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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationIssue Date
articleTabata, Koji; Nakamura, Atsuyoshi; Kudo, MineichiAn Efficient Approximate Algorithm for the 1-Median Problem on a Graph-IEICE transactions on information and systemsMay-2017
articleBackhus, Jana; Takigawa, Ichigaku; Imai, Hideyuki; Kudo, Mineichi; Sugimoto, MasanoriAn Online Self-Constructive Normalized Gaussian Network with Localized Forgetting-IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics communications and computer sciencesMar-2017
articleTanaka, Akira; Imai, HideyukiTheoretical Analyses on 2-Norm-Based Multiple Kernel Regressors-IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics communications and computer sciencesMar-2017
articleSawada, A.; Koga, T.Universal modeling of weak antilocalization corrections in quasi-two-dimensional electron systems using predetermined return orbitals-Physical review e21-Feb-2017
article (author version)Shimotani, Toshihito; Sato, Yuki; Igarashi, HajimeDirect synthesis of equivalent circuits from reduced FE models using proper orthogonal decomposition-Compel-the international journal for computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering9-Feb-2017
articleSatoh, Dai; Kobayashi, Koichi; Yamashita, YuhPeriodic Model Predictive Control of Multi-Hop Control Networks-IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics communications and computer sciencesFeb-2017
articleNakajima, Kyohei; Kobayashi, Koichi; Yamashita, YuhLinear Quadratic Regulator with Decentralized Event-Triggering-IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics communications and computer sciencesFeb-2017
articleIshizaka, Yuhei; Nagai, Masaru; Fujisawa, Takeshi; Saitoh, KunimasaA photonic-plasmonic mode converter using mode-coupling-based polarization rotation for metal-inserted silicon platform-IEICE electronics express25-Jan-2017
proceedings (author version)Ptaszynski, Michal; Dybala, Pawel; Higuchi, Shinsuke; Rzepka, Rafal; Araki, KenjiAffect-as-Information Approach to a Sentiment Analysis Based Evaluation of Conversational Agents-Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technologies & Internet Commerce (IAWTIC'08)16-Jan-2017
article (author version)Kudo, NobukiHigh-Speed In Situ Observation System for Sonoporation of Cells With Size- and Position-Controlled Microbubbles-IEEE transactions on ultrasonics ferroelectrics and frequency controlJan-2017
article (author version)Igarashi, HajimeSemi-Analytical Approach for Finite-Element Analysis of Multi-Turn Coil Considering Skin and Proximity Effects-IEEE Transactions on MagneticsJan-2017
articleOGAWA, Takahiro; YAMAGUCHI, Yoshiaki; ASAMIZU, Satoshi; HASEYAMA, MikiHuman-Centered Video Feature Selection via mRMR-SCMMCCA for Preference Extraction-IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems2017
article (author version)Atarashi, Kyohei; Oyama, Satoshi; Kurihara, Masahito; Furudo, KazuneA Deep Neural Network for Pairwise Classification : Enabling Feature Conjunctions and Ensuring Symmetry-Lecture Notes in Computer Science2017
articleNoguchi, Wataru; Iizuka, Hiroyuki; Yamamoto, MasahitoProposing Multimodal Integration Model Using LSTM and Autoencoder-EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety28-Dec-2016
articleNishimura, Ryo; Hiroyuki, Iizuka; Yamamoto, MasahitoEstablishing Interaction between Machine and Medaka using Deep Q-Network-EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies27-Dec-2016
article (author version)Ogawa, Takahiro; Haseyama, MikiAdaptive Subspace-Based Inverse Projections via Division Into Multiple Sub-Problems for Missing Image Data Restoration-IEEE Transactions on Image ProcessingDec-2016
article (author version)Asheralieva, Alia; Miyanaga, YoshikazuQoS-Oriented Mode, Spectrum, and Power Allocation for D2D Communication Underlaying LTE-A Network-IEEE transactions on vehicular technologyDec-2016
article加藤, 修; 飯塚, 博幸; 山本, 雅人不確定性を含むデジタルカーリングにおけるゲーム木探索A Method of Game Tree Search in Digital Curling Including Uncertainty情報処理学会論文誌15-Nov-2016
articleOGAWA, Takahiro; TAKAHASHI, Akihiro; HASEYAMA, MikiClassifying Insects from SEM Images Based on Optimal Classifier Selection and D-S Evidence Theory-IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences1-Nov-2016
articleTomioka, Katsuhiro; Motohisa, Junichi; Fukui, TakashiRecent Progress in Vertical Si/III-V Tunnel FETs : From Fundamentals to Current-Boosting Technology-ECS TransactionsOct-2016
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