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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
learningobject矢野, 徳郎知と命から見たスポーツ : 知は何のためにあるのか---4-Sep-2023
learningobject矢野, 徳郎スポーツにおける「からだ」の表現性の言葉的解析---15-Aug-2023
learningobject矢野, 徳郎スポーツにおける「からだ」の時空的対応Biomechanical Physiology--1-Apr-2023
proceedingsIkeda, KeikoThe Proceedings of the Greening Sport Round-table 2022 Published by the Department of Physical Education, Graduate School of Education, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (March 31st, 2023)環境保護とスポーツに関するラウンドテーブル : ICSSPE 国際スポーツ科学・体育協議会採択プログラム2022-2023としてISHPES国際体育スポーツ史学会・学術プログラム委員会の後援を受けて実施--31-Mar-2023
articleMatsuda, Naoyoshi; Abe, Masaki O.Error Size Shape Relationships between Motor Variability and Implicit Motor Adaptation-Biology (Basel)-Mar-2023
article (author version)Hatano, Kei; Xiao, Zheng; Shirakawa, Kazuki; Ohtsuka, Yoshinori; Yunoki, TakahiroInfluence of continuous inspiratory resistive breathing trials on corticospinal excitability of lower limb muscles during isometric contraction-Fatigue : Biomedicine, Health & Behavior-12-Aug-2022
articleYamanaka, Yujiro; Hashimoto, Satoko; Honma, Aya; Honma, Sato; Honma, Ken-ichiA fixed single meal in the subjective day prevents free-running of the human sleep-wake cycle but not of the circadian pacemaker under temporal isolation-American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology-Jul-2022
learningobject矢野, 徳郎スポーツの世界の物語性 : 「からだ」から表現へ---1-Apr-2022
articleKubota, Naoko; Tamori, Yusuke; Baba, Kenkichi; Yamanaka, YujiroEffects of different light incident angles via a head-mounted device on the magnitude of nocturnal melatonin suppression in healthy young subjects-Sleep and biological rhythms-21-Jan-2022
article (author version)Hatano, Kei; Matsuura, Ryouta; Ohtsuka, Yoshinori; Yunoki, TakahiroEnhancement of self-sustained muscle activity through external dead space ventilation appears to be associated with hypercapnia-Respiratory physiology & neurobiology-Jan-2022
articleOkada, Satoshi; Kawasaki, Yoko; Shinomiya, Mieko; Hoshino, Hiroshi; Ino, Tamiko; Sakai, Kazuko; Murakami, Kimiko; Ishida, Rie; Mizuno, Kaoru; Takayanagi, Mizuho; Niwa, Shin-IchiLong-term stability of the WISC-Ⅳ in children with autism spectrum disorder-International Journal of School & Educational Psychology-2022
article岡田, 智; 桂野, 文良; 岡田, 博子; 石崎, 滉介; 江本, 優衣; 田畑, 牧子就学前にはじめて発達相談を受けた子ども57名のWPPSI-IIIの特徴 : 発達障害評価尺度及びワーキングメモリー検査のアセスメントバッテリーの適用WPPSI-III profiles of 57 preschool children who took developmental consultation for the first time : application of assessment battery of developmental disability scales and working memory tests臨床心理学Japanese journal of clinical psychology16-Nov-2021
article岡田, 智; 飯利, 知恵子; 安住, ゆう子; 大谷, 和大自閉症スペクトラム障害における日本版WISC-IVの認知プロフィール : Cattell-Horn-Carroll理論によるサブタイプの検討Cognitive profiles of children with autism spectrum disorder on the Japanese version of WISC-IV : subtypes identified using factors from the Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory教育心理学研究The Japanese journal of educational psychology30-Sep-2021
articleMatsuura, Noriko; Motoshima, Hidemasa; Uchida, Kenji; Yamanaka, YujiroEffects of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris YRC3780 daily intake on the HPA axis response to acute psychological stress in healthy Japanese men-European Journal of Clinical Nutrition-4-Aug-2021
article (author version)Kasai, TetsukoEffects of irrelevant object structure on early attention deployment-Consciousness and Cognition-Jul-2021
article (author version)Whitfield, DaleEducation and football: a history of the cultural accommodation of British association football into Japanese society-Sport in History-1-May-2021
book池田, 恵子//翻訳・責任編集; 崎田, 嘉寛//編集; 山崎, 貴史//編集; ホィットフィールド, デール//編集翻訳資料 : 黎明期のスキー・山岳スポーツ : 北海道大学総合博物館《企画展示1・2》Translation : ski & mountaineering in the earlier period : the Hokkaido University Museum display 1 & 2--31-Mar-2021
article陳, 勝貧困当事者を包摂する参加型貧困調査実施上の課題The challenges in conducting participatory approaches to poverty inquiry that include poor people北海道社会福祉研究-31-Mar-2021
article亀山, 裕樹ヤングケアラーをめぐる議論の構造 : 貧困の視点を中心にIssues and discussions in young carers studies : from the perspective of poverty北海道社会福祉研究-31-Mar-2021
article松田, 康子「精神障害を生き抜くとはいかなることか」を多様性にひらく : 第2報 さくらさんへのインタビューからOpenness to diversity: the significance of survivor experiences in relation to mental health issues, trauma and extreme situations : follow-up report: an interview with Sakurasan臨床教育学研究Studies in clinical research on human development and education31-Mar-2021
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