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articleKanno, Mitsuru; Hirata, Jun; Umezawa, Taiki; Ninomiya, Wataru; Kamiya, YuichiFormation Pathway of By-products in Methacrolein Oxidation over H3PMo12O4o Investigated by Using 13C-Labeled Methacrolein-Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute-1-Jul-2023
article (author version)Nakamura, Taichi; Kamiya, Yuichi; Otomo, RyoichiA rapid synthesis of Hf-Beta zeolite as highly active catalyst for Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction by controlling water content of precursor gel-Microporous and Mesoporous Materials-Mar-2022
article (author version)Aihara, Haruka; Watanabe, Sou; Shibata, Atsuhiro; Mahardiani, Lina; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiOxidative decomposition of ammonium ion with ozone in the presence of cobalt and chloride ions for the treatment of radioactive liquid waste-Progress in Nuclear Energy-Sep-2021
articleKrisbiantoro, Philip Anggo; Togawa, Tomokazu; Kato, Koki; Zhang, Jieqiong; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiCeria-supported palladium as a highly active and selective catalyst for oxidative decomposition of ammonium ion in water with ozone-Catalysis communications-15-Jan-2021
article (author version)Nuryono, Nuryono; Miswanda, Dikki; Sakti, Satya Candra Wibawa; Rusdiarso, Bambang; Krisbiantoro, Philip Anggo; Utami, Nastiti; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiChitosan-functionalized natural magnetic particle@silica modified with (3-chloropropyl)trimethoxysilane as a highly stable magnetic adsorbent for gold(III) ion-Materials Chemistry and Physics-15-Nov-2020
article (author version)Hashimoto, Kazutaka; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiSrFe1-xSnxO3-delta nanoparticles with enhanced redox properties for catalytic combustion of benzene-Catalysis Science and Technology-21-Sep-2020
article (author version)Kobune, Marina; Takizawa, Dai; Nojima, Jun; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiCatalytic reduction of nitrate in water over alumina-supported nickel catalyst toward purification of polluted groundwater-Catalysis Today-1-Aug-2020
article (author version)Miyazato, Toshiki; Nuryono, Nuryono; Kobune, Mrina; Rusdiarso, Bambang; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiPhosphate recovery from an aqueous solution through adsorption-desorption cycle over thermally treated activated carbon-Journal of Water Process Engineering-Aug-2020
article (author version)Krisbiantoro, Philip Anggo; Togawa, Tomokazu; Mahardiani, Lina; Aihara, Haruka; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiThe role of cobalt oxide or magnesium oxide in ozonation of ammonia nitrogen in water-Applied Catalysis A: General-25-Apr-2020
article (author version)Nagao, Masanori; Misu, Sayaka; Hirayama, Jun; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiMagneli-Phase Titanium Suboxide Nanocrystals as Highly Active Catalysts for Selective Acetalization of Furfural-ACS applied materials & interfaces-15-Jan-2020
article (author version)Otomo, Ryoichi; Fujimoto, Momo; Nagao, Masanori; Kamiya, YuichiAmmonia-treated metal oxides as base catalysts for selective isomerization of glucose in water-Molecular Catalysis-Oct-2019
article (author version)Nuryono, Nuryono; Qomariyah, Ani; Kim, Wontae; Otomo, Ryoichi; Rusdiarso, Bambang; Kamiya, YuichiOctyl and propylsulfonic acid co-fixed Fe3O4@SiO2 as a magnetically separable, highly active and reusable solid acid catalyst in water-Molecular Catalysis-Oct-2019
article (author version)Hirayama, Jun; Yasuda, Kei-ichiro; Misu, Sayaka; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiDrastic change in selectivity caused by addition of oxygen to the hydrogen stream for the hydrogenation of nitrite in water over a supported platinum catalyst-Catalysis science and technology-7-Aug-2019
article (author version)Yasuda, Shuhei; Iwakura, Atsuki; Hirata, Jun; Kanno, Mitsuru; Ninomiya, Wataru; Otomo, Ryoichi; Kamiya, YuichiStrong Brønsted acid-modified chromium oxide as an efficient catalyst for the selective oxidation of methacrolein to methacrylic acid-Catalysis communications-10-May-2019
article (author version)Otomo, Ryoichi; Osuga, Ryota; Kondo, Junko N.; Kamiya, Yuichi; Yokoi, ToshiyukiCs-Beta with an Al-rich composition as a highly active base catalyst for Knoevenagel condensation-Applied catalysis A-general-5-Apr-2019
article (author version)Hirayama, Jun; Kamiya, YuichiTin-palladium supported on alumina as a highly active and selective catalyst for hydrogenation of nitrate in actual groundwater polluted with nitrate-Catalysis Science and Technology-7-Oct-2018
article (author version)Hirayama, Jun; Kamiya, YuichiHighly selective and efficient photocatalytic reduction of nitrate in water by a tandem reaction system consisting of Pt/TiO2 and SnPd/Al2O3: A comparative study of the tandem reaction system with a typical semiconductor photocatalyst, SnPd/TiO2-Journal of catalysis-Apr-2017
article (author version)Iwase, Yukari; Sano, Shogo; Mahardiani, Lina; Abe, Ryu; Kamiya, YuichiBimodal cesium hydrogen salts of 12-tungstosilicic acid, CsxH4-xSiW12O40, as highly active solid acid catalysts for transesterification of glycerol tributyrate with methanol-Journal of Catalysis-Oct-2014
article (author version)Ichikawa, Sho-ichi; Mahardiani, Lina; Kamiya, YuichiCatalytic oxidation of ammonium ion in water with ozone over metal oxide catalysts-Catalysis Today-1-Sep-2014
article (author version)Hirayama, Jun; Abe, Ryu; Kamiya, YuichiCombinational effect of Pt/SrTiO3:Rh photocatalyst and SnPd/Al2O3 non-photocatalyst for photocatalytic reduction of nitrate to nitrogen in water under visible light irradiation-Applied Catalysis B: Environmental-Jan-2014
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