji; Tamaki, Nagara18F-fluoromisonidazole positron emission tomography can predict pathological necrosis of brain tumors-European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging-Jul-2016
article (author version)Hirata, Kenji; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Shiga, Tohru; Hattori, Naoya; Magota, Keiichi; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Houkin, Kiyohiro; Tanaka, Shinya; Kuge, Yuji; Tamaki, Nagara18F-Fluoromisonidazole positron emission tomography may differentiate glioblastoma multiforme from less malignant gliomas-European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging-May-2012
article (author version)Terasaka, Shunsuke; Asaoka, Katsuyuki; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Yamaguchi, ShigeruAnterior Interhemispheric Approach for Tuberculum Sellae Meningioma-Neurosurgery-Mar-2011
article (author version)Motegi, Hiroaki; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Ishi, Yukitomo; Ito, Yasuhiro; Houkin, KiyohiroApplication of endoscopic ultrasonography to intraventricular lesions-Acta neurochirurgica-Jan-2016
articleYamaguchi, Shigeru; Hirata, Kenji; Toyonaga, Takuya; Kobayashi, Kentaro; Ishi, Yukitomo; Motegi, Hiroaki; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Shiga, Tohru; Tamaki, Nagara; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Houkin, KiyohiroChange in F18-Fluoromisonidazole PET Is an Early Predictor of the Prognosis in the Patients with Recurrent High-Grade Glioma Receiving Bevacizumab Treatment-PLoS ONE-9-Dec-2016
article (author version)Yuzawa, Sayaka; Nishihara, Hiroshi; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Mohri, Hiromi; Wang, Lei; Kimura, Taichi; Tsuda, Masumi; Tanino, Mishie; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Houkin, Kiyohiro; Sato, Norihiro; Tanaka, ShinyaClinical impact of targeted amplicon sequencing for meningioma as a practical clinical-sequencing system-Modern pathology-Jul-2016
article (author version)Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Hirata, Kenji; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Shiga, Tohru; Manabe, Osamu; Kobayashi, Kentaro; Motegi, Hiroaki; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Houkin, KiyohiroThe diagnostic role of F-18-FDG PET for primary central nervous system lymphoma-Annals of Nuclear Medicine-Aug-2014
article (author version)Ishi, Yukitomo; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Motegi, Hiroaki; Endo, Shogo; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Houkin, KiyohiroEndoscopic transsphenoidal surgery using pedicle vascularized nasoseptal flap for cholesterol granuloma in petrous apex : A technical note-Neurologia i neurochirurgia polska-Nov-2016
article (author version)Toyonaga, Takuya; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Hirata, Kenji; Kobayashi, Kentaro; Manabe, Osamu; Watanabe, Shiro; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Hattori, Naoya; Shiga, Tohru; Kuge, Yuji; Tanaka, Shinya; Ito, Yoichi M.; Tamaki, NagaraHypoxic glucose metabolism in glioblastoma as a potential prognostic factor-European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging-Apr-2017
articleHarada, Yae; Hirata, Kenji; Nakayama, Naoki; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Yoshida, Michiharu; Onodera, Shunsuke; Manabe, Osamu; Shiga, Tohru; Terae, Satoshi; Shirato, Hiroki; Tamaki, NagaraImprovement of cerebral hypometabolism after resection of radiation-induced necrotic lesion in a patient with cerebral arteriovenous malformation-Acta radiologica open-29-Jun-2015
article (author version)Kobayashi, Kentaro; Manabe, Osamu; Hirata, Kenji; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Toyonaga, Takuya; Furuya, Sho; Magota, Keiichi; Kuge, Yuji; Kudo, Kohsuke; Shiga, Tohru; Tamaki, NagaraInfluence of the scan time point when assessing hypoxia in F-18-fluoromisonidazole PET : 2 vs. 4 h-European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging-Jul-2020
articleMotegi, Hiroaki; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Okamoto, Michinari; Ishi, Yukitomo; Endo, Shogo; Kaneko, Sadahiro; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Houkin, KiyohiroNovel risk factors and management of brain sag after brain tumor surgery-Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery-advanced Techniques And Case Management-Mar-2021
article (author version)Endo, Shogo; Kudo, Nobuki; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Sumiyoshi, Koki; Motegi, Hiroaki; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Houkin, KiyohiroPorphyrin Derivatives-Mediated Sonodynamic Therapy for Malignant Gliomas In Vitro-Ultrasound in medicine and biology-Sep-2015
articleManabe, Osamu; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Hirata, Kenji; Kobayashi, Kentaro; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Toyonaga, Takuya; Magota, Keiichi; Kuge, Yuji; Tamaki, Nagara; Shiga, Tohru; Kudo, KohsukePreoperative Texture Analysis Using C-11-Methionine Positron Emission Tomography Predicts Survival after Surgery for Glioma-Diagnostics-Feb-2021
articleYamaguchi, Shigeru; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Asaoka, Katsuyuki; Motegi, Hiroaki; Nishihara, Hiroshi; Kanno, Hiromi; Onimaru, Rikiya; Ito, Yoichi M.; Shirato, Hiroki; Houkin, KiyohiroPrognostic Factors for Survival in Patients with High-Grade Meningioma and Recurrence-Risk Stratification for Application of Radiotherapy-PLOS One-12-May-2014
articleKanno, Hiromi; Nishihara, Hiroshi; Narita, Takuhito; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Tanino, Mishie; Kimura, Taichi; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Tanaka, ShinyaPrognostic Implication of Histological Oligodendroglial Tumor Component: Clinicopathological Analysis of 111 Cases of Malignant Gliomas-PLoS One-24-Jul-2012
article (author version)Ishi, Yukitomo; Takamiya, Soichiro; Seki, Toshitaka; Yamazaki, Kazuyoshi; Hida, Kazutoshi; Hatanaka, Kanako C.; Ishida, Yusuke; Oda, Yoshitaka; Tanaka, Shinya; Yamaguchi, ShigeruPrognostic role of H3K27M mutation, histone H3K27 methylation status, and EZH2 expression in diffuse spinal cord gliomas-Brain Tumor Pathology-Jul-2021
articleOki, Sogo; Kawabori, Masahito; Motegi, Hiroaki; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Houkin, KiyohiroA Rare Case of Idiopathic Temporal Muscle Abscess in a Nine-month-old Infant-Internal Medicine-2019
article (author version)Ishi, Yukitomo; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Yoshida, Michiharu; Endo, Shogo; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Houkin, KiyohiroReliability of the Size Evaluation Method for Meningiomas : Maximum Diameter, ABC/2 Formula, and Planimetry Method-World neurosurgery-Oct-2016
article (author version)Terasaka, Shunsuke; Asaoka, Katsuyuki; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Motegi, Hiroaki; Houkin, KiyohiroA significant correlation between delayed cure after microvascular decompression and positive response to preoperative anticonvulsant therapy in patients with hemifacial spasm-Neurosurgical review-Oct-2016
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