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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleYamamoto, Jumpei; Nishimura, Toshihiko; Ohgane, Takeo; Ogawa, Yasutaka; Takeda, Daiki; Kishiyama, YoshihisaPerformance Evaluation of Beam Shapes in a Two-Step-Precoded Massive MIMO System-IEICE transactions on communications-Jun-2020
article (author version)Noguchi, So; Tatsuta, Takahiro; Nishikawa, Daisuke; Ueda, Hiroshi; Kim, SeokBeomTurn-to-Turn Contact Resistance Measurement of No-Insulation REBCO Pancake Coil at DC Current Operation-IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity-Jun-2020
articleYanagi, Rintaro; Togo, Ren; Ogawa, Takahiro; Haseyama, MikiEnhancing Cross-Modal Retrieval Based on Modality-Specific and Embedding Spaces-IEEE Access-20-May-2020
articleZhang, Weiyang; Kadosawa, Yu; Tomita, Akihisa; Ogawa, Kazuhisa; Okamoto, AtsushiState preparation robust to modulation signal degradation by use of a dual parallel modulator for high-speed BB84 quantum key distribution systems-Optics express-27-Apr-2020
articleWei, Lingjie; Okuyama, Fumio; Sakamoto, YujiFast calculation method with saccade suppression for a computer-generated hologram based on Fresnel zone plate limitation-Optics express-27-Apr-2020
articleMoroto, Yuya; Maeda, Keisuke; Ogawa, Takahiro; Haseyama, MikiTensor-Based Emotional Category Classification via Visual Attention-Based Heterogeneous CNN Feature Fusion-Sensors-Apr-2020
articleMoroto, Yuya; Maeda, Keisuke; Ogawa, Takahiro; Haseyama, MikiFew-Shot Personalized Saliency Prediction Based on Adaptive Image Selection Considering Object and Visual Attention-Sensors-Apr-2020
articleShirata, Motoki; Fujisawa, Takeshi; Sakamoto, Taiji; Matsui, Takashi; Nakajima, Kazuhide; Saitoh, KunimasaDesign of small mode-dependent-loss scrambling-type mode (de) multiplexer based on PLC-Optics express-30-Mar-2020
articleMatsumoto, Yui; Harakawa, Ryosuke; Ogawa, Takahiro; Haseyama, MikiContext-Aware Network Analysis of Music Streaming Services for Popularity Estimation of Artists-IEEE Access-4-Mar-2020
article (author version)Otomo, Yoshitsugu; Igarashi, Hajime3-D topology optimization of magnetic cores for wireless power transfer with double-sided winding coils-International journal of applied electromagnetics and mechanics-2-Mar-2020
article (author version)Hiruma, Shingo; Igarashi, HajimeModel Order Reduction for Linear Time-Invariant System With Symmetric Positive-Definite Matrices: Synthesis of Cauer-Equivalent Circuit-IEEE Transactions on Magnetics-Mar-2020
article (author version)Takada, Kei; Iizuka, Hiroyuki; Yamamoto, MasahitoReinforcement Learning to Create Value and Policy Functions Using Minimax Tree Search in Hex-IEEE Transactions on Games-Mar-2020
articleAdachi, Ryosuke; Yamashita, Yuh; Kobayashi, KoichiDistributed Observer over Delayed Sensor Networks for Systems with Unknown Inputs-IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics communications and computer sciences-Feb-2020
article (author version)Hiruma, Shingo; Igarashi, HajimeHomogenization Method Based on Cauer Circuit via Unit Cell Approach-IEEE transactions on magnetics-Feb-2020
articleAndoh, Shun; Kobayashi, Koichi; Yamashita, YuhSelf-Triggered Pinning Consensus Control for Multi-Agent Systems-IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics communications and computer sciences-Feb-2020
article (author version)Sakamoto, Hiroki; Okamoto, Kazuya; Igarashi, HajimeFast Analysis of Rotating Machine Using Simplified Model-Order Reduction Based on POD-IEEE transactions on magnetics-Feb-2020
articleMasuda, Ryo; Kobayashi, Koichi; Yamashita, YuhDynamic Surveillance by Multiple Agents with Fuel Constraints-IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics communications and computer sciences-Feb-2020
articleImai, HideyukiShift Invariance Property of a Non-Negative Matrix Factorization-IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics communications and computer sciences-Feb-2020
article (author version)Shimotani, Toshihito; Igarashi, Hajime; Hashimoto, Eiji; Imanari, HiroyukiEquivalent Circuit Allowing Loss Separation Synthesized From Field Computations: Application to Induction Heating-IEEE Transactions on Magnetics-8-Jan-2020
article (author version)Otomo, Yoshitsugu; Igarashi, Hajime; Hidaka, Yuki; Komatsu, Taiga; Yamada, Masaki3-D Topology Optimization of Claw-Pole Alternator Using Gaussian-Basis Function With Global and Local Searches-IEEE Transactions on Magnetics-Jan-2020
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1113
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